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Bluebird Botanicals Clarify CBC + CBD Oil Full Spectrum 1oz Review

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The realm of herbal wellness consistently buzzes with the latest and greatest, yet amidst this ever-changing scene, a standout has clearly emerged. Bluebird Botanicals' Clarify CBC + CBD Oil has captured the attention of those delving into the world of natural health aids. This elixir combines the sought-after attributes of CBD with the intriguing properties of CBC, nestling itself firmly as a full spectrum champion. Within the confines of a modest 1oz vessel, a potent mix of 600mg of CBD partners with 300mg of CBC, all in the pursuit of enhancing one's vigor and sharpening focus.

The creators, Bluebird Botanicals, are no strangers to accolades and high expectations. Their commitment shines through their B Corp Certification, a testament to their dedication to not only the environment but also to the societal impacts of their enterprise. They are stringent adherents to Good Manufacturing Practices, assuring that each bottle holds up to the exacting standards of quality they've become synonymous with. The hemp used is Canadian-sourced, a region recognized for its premium hemp crops, and they reassure users with a promise of less than 0.3% THC content, ensuring legal use across the vast United States.

Hands-on Experience

When my package from Bluebird Botanicals arrived, I found myself taken by the packaging's elegant simplicity. The cobalt blue glass bottle exudes a professional aura, while the dropper is meticulously calibrated for precise dosage control. The labeling leaves no stone unturned, with clear indications of potency, ingredients, and recommended dosages. This bottle promises a substantial 60 servings, each offering a 10mg boost of CBD and a welcome 5mg of CBC, with the cost-per-serving sweet spot hitting at just $0.62.

A taste test reveals a surprisingly light, herbal palate, notably absent of any artificial sweeteners or flavors—something my taste buds are grateful for. The dash of organic rosemary essential oil adds a hint of aromatic freshness, giving it an edge over other contenders in the hemp oil arena. The use of fractionated coconut oil, a favored industry staple for its absorption-promoting properties, further underscores the quality of this product.

Utilizing the oil couldn't be more straightforward. The dropper is a breeze for measuring out the exact 0.5 ml serving, and the oil's value is appreciated when considering the inclusion of the lesser-known CBC. Price-wise, it works out to roughly $0.06 per 1mg of CBD, reinforcing the product’s cost-efficiency.

What We Like About This Product

  • Quality of Ingredients: This oil prides itself on its organic components, like the soothing rosemary essential oil, and its commitment to using only the finest industrial hemp.
  • Brand Trustworthiness: The B Corp Certification and adherence to GMP of Bluebird Botanicals reflect a deeply rooted commitment to excellence and consumer trust.
  • Effectiveness: The blend of CBD and CBC is crafted to offer a stimulating effect on energy and focus, an avenue rarely explored with such dedication in the CBD market.


Despite its many strengths, the Bluebird Botanicals Clarify CBC + CBD Oil does come with a few caveats:

  • For those seeking a completely THC-free option, this product may not fit the bill, as it still contains a trace amount below 0.3% THC.
  • The emerging cannabinoid, CBC, while promising, still lies under the umbrella of ongoing research, and its effects can be subjective.
  • Though milder than many full spectrum offerings, the herbal taste might not cater to all preferences.


Bluebird Botanicals' harmonious blend of cannabinoids and aromatic essence results in some noteworthy highlights:

  • A balanced concoction of 300mg CBC and 600mg CBD in every 1oz bottle.
  • An authentic full spectrum hemp extract, capturing the essence of the hemp plant.
  • The presence of organic rosemary essential oil enriches the oil with its delightful taste.
  • The choice of carrier oil, a fractionated form of coconut oil (MCT), optimizes the bioavailability of the hemp compounds.
  • Proudly bearing a B Corp Certification and rigorously following GMP for peace of mind in every drop.
  • The sourcing of hemp from the renowned fields of Canada.
  • A targeted formula for boosting energy and improving focus.


  • Energy Boost: The oil is crafted to imbue users with an energized feeling, ideal for kickstarting the day or powering through the afternoon slump.
  • Focus Enhancement: Those looking to sharpen their concentration, whether for work or play, may find a helpful ally in this oil.
  • Full Spectrum Benefits: With multiple cannabinoids present, the user might experience the 'entourage effect', which could potentiate the overall wellness impact of the oil.
  • Taste: A nod to those who prefer a more subdued herbal flavor, steering clear of the potent earthiness that often characterizes full spectrum oils.
  • Administration: Designed for fuss-free dosing, the oil features a dropper that dispenses with guesswork and ensures precision.

Final Verdict

Bluebird Botanicals Clarify CBC + CBD Oil emerges as a carefully crafted product, carving out its niche with a novel blend of CBD and CBC backed by quality-focused manufacturing. With a price point of only $0.62 per serving, it stands as a valuable component for those eager to enhance their daily energy levels and concentrate more effectively without resorting to synthetic additives. The subtle herbal flavor profile coupled with user-friendly administration rounds out its allure.

While individual experiences with CBC may vary and full spectrum products resonate differently with each person, this oil offers an enticing proposition for those curious about the synergistic powers of cannabinoids. Bluebird Botanicals’ unwavering dedication to quality and transparency makes this a standout offering and a credible choice in anyone's natural wellness toolkit.

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