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Endoca CBD Face & Body Oil Full Spectrum 300mg Review

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In the crowded landscape of beauty and wellness, Endoca's CBD Face + Body Oil proudly announces its presence as a top-tier holistic skincare solution. This full-spectrum treasure brings the power of CBD to your daily routine, ensconced in a symphony of natural ingredients. With a substantial 200 ml bottle, you're endowed with 300 mg of CBD, breaking down to a gentle 1.5 mg per milliliter. It's an ideal potion for those yearning for a touch of nature's magic. Think of the lush, green embrace of organic apricot kernel oil, the nurturing caress of safflower, and the zesty kiss of bergamot oil, all armored with vitamin E's protective shield. And let's not overlook the hemp extract's organic provenance. Free from the bane of harmful synthetics, this concoction is a love letter to the skin from aficionados of pure, unadulterated skincare.

Hands-on Experience

The moment Endoca's CBD Face & Body Oil graces your presence, its understated yet sophisticated packaging whispers a promise of natural indulgence. The bottle's design is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing, nestled comfortably in your palm, ready to dispense the golden nectar within. Adherence to sustainable practices is evident in its no-nonsense, sturdy packaging, perfectly mirroring the brand's eco-conscious spirit. A glance at the price tag reveals an enticing $0.17 per milligram of CBD—an inviting entry for those eager to savor full-spectrum perks without breaking the bank. As for the elixir itself, it astonishes with its featherlight touch, a quick-absorbing marvel that eschews any trace of unwanted slickness. For the fast-paced or the slick-averse, this is indeed a boon. The scent is another triumph—an understated, citrusy melody that shuns the aggressive, synthetic fragrances that often populate the skincare landscape. Liberally applied in the wake of a warm shower, it's a comforting ritual that seals in essential moisture. Whether you enlist it for a tranquil massage or incorporate it into your daily skincare discipline, its versatile nature is praiseworthy. And while the CBD potency is modest, it's more than sufficient to tap into those lauded skin-soothing virtues. The endgame? Skin that's tender to the touch, optimally hydrated, and visibly satisfied.

What We Like About This Product

  • Quality of Ingredients: Venturing beyond the synthetic, this formula is a haven for purists, thanks to elements like apricot kernel oil and bergamot essence that hail from nature's finest sources.
  • Non-Greasy Formula: Its rapid absorption rates spell the end of any greasy aftermath, ensuring a comfortable experience for both the visage and the corpus.
  • Full Spectrum CBD: With full-spectrum CBD at its core, the product harnesses the collective potency of the plant for an amplified therapeutic impact.
  • Multi-Use: Doubling as a nourishing facial oil and a body moisturizer, it's a versatile star, simplifying your skincare arsenal.
  • Eco-Friendly: In an age where the Earth's well-being is paramount, Endoca's dedication to green initiatives from packaging to formulation is highly commendable.


  • Price Point: Despite its stellar ingredient list, the cost might pose a predicament for budget-conscious shoppers dipping their toes into the CBD skincare pool.
  • Mild CBD Concentration: For those in pursuit of greater CBD potency, the 1.5 mg per milliliter may seem a trifle tame, though perfect for neophytes or everyday maintenance.
  • Limited Scent Options: The light citrus aroma, while refreshing, may not satisfy all noses, especially those partial to more diverse or subtle olfactory experiences.


  • A 200 ml flacon generously infused with 300 mg of full-spectrum CBD
  • A cocktail of organic ingredients, including nurturing apricot kernel oil and safflower
  • Boasts swift absorption, making it an excellent match for any skin type
  • Formulated without the shadow of harmful chemicals like sulphates and parabens
  • Adorned with a subtle, inviting citrus fragrance, courtesy of natural oils


  • Counters inflammation and comforts the skin with the innate anti-inflammatory prowess of CBD
  • Embodies hydration and nutrition, powered by a rich tapestry of vitamins and essential fatty acids
  • Equips the skin with antioxidants, creating a shield against the onslaught of environmental damage
  • Imparts a silky, non-oily finish that improves the skin's texture
  • Boosts skin vitality, employing the synergistic effects of natural terpenes and vitamins

Final Verdict

In the competitive arena of CBD-infused skincare, Endoca's CBD Face + Body Oil carves out a place of distinction. Marrying lightweight, non-greasy refinement with nutrient-dense virtues, accompanied by a zestful fragrance, it beckons to those eager to welcome CBD into their skincare practice. Its green footprint and absence of unkind additives reinforce its ascendancy to a premier market position. Although the investment may feel substantial, the payoff in terms of an organic, environmentally considerate skincare experience is persuasive. In its totality, this CBD oil emerges as an eloquent expression of commitment to soothing, enriching, and safeguarding skin health.

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