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CBDfx CBD Mushroom Wellness Gummies Cherry 60ct 1500mg Review

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Embark on a journey to holistic well-being with CBDfx's CBD Gummies With Mushrooms for Wellness. Imagine a fusion of broad-spectrum CBD's calming properties with a masterful blend of mushrooms endowed with adaptogenic and nootropic benefits. Each container, bursting with 60 cherry-flavored delights, is a treasure trove with 1500mg of CBD and a 50mg mushroom blend per serving designed to elevate your daily health practices. This concoction is the perfect ally for those aspiring to a natural health boost, offering a supportive embrace without the high of THC.

The gummies are crafted with care and precision, using natural ingredients like organic cane sugar and organic tapioca syrup, ensuring that every bite aligns with the ethos of a health-conscious consumer. For those seeking assurance in purity, these treats are devoid of genetically modified ingredients, a nod to the growing demand for clean eating. CBDfx goes above and beyond to assure quality, offering peace of mind with rigorous third-party lab testing. Proof of their commitment lies in the readily accessible Certificates of Analysis (COAs), offering full transparency to discerning customers.

Hands-on Experience

The moment I laid eyes on the CBDfx CBD Gummies, the alluring, eco-conscious packaging promised a rejuvenating experience. The robust container kept its precious contents in pristine condition, safeguarding the freshness of each gummy. A closer look revealed that the gummies are a powerhouse of wellness, each one brimming with 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD and an organic mushroom cocktail featuring turkey tail, lion’s mane, and reishi, among others. The promise of a balanced approach to health is encapsulated in these small, but mighty morsels.

Sampling these gummies, I was immediately struck by the genuine cherry taste, untainted by the synthetic flavors that often plague dietary supplements. This authenticity made the daily ritual of consuming the gummies something to anticipate rather than a chore. When it comes to value, the price per serving stands at a compelling $1.56. Given the top-notch, organic ingredients and the inventive mushroom infusion, this price represents a meaningful investment in your wellness.

The benefits of the gummies were gradual but undeniable. Incorporating them into my routine, a sense of serenity and sharpened concentration emerged, without any signs of drowsiness or impairment – a testament to the synergy between the nootropic and adaptogenic qualities of the mushrooms and CBD. This sustained sense of well-being echoed the product’s claims, lasting several hours, and varied according to individual factors.

What We Like About This Product

  • The commitment to natural and organic ingredients speaks directly to those of us who prioritize our health.
  • The groundbreaking blend of CBD with mushrooms forges a distinct path in the wellness industry.
  • The pleasant cherry flavor transforms daily supplementation into a pleasurable habit.
  • Third-party lab testing sets a standard for safety and demonstrates the brand's dedication to transparency.
  • Being THC-free, you can indulge in these gummies with the confidence that there won't be any psychoactive repercussions.
  • The vegan-friendly formulation broadens its appeal, welcoming those with dietary restrictions to partake.


The CBDfx Gummies are a beacon of wellness, yet they come with nuances to consider. Individual reactions to CBD and mushroom supplements vary widely; newcomers should approach with caution, introducing these gummies into their health routine at a measured pace. Despite the absence of THC, individuals who undergo drug testing should remain cognizant of the complexities surrounding CBD products, as metabolism and absorption idiosyncrasies could, in rare instances, complicate matters.


  • A bountiful 1500mg of broad-spectrum CBD in each container invites a transformative health regimen.
  • The inclusion of a 50mg blend of seven different wellness mushrooms fortifies the body and mind.
  • Natural and organic ingredients promise a supplement free from unwelcome artificial additives.
  • The delectable natural cherry flavor elevates the experience of responsible health management.
  • User-friendly gummy form simplifies dosage and incorporation into a daily health routine.
  • Adherence to third-party lab verification and readily available COAs epitomize the brand's integrity.


  • Adaptogenic effects have the potential to arm the body with resilience against daily stressors.
  • Nootropic properties enhance cognitive functions and can clear the mental fog, cultivating clarity and focus.
  • Experience sustained wellness support that can span up to an entire workday.
  • Enjoy the tranquility of mind and body with the confidence of zero THC-related psychoactive effects.
  • Regular consumption may be a cornerstone for nurturing overall health and vitality.

Final Verdict

The intricate tapestry of benefits woven by CBDfx's CBD Gummies With Mushrooms for Wellness positions them as a distinguished contender in the bustling CBD marketplace. This innovative concoction harnesses the synergistic effects of CBD and mushrooms, creating a holistic supplement tailored for those seeking complete wellness. The fusion of carefully selected ingredients, the commitment to organic farming, and the sheer pleasure derived from their taste are all compelling reasons to consider this product. While individual experiences are bound to differ, it is evident that the potential rewards of incorporating these gummies into one's lifestyle are manifold. CBDfx's vegan formula and transparency in production make these gummies a laudable option for anyone ready to embrace the combined powers of CBD and mushrooms in their wellness journey.

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