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3Chi CBC Oil Tincture Broad Spectrum 1oz 500mg Review

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As the wellness world continues to embrace the rich tapestry of cannabis derivatives, a standout product has emerged: the 3Chi CBC Oil Tincture. This broad-spectrum elixir is a delightful concoction, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of cannabichromene (CBC) along with a harmonious blend of CBD, CBN, CBG, and CBDv. Nestled in the heart of this 1oz bottle lies a potent 500mg of CBC, meticulously extracted from the purest organically grown hemp. This is achieved through the sophisticated CO2 extraction method, known for its clean, solvent-free results. The tincture proudly features a special mix of terpenes, deliberately selected to amplify the entourage effect, a phenomenon where the collective force of cannabinoids and terpenes potentially boosts the oil's overall benefits and impact on wellness.

3Chi, a trusted name behind this remarkable product, ensures a THC-free journey, catering to those who desire the holistic benefits of cannabis sans the mind-altering escapades triggered by THC. The tincture's design boasts elegance and practicality, making it a discreet companion for your daily wellness endeavors. With its thoughtful blend and unwavering commitment to purity, the CBC Oil Tincture extends a warm invitation to the wellness-seekers' club, ready to charm both the casual explorer and the seasoned aficionado.

Hands-on Experience

The arrival of the 3Chi CBC Oil Tincture immediately speaks to its quality and craftsmanship. The darkened glass bottle is not merely an aesthetic choice—it's a guardian, safeguarding the delicate cannabinoids from the ravages of light and preserving their integrity. Clear-cut instructions accompany the package, offering invaluable guidance, particularly to those who are newcomers to the world of cannabinoids.

Every drop counts, and the metered dropper is evidence of 3Chi's commitment to precision and user-friendly experience. The oil glows with clarity, offering a smooth texture and a whisper of the natural essence brought forth by the terpenes. With an earth-toned flavor that's gently grounded in nature, it invites a moment of pause to appreciate the absence of artificial flavors and the presence of pure ingredients.

When it comes to value, the 3Chi CBC Oil Tincture holds its ground in the competitive market of robust cannabinoid products. While the price tag may require some budget consideration, the superior selection of ingredients and its specialty formulation make a compelling case for those who prioritize a diverse cannabinoid experience within their wellness practices.

What We Like About This Product

  • Boasts a distinctive combination of cannabinoids, with a highlight on CBC
  • Enriched with a specially tailored terpene mix to boost the entourage effect
  • Purely extracted from top-tier organically grown hemp
  • Guarantees a THC-free experience, ideal for users circumventing psychoactive outcomes
  • Incorporates a metered dropper for unwavering precision in dosing
  • Protected in premium dark glass that doubles as a shield against light


  • The therapeutic virtues of CBC are still under the microscope of scientific inquiry
  • May stretch the wallet more than single-cannabinoid options
  • Personal trials may be necessary to pinpoint the perfect dosage for individual benefit


A constellation of noteworthy features adorns the 3Chi CBC Oil Tincture. A rich cavalcade of cannabinoids defines this broad-spectrum solution, eschewing the THC to fashion a product that's both potent and non-intoxicating. Cleanliness and consistency are the cornerstones of its CO2 extraction procedure, ensuring a product that's as pure as it is potent, devoid of undesirable solvents or chemicals. The brand's allegiance to organic hemp cultivation shines through, reflecting their dedication not just to superior quality but to the well-being of our planet. The carefully chosen terpene blend infuses the tincture with additional depth, setting it apart from the common, single-note CBD oils.


  • Non-intoxicating: A reassuring choice for those looking to steer clear of THC's intoxicating effects
  • CBC-focused: A spotlight on CBC, a less famous cannabinoid with mood-enhancing prospects
  • Entourage effect: The synergistic promise of combining cannabinoids with terpenes for a fuller impact
  • CO2 extraction: A method both clean for the product and kind to the earth
  • Organic hemp: Cultivated to the highest standards of organic agriculture
  • Easy to use: Simple instructions and a metered dropper make for effortless and accurate dosing

Final Verdict

In the dense forest of CBD and cannabinoid derivatives, the 3Chi CBC Oil Tincture emerges as a beacon of innovation. Its dedication to CBC amidst a symphony of other cannabinoids, alongside a carefully chosen terpene blend, offers a comprehensive and captivating choice for those seeking an expansive spectrum of benefits. While the scientific community continues to unravel the potential of CBC, the impeccable quality of extraction, organic sourcing, and the THC-free formula render this tincture a prime candidate for those looking to enrich their wellness regime. Its user friendliness and dosage accuracy are the cherries on top of an already impressive offering.

Whether you've mastered the science behind cannabinoids or are just dipping your toes into the pool of possibilities, the 3Chi CBC Oil Tincture deserves contemplation. It's wise to chat with a healthcare expert, particularly when introducing a new supplement into your routine. In the grand tapestry of wellness, if you're intrigued by the layered benefits of cannabinoid therapies, consider the 3Chi CBC Oil Tincture as a valuable addition to your personal wellness arsenal.

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