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Zatural Overview

Introduction to Zatural

Zatural is a beacon of natural wellness in the ever-expanding CBD market, guided by the expert hand of its founder, MaryAnn Strager, a naturopath dedicated to enhancing the well-being of her patients. Her professional background lends a credible voice to Zatural's mission, emphasizing health and wellness through the provision of natural remedies.

Zatural’s Product Deep Dive

Zatural's extensive product range showcases a commitment to variety and quality, with a particular focus on CBD offerings. Items such as water-soluble CBD softgels, full-spectrum drops, topicals, and the anti-aging CBD cream form the core of their portfolio. For regular customers, the brand enhances the purchasing experience through a subscription box option, ensuring a regular supply of their favorite wellness products.

Each product is crafted with distinct features and benefits, leveraging locally sourced U.S. hemp, chiefly procured from the fertile lands of Colorado. The extraction process Zatural utilizes is one of the industry's gold standards: supercritical CO2 extraction. This method is renowned for its efficiency and ability to produce pure, high-quality extracts without the use of harsh solvents.

Comparative Market Analysis

In the CBD landscape, Zatural distinguishes itself through its stance on clean sourcing and innovation. The brand's adherence to family values and its family-owned status resonate within the industry, contrasting the corporate norm. However, challenges arise from skepticism towards the all-natural claims and the current lack of third-party lab verification, which is a gold standard for consumer trust in the CBD space.

Customer Experience and Feedback

Customer reviews and testimonials shine a light on the general sentiment surrounding Zatural. Praise often touches on the effectiveness of the products and the perceived benefits to users' wellness routines. Nonetheless, the brand must also heed areas flagged for improvement, ensuring that the customer experience continues to evolve positively.

Zatural’s Unique Offerings

The essence of Zatural's Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) lies in their commitment to clean sourcing and state-of-the-art extraction methods. The pioneering water-soluble CBD technology underscores their commitment to innovation, potentially offering increased bioavailability and faster absorption rates compared to traditional CBD oil.

Furthermore, Zatural's engagement with charity initiatives demonstrates a corporate social responsibility that aligns with their ethos. Collaborations with organizations such as the Africa Heartwood Project and K9 Warriors are evidence of their dedication to give back to the community and support meaningful causes.

Future Vision and Expansion

Speculating on Zatural’s trajectory, one finds that the brand appears poised for continued growth, potentially introducing new products and adopting strategies that align with current industry trends and consumer demands. Improvements in addressing concerns over product ingredients and enhancing transparency with lab testing could further solidify their market position.


To encapsulate, Zatural stands out in the CBD market by showcasing a deep-rooted commitment to natural wellness, underpinned by the expertise of its naturopath founder, MaryAnn Strager. While the brand has achieved praise for its product quality and charitable efforts, there remains an opportunity for growth and enhancement in areas such as substantiating all-natural claims and fortifying consumer trust through increased transparency. As the brand looks to the future, these developments will be key in maintaining and elevating Zatural's standing in the wellness domain.