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Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies Botanical Blend 100ct 1500mg Review

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Delve into the world of tranquility and natural wellness with Hemp Bombs' CBD Gummies Botanical Blend. This product has become a staple in the arsenal of health aficionados, thanks to the brand's unwavering dedication to quality. Each bottle houses a substantial number of gummies — a full 100 to be exact. These are not just ordinary gummies; each is laced with 15mg of top-notch CBD, culminating in a grand total of 1500mg of CBD per bottle. The gummies are crafted with vegans in mind, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their benefits without compromise. This exquisite concoction doesn't stop at just CBD — it boasts a proprietary blend of botanicals, meticulously chosen to enhance CBD's inherent soothing properties. The magic lies in the fusion of ingredients such as calming Passiflora, stress-relieving Scutellaria, and focus-promoting L-Theanine. This botanical mix is the keystone of the product, aiming to bolster relaxation, elevate sleep quality, and sharpen one's concentration. Hemp Bombs maintains rigorous standards, with each batch undergoing thorough laboratory testing to assure its purity. Proudly manufactured in the USA, these gummies offer a delightful, inconspicuous, and flavorful method to imbibe the therapeutic wonders of CBD into the rhythm of your everyday life.

Hands-on Experience

The encounter with Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies Botanical Blend begins as soon as one lays their hands on the container. The packaging exudes an aura of superior quality; it's sturdy, effortlessly fits into storage spaces, and is adorned with clear labels. At $0.70 for each portion, the value speaks for itself, especially when considering the extra herbal components that elevate its worthiness. The gummies delight the palate with a berry flavor that artfully conceals the natural earthy taste of CBD — a common deterrent for many. They strike the perfect balance in texture: chewable without being overly soft and sturdy enough to stand the test of time without sticking together. Consistent dosing in each gummy simplifies consumption management, a detail that should not be undervalued. The effects, such as the subtle onset of calm and the modest enhancement of focus, though subtle, are nonetheless noticeable, contributing to overall well-being and productivity. Economically, at $0.05 per milligram of CBD, these gummies are positioned as a cost-effective solution for habitual consumers. Hemp Bombs excels in transparency, listing complete product details down to the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) for verifying authenticity. Knowing the product's weight and dimensions is a bonus, particularly for those contemplating its transportability and how it'll fit into their space.

What We Like About This Product

  • Boasts a proprietary botanical arsenal, including CBD for an amplified effect on well-being.
  • Welcomes a diverse audience with its vegan-friendly promise.
  • Guarantees consistency and safety through independent lab testing.
  • Offers an attractive price-point for its premium-grade CBD blend.
  • Supports domestic production, conforming to high American manufacturing standards.
  • Utilizes full spectrum CBD, ushering in the 'entourage effect' for comprehensive benefits.


  • The inclusion of artificial colors may clash with the ethos of consumers inclined towards completely natural ingredients.
  • While many will reap the advertised benefits, others may experience varied responses due to the subjective nature of CBD.
  • The CBD is derived from industrial hemp — which ensures a high-quality product — but some connoisseurs might favor the niche appeal of small-scale, artisanal hemp sources.


Vegan Friendly: This product is a go-to option for anyone adhering to a plant-based diet.
Botanical Blend: Enriched with naturally-sourced calming agents, it stands out with ingredients like Passiflora, Scutellaria, and L-Theanine.
Lab Tested: Each batch's independent lab testing solidifies Hemp Bombs' commitment to safety and openness.
CO2 Extraction: The CBD is harnessed through the CO2 method, praised for its ability to ensure purity and maintain potency.
Full Spectrum: A myriad of cannabinoids are present to synergize for a more profound impact.
THC Content: Compliant with federal legal standards, the THC content remains below the 0.3% threshold.


  • Proffers relief from the tendrils of stress and anxiety with the calming prowess of CBD and supportive botanicals.
  • Fosters improved sleep quality, a coveted benefit for those integrating CBD into their nightly routine.
  • Aids in diminishing swelling, fostering ease in movement and physical comfort.
  • Enhances mental focus, a boon for tackling daily cognitive challenges.
  • The gummies metabolize distinctly within different individuals, affecting the time it takes to feel the benefits and their duration.

Final Verdict

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies Botanical Blend is a product that shines brightly in the panorama of CBD options. It offers a robust, meticulously crafted answer to those who seek a comprehensive approach to wellness. Its equilibrium of CBD and botanicals presents a multi-faceted way to health that is both effective and enjoyable. While considerations such as the use of artificial colors and individual variability in effects are worth pondering, the overall integrity, potency, and value of these gummies render them a stellar pick for anyone wishing to weave CBD into their tapestry of daily health practices. The brand's transparent ethos and steadfast commitment to quality mark it as a trustworthy purveyor in the wellness landscape.

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