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cbdMD CBD PM Sleep Tincture Mint 1oz 300mg CBN 1200mg CBD Review

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Imagine settling into your evening routine with a gentle sense of tranquility, knowing that a restful night awaits. The cbdMD CBD PM Tincture for Sleep is fashioned as a sanctuary for your sleep, a tool crafted to shepherd you into a state of serene slumber. In each minty breath of this tincture, you'll find an intricate tapestry of cannabinoids, headlined by 1200mg of CBD and enhanced by 300mg of CBN within a modest 1oz vessel. To bolster these nighttime sentinels, 150mg of melatonin joins forces with a medley of time-honored herbal extracts designed to usher in sleep.

With each 1 ml measure, a generous 50mg payload of CBD arrives, tailored for those with a familiarity for such natural aids, seeking reprieve from elusive sleep. The care for inclusivity is evident in this concoction—vegan, gluten-free, supported by MCT oil for optimal absorption, a testament to the brand's allegiance to diverse dietary needs and effective delivery. On the crest of American farmlands, the non-GMO hemp is delicately extracted via CO2, a clear signal of the brand's veneration for purity. This dedication to excellence was spotlighted when cbdMD clinched the Product of the Year title in the CBD Sleep Aid arena for 2020, cementing its standing as a beacon in the pursuit of wellness.

Hands-on Experience

From the moment the cbdMD CBD PM Tincture graced my hands, the polished, elucidating packaging spoke volumes of the brand's pride in its craft. With a cost coming to a palatable $1.67 per serving, the blend's robust concentration melded with choice components seemed a fair exchange for nocturnal bliss.

A zest of mint greeted my taste buds, a refreshing surprise bucking the trend of its earthier oil counterparts. Its user-friendly dropper dispensed with guesswork, and the suggested timing—about half an hour pre-slumber—proved an insightful nudge. The product whispered promises of sleep that were fulfilled, easing the transition from wakefulness to dreamland.

The alchemy of CBD and CBN, alongside melatonin and herbal allies like valerian root and chamomile, danced a harmonious ballet, weaving a tapestry of calmness devoid of the morning-after fogginess oft tied to sleep aids. Free from THC and proud in its broad-spectrum majesty, this tincture will surely resonate with those wary of psychoactive elements or bound by the strictures of drug screening.

What We Like About This Product

  • Immaculate broad-spectrum blend, devoid of THC
  • Empowering high concentrations of CBD and CBN for the seasoned user
  • Clever integration of melatonin and plant essences for sleep enhancement
  • A minty disguise for the typically robust hemp flavor
  • MCT oil's role in fostering absorption
  • CO2 extraction as a hallmark of purity
  • Formula attuned to vegan and gluten-free lifestyles
  • Transparent labeling and adherence to GMP standards
  • Its distinguished status as an award-winner


  • Potential for drowsiness, suggesting mindful timing of use
  • A need for melatonin dosage adjustments for the sensitive
  • An investment that may stretch some wallets


The cbdMD CBD PM Tincture for Sleep is an orchestration of cannabinoid science and botanical wisdom. Its meticulous fusion of sleep-enhancing elements with special attention to taste and bioavailability elevates it as a coveted choice for natural sleep support. Beyond the product itself, the brand's dedication to quality and safety shines through their certificates and production ethos, instilling confidence in every drop.


  • Facilitates a state of relaxation and primes the body for sleep
  • Contributes to the enhancement of sleep quality
  • Aids in maintaining a natural sleep-wake rhythm
  • Eliminates concerns over psychoactive effects with its THC-free formula
  • Considers the possibility of lingering drowsiness to plan accordingly

Final Verdict

In a realm where natural alternatives are treasured, the cbdMD CBD PM Tincture for Sleep emerges as a distinguished contender. Its shrewd combination of broad-spectrum CBD, CBN, melatonin, and herbal ingredients set it apart. The minty undertone and ease of use add layers of appeal. Although its price may give pause, the undeniable quality and efficacy may justify the investment for natural sleep aid seekers.

For those who desire a departure from synthetic options to secure a peaceful night, especially among routine CBD advocates, this tincture stands as a steadfast option. Melatonin sensitivity should be gauged with care, potentially warranting an initial reduced intake. All in all, cbdMD's CBD PM Tincture for Sleep comes highly recommended for its targeted benefits, scrupulous ingredient selection, and approachability.

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