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CBDfx CBD + CBG Oil Wellness Tincture Full Spectrum 1oz Review

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Step into the ever-broadening universe of CBD wonders where the CBDfx CBD + CBG Oil Wellness Tincture shines brightly. This concoction is a treasure in a petite 1oz vial, boasting a formula rich in complexity and benefits. Not only does it contain a heaping 1000mg of CBD, but it's also enriched with 500mg of CBG, setting the stage for a phenomenal entourage effect. This dynamic duo is further enhanced with the likes of Curcumin and Coenzyme Q10, powerhouses known for amplifying wellness.

In tune with various wellness journeys, this tincture doesn't shy away from strength; its offerings range from a gentle 500mg to an impressive 6000mg potency. CBDfx has managed to strike a chord between cost-effectiveness and premium quality, pricing this gem at a mere $0.06 per milligram of CBD. It's a conscientious pick for those keen on incorporating a supplemental boost into their daily habits without the worry of psychoactive effects, courtesy of its sub 0.3% THC content.

Hands-on Experience

The moment this CBD + CBG Oil Wellness Tincture from CBDfx arrives, its presentation commands respect. From the meticulous packaging to the clearly articulated labels, everything about it screams professionalism. The dropper is the epitome of user-friendliness, ensuring you can measure each serving with ease, essential for tailoring your experience.

Value is etched into every drop, considering the rare 2:1 ratio of CBD to CBG and the infusion of compounds that target health at its core. The oil's taste is down to earth, void of synthetic flavors, which might just be the breath of fresh air that natural purists are searching for.

Embracing this tincture is a breeze. Position the oil beneath your tongue, wait as instructed, and voila—a delicate wave of tranquility may wash over you, subtle yet effective. What is particularly noteworthy is the assortment of potency levels available. It's a thoughtful gesture that demonstrates an understanding that everyone’s wellness path is different, whether you're venturing into the world of CBD or have been traversing it for years.

What We Like About This Product

  • A pioneering 2:1 ratio of CBD to CBG, exploring the vast potential of these cannabinoids.
  • An antioxidant-rich concoction mingling Curcumin and Coenzyme Q10 for a health-focused impact.
  • A full-spectrum profile of cannabinoids that magnifies the entourage effect.
  • Diverse potency choices to embrace individual usage needs and desires.
  • Well-priced with packaging that educates and informs distinctly.


  • The earth-given taste might clash with the preferences of those partial to flavors.
  • Beginners might need a bit of hand-holding to discover their ideal strength and dosage, posing a minor hurdle.
  • Although the tincture presents good value, the investment may weigh heavier on those needing stronger doses for their health regimen.


  • A balanced 500mg of CBG alongside 1000mg of CBD in each container.
  • A responsible THC content under 0.3%, ensuring a clear-headed experience.
  • A diversified full-spectrum formula enriched with Curcumin and Coenzyme Q10.
  • Various strength selections to tailor your wellness ritual.


  • Balance: The CBD to CBG ratio is chosen with the goal of nurturing homeostasis in the body.
  • Antioxidant Support: The inclusion of Curcumin and Coenzyme Q10 battles oxidative stress and sustains cellular vitality.
  • Entourage Effect: A symphony of cannabinoids joins forces to potentially uplift overall wellness.
  • Safety: A commitment to non-psychoactive ingredients ensures legality and a sober daily routine.
  • Versatility: A breadth of potencies accommodates unique user preferences and requirements.

Final Verdict

Amongst a sea of CBD contenders, the CBDfx CBD + CBG Oil Wellness Tincture emerges as a strong choice for the health-aware individual. This tincture's blend of CBD and CBG, enriched by Curcumin and Coenzyme Q10, heralds a product centered on wellness, far surpassing run-of-the-mill offerings. It's crafted to appeal to a spectrum of consumers with its flexible strengths and sensible cost. While the natural flavor profile might not be universally adored, the tincture's quality and the health benefits it potentially bestows make a convincing argument. We give an enthusiastic nod to anyone eager to delve into the harmonious world of CBD and CBG, bolstered by the antioxidant advantages of its carefully selected ingredients.

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