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Chronic Candy Strawberry Splash CBD Lollipops 25mg Broad Spectrum 60ct Review

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A delicate balance of enjoyment and health, Chronic Candy's CBD Lollipops present a unique way to indulge in the world of CBD. Think of the Strawberry Splash lollipop as a harmonious dance of tantalizing taste and therapeutic benefits. Wrapped up in this small treat is the promise of a delightful journey toward relaxation – a journey you can embark on at your leisure, one sweet lick at a time.

Let's unwrap the details. We're looking at a generous offering of 60 vibrant lollipops, each infused with a precise 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD. It's a treasure trove totaling 1500mg of CBD, all without a trace of THC. It's clear that this product undergoes rigorous lab testing - Chronic Candy doesn't just talk the talk when it comes to quality and purity. And when you take a gander at the price, your wallet breathes a sigh of relief. Value, it seems, is part of the package.

Hands-on Experience

Imagine the scene: the arrival of your box of Chronic Candy CBD Lollipops, its vibrant and promise-filled Strawberry Splash packaging catching the eye. It's not just about aesthetics; the cents-per-mg value is highly competitive. With a broad-spectrum blend at your fingertips, you're unlocking a bounty of 60 opportunities for bliss.

These lollipops aren't your everyday sweet treat. From the moment the flavor graces your palate, the fine selection of ingredients announces itself. Natural terpenes mingle with organic CBD to form a taste that's refreshingly wholesome. Each lollipop lets you measure your CBD journey with precision, offering a welcome constancy in dosage. Plus, their travel-friendly nature means you're always just a pocket away from serenity or a touch of calm.

Now, let's talk about the conscientious sweet tooths out there. The terpenes are steam-distilled; the CBD, organic. You're enjoying a product that marries traditional confectionery with a salute to natural wellbeing. Yes, there's artificiality in there, but it's a conscious blend of the old-world charm of candy with a nod to today's health-driven preferences.

What We Like About This Product

  • The clever integration of CBD in a delightful, timeless lollipop.
  • Unwavering consistency in CBD dosage across the board for effortless intake tracking.
  • The assurance of a THC-free make-up, making it the go-to for those averse to THC.
  • Attractively priced, showing that quality and quantity can indeed come hand in hand.
  • A range of flavors to explore, with Strawberry Splash leading the parade in taste.


  • For those with specific dietary needs, the artificial elements and dyes might give pause.
  • Not the route for aficionados of full-spectrum CBD, which carries THC traces.
  • Sugar-free advocates will need to continue their search as sweetness is key here.


  • A per-lollipop content of 25mg ensures a substantial hit of premium broad-spectrum CBD.
  • Zero THC for those seeking pure, unadulterated CBD goodness minus any psychoactive hijinks.
  • Organic CBD paired with natural terpenes equals an authentic and tranquil experience.
  • Rigorously lab-tested to give a thumbs-up to quality and dependability.
  • An ample 60-count per package suits the regular CBD enthusiast just right.


  • Ready yourself for a calm and serene effect that gracefully unfolds post-consumption.
  • Natural terpenes not only delight the senses but may also be allies to your health.
  • A stealthy companion to quietly fend off daily stresses or momentary discomfort.
  • An inviting and playful entry point for CBD newbies eager to explore its virtues.
  • Broad-spectrum assurance means you can embrace the benefits absent THC-related side effects.

Final Verdict

Surveying the landscape of CBD offerings, Chronic Candy's CBD Lollipops are a beacon of innovation and approachability. For those seeking to seamlessly blend CBD into their daily rhythm without the fuss of droppers or capsules, here's your match. A marriage of the delectable Strawberry Splash flavor with the solid benefits of broad-spectrum CBD, this product captures both the taste buds and the quest for wellness.

Indeed, when evaluating the blend of quality, availability, and cost-effectiveness, these lollipops take a commendable stance in the CBD marketplace. And while not universally fitting due to sugar content and artificial ingredients, for the majority who desire a palatable, uncomplicated CBD routine, Chronic Candy delivers with a flourish. For an enjoyable, flavorful, and potent CBD journey, these lollipops are a top-notch recommendation.

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