agne misiute

With an extensive background in family medicine and a comprehensive understanding of the medical field, Agnė Misiūtė brings a wealth of experience to the realm of healthcare. Her specialization in CBD from a medical perspective is supported by a strong clinical foundation and fervent research into contemporary medical trends.

Professional Experience:

  • Present role at Health Optimizing, Global Health Clinic Franchise (2022.07-present) encompasses a holistic approach to patient care and advanced examination technologies such as the Heidelberg test and Thermography.
  • Served as a Medical and Family doctor at Balsiai Family Medical Centre (2021.01-2022.07).
  • Provided medical consultation and conducted preventive health check-ups at UAB “EuroEra” – Naujamiesčio šeimos klinika (2019.01-2020.04).
  • Completed a Family medicine residency in several clinics and hospitals across Vilnius (2018.09-2021.06).
  • Worked as a doctor on set, ensuring the health and safety of actors and film crew (2018.04-08).
  • Engaged in Neonatology and Child Intensive Therapy, gaining experience in neonatal care (2017.04; 2017.09-2018.03).
  • Had an internship in internal diseases at Cardiolita Clinics (2017.05).
  • Participated in Gynecology Obstetrics and Oncourology practices in 2017, assisting in surgeries and other clinical duties.
  • Has been involved in various medical roles including gynecological care from 2015-2016, with an international experience at Uppsala Academic Hospital.

Education and Advocacy:

  • Held esteemed positions within the Lithuanian Medical Students Association, promoting human rights and transparency (2012.01-2017.06).
  • Undertook rotations in Plastic Surgery and Neurosurgery in Portugal (2013.01).
  • Experience in Radiology at Vilnius University Institute of Oncology (2010.06).

Academic Contributions:

FAMILY MEDICINE RESIDENCY THESIS: Investigated lifestyle, body mass, and body image variables concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Discussed the impact of media on body image in Lithuanian magazines at both national and international conferences (2016).
  • Examined body image importance starting from preschool children at the 8th Baltic morphology scientific conference (2015).


  • Published works on pregnancy vaccination and body image issues in national and international medical journals.
  • Authored research papers presented at international conferences regarding neonatal feeding practices and body image perceptions.