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Elixinol Everyday THC-Free Spearmint CBD Tincture 1oz 500mg Review

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Amid the growing enthusiasm for CBD offerings, Elixinol has certainly made its mark with the Everyday THC-Free CBD Tincture. This broad-spectrum concoction is a prime pick for those starting their CBD adventure, providing a gentle nudge into the world of hemp-extracted benefits, minus the worry of THC involvement. Every 30ml (1oz) bottle is infused with 500mg of CBD, equating to roughly 16.67mg of CBD per every 1ml draw of the dropper.

This tincture is crafted through a meticulous supercritical CO2 extraction technique that speaks volumes about Elixinol's allegiance to excellence and purity, shunning the use of abrasive chemical solvents. Staying within the bounds of federal hemp laws, the product undergoes rigorous testing to maintain THC concentrations below the 0.01% mark, though the company does give a nod to the slim chance of trace amounts being detected in particularly sensitive drug screenings. Enhanced with a zesty spearmint kick and the nurturing touch of Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Coconut Oil, this tincture blends strength with palatability.

Hands-on Experience

The moment you lay eyes on Elixinol’s product, the commitment to clarity and professionalism shines through, setting the stage for a dependable CBD encounter. The moment the bottle arrives, its sophisticated, subtle design and explicitly detailed labeling immediately instill confidence and signal user-friendliness. Including a dropper is a thoughtful touch, allowing for accurate measurement of CBD intake—especially important for those just beginning to explore their optimum levels.

With a cost structure that works out to a modest $0.06 for each milligram of CBD, the tincture holds its ground as a wallet-friendly option without scrimping on standards. The spearmint essential oil is a game-changer for flavor, successfully masking the natural hemp undertones to leave a cool, lingering freshness. The discreet inclusion of Beta-Caryophyllene (BCP), a terpene with lauded anti-inflammatory qualities, potentially dovetails with CBD to bolster its impact.

The oil’s consistency is just right—it won’t give you the slip nor will it linger too long, making it effortless to take under the tongue or to blend into your meals. The benefits don't show up on stage right away but grow steadily with persistent use, fostering a serene and focused state that's much sought-after by CBD aficionados. The recommended quantity seems on point, with MCT oil not only championing healthy fats but also possibly optimizing CBD uptake.

What We Like About This Product

  • Features a broad-spectrum CBD formula that leaves THC behind, perfect for novices or those with THC sensitivities.
  • Employs supercritical CO2 extraction for a purer product that's kind to the planet.
  • Spearmint flavor provides a broad appeal that caters to diverse tastes.
  • Well-priced, balancing affordability and high quality.
  • Comes with a dropper for precise and hassle-free dosage measurements.
  • Regular use contributes to an improved sense of well-being.


  • Even with THC below the ultra-low threshold of 0.01%, there is a small chance it could be pinpointed by sensitive drug tests.
  • Users are diverse, and the effectiveness can vary; some may need more than the standard dose for the desired effect.


  • THC-Free Broad Spectrum experience
  • Hemp sourced from American farms
  • Naturally sourced spearmint flavoring for a refreshing twist
  • Utilizes MCT Coconut Oil as a nourishing carrier oil
  • Strict adherence to federal hemp production standards
  • Every batch undergoes independent lab testing to guarantee quality


  • Contributes to a tranquil and alert mindset.
  • With routine consumption, may bolster general wellness.
  • The spearmint zest ensures a pleasurable tasting experience, inviting more frequent use.
  • Lacks psychoactive properties due to zero THC content.

Final Verdict

Elixinol's Everyday THC-Free CBD Tincture emerges as an admirable gateway for those venturing into the CBD realm. Its broad-spectrum makeup delivers a full suite of hemp's natural riches without the THC component, a crucial consideration for those subject to drug testing or who react sensitively to THC. The spearmint flavor, paired with the MCT oil base, not only heightens the taste but may also enhance how the body processes the product, ensuring a pleasurable and robust experience.

Considering its competitive price, refined extraction process, and straightforward usage, it holds a strong position for those on the lookout for a trustworthy, THC-free CBD option. While individual reactions to CBD may vary, Elixinol's dedication to transparency and quality assurance positions their Everyday THC-Free CBD Tincture as a product worthy of consideration.

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