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cbdMD Sleep PM CBD Oil Tincture Mint 1oz Full Spectrum Review

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In the timeless pursuit of serene slumber, cbdMD's CBD Oil Tincture Sleep PM emerges as a beacon of hope for the sleep-deprived. This full spectrum elixir melds a robust concoction of CBD with a whisper of THC in a delightfully compact 30ml bottle. A carefully measured 1ml droplet unfurls the calming embrace of 50mg CBD and 2mg THC, tailored to nocturnal needs with the addition of 5mg melatonin and a proprietary bouquet of sleep-promoting herbs. Swathed in a refreshing mint breeze, this tincture is a nod to the health-conscious, offering a vegan, gluten-free ally to those yearning for nocturnal bliss.

The tincture shines under regulatory compliance, adhering to the Farm Bill with a THC concentration cozying below the 0.3% threshold. This commitment is bolstered by strict third-party lab testing for unwavering quality. The fusion of botanicals, including the soothing lullabies of chamomile and valerian root, marries the soporific virtues of both cannabinoids and melatonin, promising an all-natural descent into the arms of Morpheus.

Hands-on Experience

Encased in a minimalist dropper bottle, the cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture Sleep PM exudes elegance and functionality. The thoughtful price tag of $1.67 per serving competes fairly in the marketplace, especially given the sophisticated interplay of CBD, THC, and the tailored sleep blend. The bottle's lucid instructions and precautions reflect cbdMD's dedication to their patrons' safety and enlightenment.

A first encounter reveals the mint flavor's finesse, skillfully cloaking the raw undertones of hemp, without overwhelming the senses. The tincture's fluidity is perfect for sublingual indulgence or as a nocturnal tea embellishment. A mere half-hour post-consumption, a soothing calm prevails, paving the way for slumber without the dreaded next-day lethargy that often plagues traditional sleep aids.

The packaging's unassuming elegance harmonizes beautifully with the brand's pure, health-focused ethos. The precision of the dropper is a godsend, ensuring a reliable intake of the potent THC and melatonin. The overall experience is enriched by cbdMD's meticulous attention to detail, from comprehensive product insights to explicit instructions for use.

What We Like About This Product

  • Adroitly merges CBD, THC, and melatonin for unparalleled nocturnal support
  • The natural mint concoction offers a tasteful veil over the otherwise bold hemp flavor
  • The dropper guarantees dosing that's both easy and accurate
  • Embracing diverse dietary restrictions, it's both vegan and gluten-free
  • Full Spectrum, harnessing the purported benefits of the 'entourage effect'
  • Third-party lab verification confirms the integrity of this fine potion


  • The THC trace, while slight, may pose concerns for some, particularly those in professions with stringent drug policies
  • Designed strictly for adult use and not suitable for those under the age of 21
  • The product's sedative nature means it's reserved for evening use only
  • A healthcare consultation is prudent as interactions with other treatments are possible
  • California has flagged certain ingredients as potential carcinogens and reproductive hazards


cdbMD's CBD Oil Tincture Sleep PM distinguishes itself through its specific concoction crafted for nocturnal wellness. Striking a balance between cannabinoids and nature's sleep aids, the product boasts full spectrum capabilities, ensuring users benefit from the collective effect of hemp compounds. The minty twist and user-friendly dropper lend the product a welcoming presence, suitable for newcomers and connoisseurs alike.


  • Brings about a serene state and sleepiness, setting the stage for restful nights
  • Delivers natural sleep enhancement minus the dreaded 'hangover' feeling
  • Is mindful of potential drug interactions, warranting careful consideration of concurrent substance use

Final Verdict

The cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture Sleep PM encapsulates the essence of cbdMD's dedication to quality and customer care. It is a masterful blend, capturing the therapeutic essence of CBD and THC, along with the soporific grace of melatonin and herbal serenades. This product promises ease-of-use and arrives as an enticing natural alternative for those seeking tranquil nights.

While THC's inclusion necessitates discretion — notably for those undergoing employment drug screenings — the thoughtful composition of this tincture is aligned with a clear wellness objective: enhanced sleep. Prior to embracing this nocturnal nectar, a consultation with a medical expert is advisable to ensure it dovetails seamlessly with one's health blueprint and current medications. For individuals seeking a botanical remedy to nocturnal restlessness and who are receptive to the gentle embrace of full spectrum cannabinoids, cbdMD's CBD Oil Tincture Sleep PM presents a compelling, quality-infused choice worth bedding down with.

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