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3Chi Broad Spectrum CBC Oil Tincture 1000mg Review

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For those venturing into the vast world of cannabinoids, there's an exciting realm that goes beyond the ubiquitous CBD and THC. Enter the intriguing compound known as cannabichromene, or CBC, which is carving out its own niche in the wellness community. The 3Chi CBC Oil Tincture doesn't merely join the fray but stands out with its distinctive blend of this lesser-known cannabinoid. It's designed to offer an unconventional path to health and wellbeing, driven by a broad-spectrum, non-psychoactive formula.

When we talk about 3Chi, we're referring to a brand that's etched its name as one of the forerunners in the hemp space. Their commitment to innovation is evident in this potent tincture, which comes in a 30 ml bottle brimming with 1000mg of CBC. This product invites you to discover the entourage effect—a synergistic dance of cannabinoids working in harmony—all while sidestepping THC and its effects. The choice of CO2 extraction from organically farmed hemp is a testament to the brand's dedication to maintaining high standards of purity and potency.

Hands-on Experience

Upon encountering the 3Chi CBC Oil Tincture, one of the first things that struck me was the attentiveness to packaging. This isn't just about aesthetics; it's about preservation. Nestled inside an amber glass bottle, the oil is shielded from light, which could otherwise diminish its effectiveness. The included dropper is a boon for those who prefer precise control over their dosage. Moreover, the bottle's label exemplifies clarity, listing ingredients in full, thus empowering consumers with the knowledge they need to use the product safely and effectively.

The pricing structure is worth noting, too. It positions the tincture as an affordable entry point for those curious about the touted benefits of CBC. High concentration usually means a weightier price tag, but here, the balance between cost and concentration tilts favorably toward the consumer's wallet.

As for the sensory profile, expect an earthy taste that harks back to the natural origins of hemp, softened by a blend of natural terpenes. The oil's texture is exactly what you'd hope for—easy to take sublingually, without any unforeseen mess. It's quickly absorbed, allowing you to go about your day unhindered, as the absence of THC ensures you stay clear-headed.

What We Like About This Product

  • Broad Spectrum Cannabinoid Blend: This tincture takes full advantage of the entourage effect without incorporating THC, making it a favorite for those seeking synergy without the high.
  • Quality of Extraction: The use of the CO2 extraction method on organically grown hemp not only implies a pure, potent product but also a gentler impact on the environment.
  • Transparent Labeling: The label acts as a comprehensive guide that informs and reassures users about what they're putting into their bodies.
  • Zero THC: This feature opens the door for individuals looking to avoid any psychoactive effects while leveraging cannabinoid benefits.
  • Competitive Pricing: The tincture's affordability makes high-strength CBC accessible to a broader audience.
  • Natural Terpenes: These botanical compounds do more than enhance flavor; they may also play a role in the oil's therapeutic profile.


While the 3Chi CBC Oil Tincture showcases several appealing attributes, it's important to consider a few aspects that might give pause. As with any emerging compound in the health sector, CBC is still under the microscope, and comprehensive research is somewhat lacking. This gap in the scientific literature could make some prospective users hesitate. Furthermore, the guideline to avoid use in certain individuals—namely pregnant or nursing women and those with certain medical conditions—illustrates the importance of proceeding with care and, ideally, under medical advice.


  • Each bottle contains a generous concentration of CBC, offering about 33.3 mg per ml, promising robust support for those looking to integrate this cannabinoid into their wellness practices.
  • The absence of THC in the broad-spectrum extract means users can enjoy the product without the worry of intoxication.
  • High-quality ingredients, including the core hemp extract, a curated selection of natural terpenes, and Vitamin E, come together for an excellent health supplement.
  • Careful packaging with an amber-colored bottle and a meticulously calibrated dropper underscores the brand's intent to maintain the oil's potency and extend its shelf life.


  • Many seek out this tincture for its potential to promote a brighter mood, with user anecdotes often highlighting an uplift in spirits.
  • The blend is deliberately crafted to harness the entourage effect, which could amplify the overall benefits experienced by users.
  • Its non-intoxicating profile makes the tincture an ideal candidate for those seeking to maintain clarity and focus during the day.
  • The recommendation to consult a doctor prior to use is a reminder to exercise caution, particularly for individuals with specific health considerations.

Final Verdict

The 3Chi CBC Oil Tincture emerges as a formidable player for anyone keen to explore the healing capabilities of cannabinoids beyond the usual suspects. It's a concoction that marries high-quality components with thoughtful manufacturing, all while keeping an eye on affordability. However, the nascent status of CBC in scientific circles and the consequent imperative for further research is something potential users must take into account.

For those who qualify and have the green light from their healthcare practitioner, this product holds much promise. It's crucial to remember that wellness journeys are highly personal, and reactions to supplements can vary. Still, for those eager to delve into the potential benefits of cannabichromene, the 3Chi CBC Oil Tincture represents an intriguing, non-intoxicating avenue worth considering.

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