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Bluebird Botanicals Downshift CBN + CBD Oil Full Spectrum 1oz Review

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In the bustling market of hemp-derived products, Bluebird Botanicals stands tall with a solid reputation for quality and effectiveness. Their Downshift CBN + CBD Oil encapsulates this dedication, crafting a serene blend tailored for relaxation and improved sleep. Clasped within a modest 1oz bottle lies a powerful potion, a full spectrum elixir mingling 720mg of CBD with 180mg of CBN. This concentration beckons to those in pursuit of natural sleep support, promising to be a noteworthy addition to their nightly ritual. The chosen terpenes, like linalool and beta-caryophyllene, impart an earthy and subtly spicy bouquet that rounds out the sensory profile of the oil. The intelligent use of organic fractionated coconut oil, also known as MCT oil, ensures swift and complete absorption of the cannabinoids. Bluebird Botanicals' commitment to excellence is further cemented by their B Corp Certification and adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices, ensuring that their products meet the highest standards of quality and ethical responsibility.

Hands-on Experience

Upon unboxing the Bluebird Botanicals Downshift CBN + CBD Oil, the meticulous attention to detail becomes apparent. Encased in a robust bottle, the oil is accompanied by a dropper that exemplifies precision, a vital trait to manage cannabinoid dosages. The regimen is conveniently simple, with a 0.5ml serving translating to about 15 drops. This product emerges as an economical indulgence in the realm of cannabinoid oils, valued at $0.62 per serving, considering its advanced concoction of both CBD and CBN in generous amounts.

The olfactory experience is reminiscent of a stroll through a sun-dappled forest, with notes of ho wood and clove infusing the air. One's taste buds are greeted with this natural essence, offering a grounding, organic experience. The decision to incorporate MCT oil is a testament to a deep understanding of cannabinoid delivery, as it enhances the onset and potency of the intended effects. My personal journey involved the recommended 15 drops before retiring for the evening. Steadily, my sleep transformed, deepening in restfulness as each night passed.

In its full-spectrum form, the oil brings forth a rich tapestry of hemp's offerings, not only through CBD and CBN but through a full contingent of companion compounds that fortify the 'entourage effect'. This harmonious blend is thought to amplify the product's efficacy. Furthermore, the ease of a two-year shelf life, sans refrigeration, provides a practical advantage for users without the convenience of a fridge.

What We Like About This Product

  • Generous amounts of CBD and CBN engage to form a potent blend
  • The full-spectrum formula ensures a rich hemp extract experience
  • Terpenes not only enliven the senses but also bolster the product's potential benefits
  • An organic MCT carrier oil significantly boosts cannabinoid absorption
  • The price point makes this premium product attainable
  • A user-friendly dropper allows for exact dosing
  • Long shelf life offers convenience and ease of use


  • Tends to induce drowsiness, thus best reserved for evenings
  • The distinct, natural flavor may not be universally loved due to its earthy and spicy undertones
  • Those with sensitivities to THC might need to steer clear


With its intentional and well-conceived formulation, the Bluebird Botanicals Downshift CBN + CBD Oil shines for its sleep-promoting design. It cleverly harnesses the tranquil properties of CBD and CBN, presented in a full-spectrum format for a thorough hemp extract. The addition of terpenes such as linalool and beta-caryophyllene deepens the product's allure, enhancing its already substantial benefits. The selection of organic MCT oil as the carrier is no random choice – it significantly uplifts the bioavailability. This product stands within easy reach, priced to welcome those in need of a reliable nightly supplement. The simplicity of incorporating this oil into one's bedtime routine further cements its appeal.


  • Serenity and improved sleep are central to its benefits
  • May play a role in maintaining the body's equilibrium
  • Invokes the entourage effect through its ensemble of full-spectrum elements
  • Carries a slight sedative quality, highlighting its suitability for evening use

Final Verdict

For nocturnal tranquility, Bluebird Botanicals' Downshift CBN + CBD Oil is a noteworthy contender. It fuses a meticulous blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and MCT oil to forge a potion that's not only potent but also palatable. Despite a flavor that may not cater to every palette and its tendency toward mild drowsiness, it's the results that ultimately herald its praise. For those on the quest for a botanical ally in their sleep protocol, this oil presents itself as a robust candidate, delivering on its rest-promising potential. It's a choice that embodies responsibility, hailing from a brand that values integrity and ethical production practices. Weighing all factors, the Downshift CBN + CBD Oil is bestowed with our endorsement as an esteemed sleep aid supplement.

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