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Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Sport CBD Lotion Review

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In the dynamic world of wellness, Bluebird Botanicals has distinguished itself with an unwavering commitment to purity and truthfulness. Their creation, the Hemp Sport Full Spectrum CBD Lotion, is a shining beacon of their devotion. Encased within its compact 3.4oz bottle, the magic unfolds with 700mg of comprehensive full-spectrum CBD. The precise serving size of 5ml, carrying 35mg of CBD, offers a user-friendly experience, allowing for tailored application depending on individual preferences and requirements.

Specifically crafted for those who push their limits—athletes and the fitness-conscious—the Hemp Sport lotion is a testament to Bluebird Botanicals' B Corp Certification, which speaks volumes of their dedication to the highest social and environmental standards. Infused with a blend of nature's finest, including essential oils and botanical extracts, the lotion promises to nurture the skin while offering comforting relief.

Hands-on Experience

My first encounter with Bluebird Botanicals' Hemp Sport Full Spectrum CBD Lotion was marked by an appreciation for its unpretentious yet functional packaging. The modest 3.4oz container is tailor-made for portability, snugly fitting into a workout bag or neatly on a shelf. Its value proposition is commendable; at just $1.69 per serving and $0.05 per milligram of CBD, it positions itself as a thrifty choice in the bustling market.

The application process is a breeze; with a modest dollop, the lotion glides over the skin effortlessly. The bouquet of Lavender, Rosemary, and Geranium Oil envelops the senses, offering a spa-like vibe from first touch. Its quick absorption rate is a boon, leaving no slick residue, thus perfect for those on the move. Adhering to the twice-daily recommendation comes without hitch, with no irritation to report, though it is always wise to test for personal compatibility.

Steady use over several weeks unveiled a visible revamp in skin vitality and a noticeable calm to post-workout stress. The full-spectrum CBD, teeming with a symphony of cannabinoids and plant compounds, seems to extend a more holistic effect than its CBD-only counterparts.

What We Like About This Product

  • Competitive pricing paired with transparent CBD concentration specifics per serving and bottle.
  • Beneficial compendium of hemp plant elements from the full-spectrum extract.
  • Charming scent and skin-nurturing qualities emanating from natural ingredients like Lavender and Rosemary Oil.
  • Quickly absorbed, non-greasy formulation is a practical addition to daily routines.
  • B Corp Certification reflects a respectable ethical stance in production.


While the Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Sport CBD Lotion has much to its credit, it's crucial to recognize the nuances of full-spectrum products, which include negligible THC levels. This could pose concerns for individuals who are subject to stringent drug screenings. Moreover, the variable nature of CBD's effects might not align with everyone's relief expectations. For those with delicate skin or particular sensitivities to the essential oils present, a preliminary patch test is advised for peace of mind.


Soaring high among its peers, the Hemp Sport Full Spectrum CBD Lotion by Bluebird Botanicals is brimming with noteworthy attributes:

  • A substantial 700mg of full-spectrum CBD offers a potent and rounded array of benefits.
  • Well-suited formulation for those leading an energetic lifestyle.
  • An ensemble of natural ingredients acclaimed for fostering skin wellness.
  • Constructed with integrity, underscored by the commendable B Corp Certification.


  • Relief: Delivers a comforting sensation to muscles and epidermis alike, potentially aiding in post-exercise recovery.
  • Skin Health: Enhances the skin's appearance, promoting a youthful glow and sustaining moisture levels.
  • Full-Spectrum Benefits: A broader impact might be felt thanks to the entourage of cannabinoids and natural terpenes.
  • Convenience: Its non-greasy, flawless absorption coupled with easy serving size management makes for a hassle-free application experience.

Final Verdict

The Hemp Sport Full Spectrum CBD Lotion by Bluebird Botanicals emerges as a standout product, thoughtful in its blend of nature-derived elements with top-grade full-spectrum CBD to serve not just the skin, but the active persona as a whole. Though users should tread with awareness regarding the THC content and ensure it agrees with their skin, the array of benefits this lotion brings to the table solidifies its position as a top-tier choice for anyone in search of a quality CBD-infused topical. Bluebird Botanicals demonstrates an unwavering commitment to excellence and well-being, making this CBD lotion a commendable contender in anyone's wellness routine.

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