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Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Silk CBD Lotion Review

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In the bustling market of CBD-infused products, the Hemp Silk Full Spectrum CBD Lotion from Bluebird Botanicals emerges as a beacon of luxury and efficacy. This lotion, ensconced within Bluebird Botanicals' acclaimed beauty and skincare collection, invites indulgence with its sumptuous 700mg dosage of CBD, harmoniously blended into a 100ml vessel. Impeccably crafted, this lotion weaves together an array of natural botanicals—including the serene notes of lavender, the earthy essence of rosemary, the floral caress of geranium, the rejuvenating touch of carrot extract, the smoothing presence of jojoba, and the rich emollience of coconut oil. Bluebird Botanicals' devotion to delivering superior quality and championing sustainability shines through, with the proud B Corp Certification serving as a testament to their unwavering standards of social and environmental excellence.

Hands-on Experience

The moment the Bluebird Botanicals CBD Lotion arrived, its elegant presentation captivated me—boasting a design that marries simplicity with sophistication. Upon application, the lotion unfurls a rich, creamy texture that melts into the skin with ease, vanishing swiftly to leave behind no oily trace, just a veil of moisture. The aromatic landscape of the lotion is delicately balanced, with herbal whispers laced with light floral accents, yielding a calming olfactory backdrop that enhances the pampering experience. A closer look at the price reveals a thoughtful consideration for the customer's wallet, costing $1.69 per application with 20 applications in each container, which positions it as a cost-effective entry point into the daily ritual of CBD-infused skincare.

The lotion's performance stands up to scrutiny, displaying noticeable improvements with continued use. The full-spectrum CBD anchors the formula, joining forces with the ensemble of natural ingredients, invoking a sense of skin harmony with enhanced hydration and a tranquil complexion. The thoughtful design of the container couples with the consistency of the lotion to allow for precise application, ensuring a small dollop suffices to pamper a substantial stretch of skin, which speaks to the product's longevity and the deep-seated value of its premium components.

What We Like About This Product

  • Full-Spectrum CBD: This lotion captures the essence of the hemp plant in its entirety, harnessing a spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytonutrients for maximum benefit.
  • Natural Ingredients: A cornucopia of oils and botanical extracts like those from jaunty jojoba, candid coconut, and caring carrot provide a bounty of vitamins and antioxidants, nourishing the skin.
  • Eco-Friendly Certification: The B Corp Certification is a proud banner of the brand's allegiance to ethical and environmentally conscious business practices.
  • Free from Harsh Chemicals: Shunning artificial colors, fragrances, and detrimental preservatives, the lotion caters to the needs of those with delicate skin.


Despite the Bluebird Botanicals CBD Lotion's myriad of attributes, some potential drawbacks warrant mention. For consumers mindful of their expenditures, the price may present a hurdle. Additionally, individuals with a preference for unscented products or those sensitive to essential oils might deem the natural fragrance unnecessary. Lastly, the nature of the product—a CBD-infused lotion—could lead to availability challenges in certain locales, as local regulations on hemp-derived offerings vary.


  • Each container is infused with 700mg of full-spectrum CBD, promising a potent skincare solution.
  • Embraces a blend of nurturing natural oils and extracts, promoting skin vitality through their nutrient-rich compositions.
  • A B Corp Certified hallmark underscores the product's dedication to excellence in both quality and sustainability.
  • This lotion is designed with a clear focus on enhancing beauty and providing skin-nurturing advantages.
  • Committed to skin health, it is meticulously formulated without artificial additives and harsh substances.
  • Each batch undergoes rigorous laboratory testing to ensure unmatched quality and the safety of consumers.


  • Hydration: The lotion is a wellspring of moisture, quenching the skin's thirst in a way that won't block pores.
  • Skin Restoration: It is a balm for weary skin, aiming to breathe new life into dry, mature, or irritated areas with consistent use.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: CBD's soothing nature, combined with select botanical extracts, coalesces to temper skin inflammation and unsightly redness.
  • Nourishment: A cache of essential vitamins and fatty acids within the lotion diligently works to sustain and elevate skin health.
  • Scent: Infused with essential oils, the lotion offers an aromatic embrace that enhances the sense of calm during use.
  • Accessibility: Prospective buyers should note that access to the product may be subject to regional CBD regulations.

Final Verdict

In the arena of high-end skincare, the Hemp Silk Full Spectrum CBD Lotion introduced by Bluebird Botanicals stands as a distinguished contender. The meticulous blend of all-encompassing full-spectrum CBD and a lovingly selected array of natural, skin-affectionate ingredients distinguishes this lotion. The B Corp seal of approval it carries speaks volumes about its pedigree of quality and its adherence to principled business conduct. This lotion transcends the basic role of hydration to offer an all-encompassing skincare treatment that is as nutritive as it is restorative.

Admittedly, the price tag may give pause to some, yet the tangible results and high-grade composition of the lotion make it a worthy investment for those in pursuit of nature-infused skincare bolstered by the therapeutic properties of CBD. Nevertheless, customers with a penchant for fragrance-free formulations or those with sensitivities should be aware of the essential oil scents. On the whole, Bluebird Botanicals has crafted an exemplary lotion that caters to consumers eager to infuse their skincare routine with the rejuvenating virtues of CBD.

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