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Life Elements Review Overview

Introduction to Life Elements

Since its inception in 2006, Life Elements has been at the forefront of creating nature-based body care products that harmonize traditional practices with modern science. Guided by the vision and expertise of Martha and Curt, a couple bound by a passion for handcrafted wellness, the brand has seamlessly integrated the therapeutic benefits of CBD into its offerings. Martha's cultural heritage plays a key role in the formulation of their products; lessons in herbal remedies imparted by her grandmother in Mexico are woven into the fabric of Life Elements' ethos, bringing a touch of ancestral wisdom to contemporary skincare.

Product Range Deep-Dive

Life Elements presents a diverse array of CBD-infused products, crafted with a blend of potent and natural ingredients. The product line includes:

  • CBD Bath Bombs: Available in varying concentrations with ingredients like goat milk, witch hazel, and ylang ylang to soothe and nourish the skin.
  • CBD Pain Relief Stick: Termed the 'miracle stick', this product combines broad-spectrum cannabidiol with anti-inflammatory agents like ginger, turmeric, and bee pollen.
  • CBD Skin Repair Oil, Lip Goo, and Sugar Scrub: A collection emphasizing rejuvenation and moisturization.
  • CBD Body Oil and Face Serums: Infused with tepezcohuite, an ancient Mayan medicinal bark, recognized for its regenerative properties.
  • CBD Face Mask: Incorporating water-soluble CBD for targeted facial care.
The ingredients chosen not only celebrate nature's bounty but also impart significant benefits, enhancing the overall efficacy of their products.

Position in the CBD Market

Life Elements has carved a niche for itself in the CBD market with its unwavering dedication to all-natural and clean skincare. The brand is environmental stewardship personified, sourcing ingredients ethically and sustainably. All products are handcrafted with care in California, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of cruelty-free, paraben-free, and synthetic additive-free manufacturing. This eco-conscious approach paints Life Elements as a brand for the discerning consumer who values purity and environmental ethics in their skincare regime.

Customer Experiences

Patrons of Life Elements extol the brand for its innovative and natural take on CBD skincare. Authentic customer satisfaction shines through feedback that lauds the effectiveness of their uniquely formulated products. The conscientious selection of eco-friendly ingredients further enhances customer trust and brand reputation within the market.

Unique Selling Points (USPs)

Life Elements distinguishes itself with several USPs that set it apart from competitors. Firstly, the inclusion of tepezcohuite is a stroke of differentiating genius, as it's a gem rarely found in skincare and CBD products. Furthermore, the brand's assurance that their products are safe for both humans and pets aligns with an ever-increasing demand for holistic well-being solutions, solidifying their market presence as a versatile and considerate brand.

Brand Achievements and Recognition

The innovation and natural integrity of Life Elements have not gone unnoticed in the CBD skincare market. Their commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable practices has garnered acclaim, underscoring their dedication to both wellness and the planet.

Areas of Improvement and Transparency

While Life Elements has many accolades, there is room for improvement in transparency. In particular, the lack of disclosure regarding the geographic source of their hemp and the extraction method hampers their Quality Badge. Additionally, not posting Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) for each SKU and lacking evidence of microbial testing have affected their Safety Badge accreditation. Addressing these gaps could significantly elevate the brand's credibility and consumer confidence.

Future Prospects for Life Elements

The potential for Life Elements in the evolving market is substantial. Building on their heritage of innovation and considering industry trends, one can anticipate a continued expansion of their product line and further strides in market strategy. It's plausible to expect that Life Elements will comb through their transparency practices and enhance their disclosures to align with the growing demands for clarity in the CBD industry.


In sum, Life Elements stands as a beacon of natural efficacy and environmental mindfulness in the CBD skincare market. Their strengths lie in their heritage-inspired product range, commitment to sustainability, and the innovative use of unique ingredients. While there are areas that require attention, particularly in transparency and accreditation, the brand's trajectory is promising. With a watchful eye on future developments, Life Elements is poised to continue making waves in the green wellness space, fostering a clean, conscious, and connected community of users.