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Vital Plan Select Overview

Introduction to Vital Plan Select

Vital Plan Select emerges from the synergy of medical expertise and a passion for harnessing nature's potential for healing. Founded by Dr. Bill Rawls, a physician who found solace and recovery in natural remedies during his own health crisis, the brand reflects a mission deeply rooted in offering natural healing alternatives. The company’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond personal health, as evidenced by its status as a Certified B Corporation, underscoring its dedication to social and environmental responsibility.

Exploring the History and Philosophy of Vital Plan Select

The personal journey of Dr. Bill Rawls, who encountered the limitations of conventional medicine firsthand, is at the core of Vital Plan Select's philosophy. Seeking solutions to his health challenges, he turned to herbal therapy, thereby planting the seed for what would blossom into Vital Plan Select. Co-founding the brand with his daughter, who brought business acumen to the company, created a family-oriented venture with a commitment to well-being. This union of personal experience and familial bonds fuels the brand's evolution and drive to provide wellness to others.

Product Range and Quality

Vital Plan Select prides itself on a selective range of products, anchored by its full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures known for their high terpene profile—believed to enhance the therapeutic potential of CBD. In addition to the oils, customers can find relief with the CBD joint and muscle balm, formulated with mostly organic ingredients and designed for topical use. The products stand out for their incorporation of the Green Cherry hemp variety, cultivated in a USDA-certified-organic hemp greenhouse, emphasizing the brand's investment in high-quality, natural inputs.

Analyzing Market Position and Brand Prestige

With the CBD market crowded and competitive, Vital Plan Select has carved out a unique niche with its truly full-spectrum CBD oils. These products are not only renowned for their robust terpene profile but also for their origins—the Green Cherry hemp that is grown with organic certification. This prestigious positioning is further reinforced by the use of USDA-certified organic hemp, a hallmark of purity and quality that resonates with discerning consumers.

Unique Selling Propositions and Innovations

  • Sustainable Cultivation: Adopting biodynamic farming practices, Vital Plan Select aligns with a zero-waste philosophy, underlining the brand's ecological ethos.
  • Proprietary Extraction: The company’s commitment to preservation extends to its thermal extraction method, which is noteworthy for its capacity to retain up to six times more native terpenes than the extraction processes used by competitors. This innovation has earned Vital Plan Select an Innovation Badge, recognizing its technical advancements.
  • Transparency: The provision of detailed cannabinoid and terpene profiles for each product SKU exemplifies the brand’s dedication to transparency, heralding a trust-based relationship with consumers.

Accolades and Recognitions

Vital Plan Select's commitment to excellence and purity has not gone unnoticed. As the first CBD vendor to earn certification by the Environmental Working Group, the brand has set an industry benchmark for others to follow. This achievement pairs with an Innovation Badge awarded for its unique thermal extraction process, which captures a broader spectrum of hemp’s natural compounds. Moreover, the Charity Badge reflects the brand’s broader commitment, as a Certified B Corporation, to social and environmental causes, fortifying its reputation as a leader in corporate responsibility.

Commitment to Community and Environment

The Pledge 1% movement encapsulates the ethos of Vital Plan Select, with its promise to share a slice of profit, products, and employee time with nonprofits. This partnership speaks volumes about the brand's allegiance to community and environment, weaving philanthropy into the fabric of its business model.

Forward-Looking Analysis: Potential for Growth and Improvement

As Vital Plan Select strides forward, the brand recognizes the imperative of third-party lab testing. Despite its accolades, there remains an opportunity for growth in providing comprehensive online lab results for potency and contaminants, a step crucial for attaining the Safety Badge and enhancing consumer confidence. Anticipating future initiatives, Vital Plan Select may likely evolve its market strategies to underscore consumer trust and safety, reflecting a responsive and conscientious brand ready for continued innovation and expansion.


In summary, Vital Plan Select stands out in the CBD marketplace for its founder's enlightened journey, its ecological and social commitments, and its innovative full-spectrum CBD products. While there are areas ripe for development, such as broadened third-party testing disclosure, the brand's solid foundation, values-driven mission, and commitment to quality position Vital Plan Select for a promising trajectory in the evolving landscape of natural remedies and wellness products.