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Elixinol Unwind Blackberry THC + CBD Gummies Full Spectrum 30ct Review

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In the ever-expanding world of wellness, Elixinol has made its mark with the Unwind Full Spectrum Gummies, a harmonious concoction of nature's tranquilizers: CBD and Delta-9 THC. Enveloped in a blackberry caress, each jar houses a month's supply of serenity – 30 gummies to be precise. They're not just sweet to the taste but also rich in substance, with a collective potency of 450mg CBD and 90mg THC. A thoughtful 5:1 CBD to THC ratio works its magic gummy by gummy, aiming at a relaxation sweet spot while maintaining mental clarity. The integrity of Elixinol is mirrored in the gummies' vegan composition and their US Hemp Authority Certification – a nod to quality assurance and federal compliance.

Hands-on Experience

The arrival of Elixinol's Unwind Gummies was like receiving an invitation to tranquility. Their packaging speaks volumes about the product's essence: simple, elegant, and imbued with an air of serenity. Upon twisting open the jar, a subtle blackberry bouquet lifted my spirits, signaling a refined blend of natural flavors. Each gummy, dosed at 15mg CBD and 3mg Delta-9 THC, is deftly calibrated to dial down the day's intensity without nudging you into a slump. Competitively priced, these gummies sit well within the market's spectrum, balancing cost and full-bodied goodness.

In texture and taste, these gummies echo the quality of their ingredients. They bring a burst of blackberry that lingers pleasantly, avoiding the hemp-derived aftertaste one might dread. With Elixinol's selection of organic sweeteners, these gummies taste of nature's best. Starting with a half gummy, as the brand suggests, the experience was as calming as promised – gently powerful without taking over.

What We Like About This Product

  • The interplay of CBD and THC within these gummies is masterfully executed, enhancing relaxation without nudging one toward intoxication.
  • The vegan promise caters to the conscious consumer, while also standing up for animal welfare and inclusivity.
  • Bearing the US Hemp Authority seal underscores the brand's dedication to rigorous standards of quality.
  • Each gummy delights with a genuine blackberry taste, distancing itself from synthetically flavored counterparts.
  • Its compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill permits worry-free purchasing and ownership across most of the US.


  • Geographical restrictions mean not all CBD enthusiasts can enjoy these gummies, with shipping limitations to certain states.
  • The effects of CBD are as individual as the people using them; not everyone might experience the anticipated relief.
  • For those new to products containing THC, attention to dosage is key, which could be an extra detail to manage for some.


Elixinol's Unwind gummies capture attention for their judicious balance of CBD and THC. Carefully formulated with only the finest organic components, they offer a rich and authentic fruit flavor. Beyond taste, these gummies stand proud with the US Hemp Authority's certification, providing an extra layer of confidence for those who are mindful about the quality of their consumables.


  • Relaxation: The gummies are like a gentle wave of calmness, helping to smooth out the tension from a long day.
  • Mood Improvement: An uplift in spirits is often noted, thanks to the meticulous formula at work.
  • Sleep Quality: For those looking to enhance their nightly rest, these gummies may be a soothing ally.
  • Minimal Intoxication: The subtlety of THC's presence ensures relaxation without overstepping into a high, perfect for a gentle unwind.

Final Verdict

Wrapping up, Elixinol's Unwind Gummies are a standout choice within the sea of CBD options. They cater particularly to those seeking a plant-based, full spectrum product enriched with Delta-9 THC's added dimension. The winning combination of flavor, focused craftsmanship, and a solid legal standing positions these gummies as a tempting proposition for anyone looking to elevate their self-care game. While they have certain geographical limitations and might require dosage tweaking for newcomers, they present compelling benefits for those desiring improved relaxation and an elevated mood. Incorporating Elixinol's gummies into one's wellness routine could be a discerning move towards achieving balance and inner peace.

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