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Koi CBD Strawberry Broad Spectrum Oil Tincture 2000mg Review

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Amid a sea of wellness offerings, the Koi CBD Oil Tincture with its Broad Spectrum Strawberry concoction emerges as a formidable contender. Nestled within a compact 30ml bottle lies a generous 2000mg of CBD—a testament to the brand's vision of robust wellness solutions. Koi Naturals imparts their signature touch with the inclusion of their Koi PRIZM broad-spectrum hemp extract, signaling an unwavering pledge to superior quality.

Each serving, a measured 1ml, delivers a hearty 66.67mg of CBD, effortlessly catering to the needs of seasoned users who turn to CBD for their holistic well-being. The vegan-certified tincture is artfully crafted, free from pesticides and solvents, and celebrates a blend of pure ingredients that resonate with the health-conscious. At the heart of this product is Koi Naturals' dedication to honesty and traceability, ensuring users can indulge with the utmost confidence.

Hands-on Experience

Cradled in a sleek dropper bottle, the Koi CBD Oil Tincture exudes a refined simplicity, easing into the daily routines of those who favor CBD's tranquility. The Strawberry flavor delicately veils the inherent earthiness of hemp, offering a sweet reprieve for the palate. Unboxing reveals a premium product, with lucid instructions and labels that elevate the user experience. Priced at $3.33 per serving, the tincture's value is anchored in its impressive CBD concentration and the rich, broad-spectrum blend.

The tincture impresses with its user-friendly design. Markings on the dropper promise precise dosing, and the oil's balanced consistency ensures a hassle-free application, whether integrated into a meal or taken sublingually. Though the Strawberry flavor, enhanced by Stevia, might not be universally adored, it remains a tantalizing option for many. Priced competitively, the tincture's $0.05 cost per 1mg of CBD is noteworthy given its broad-spectrum benefits and lack of THC.

Moreover, the strategic use of MCT oil amplifies CBD absorption, while a splash of Orange Oil and Organic Coconut Oil introduces a zesty twist, further enriching the sensory journey and affirming the tincture's allure.

What We Like About This Product

  • Impeccable broad-spectrum CBD formula for a holistic effect.
  • Generous dosage per serving, ideal for consistent CBD consumers.
  • Delightful Strawberry infusion sweetened naturally with Stevia.
  • Embraces a vegan-friendly composition featuring pure ingredients.
  • Intuitive dropper bottle designed with precise dosage in mind.
  • Attractive price considering the CBD strength on offer.


  • For some taste buds, the Strawberry flavor may be reminiscent of candy, perhaps too saccharine.
  • The investment may be slightly loftier than some brands offering comparable CBD levels.
  • Those who seek out the full entourage effect might find the broad-spectrum blend lacking.


Distinguishing features of the Koi CBD Oil Tincture include the use of a comprehensive broad-spectrum hemp extract, a commitment to a THC-free product, and an adherence to vegan standards. Its strong CBD content caters to those desiring more impactful doses, and the tincture prides itself on being born from industrially grown hemp cultivated within the United States.


  • Consistent Dosage: The precision of 66.67mg per 1ml serving makes dosing reliable.
  • Flavor: A Strawberry profile paired with Stevia renders a delightful taste experience.
  • Quality: A vegan-friendly formula that's also free from pesticides and solvents.
  • Use: The dropper's design and clear instructions advocate for straightforward oral consumption.
  • Storage: Storing is a breeze, with guidance provided for maintaining its best quality.

Final Verdict

For the discerning CBD aficionado, the Koi CBD Oil Tincture, broad-spectrum with a Strawberry twist, is a harmonious blend of efficacy, purity, and indulgence. The formula's spectrum delivers the cherished benefits of hemp without the addition of THC. Although the product’s flavor profile and premium pricing may not cater to all, the quality it brings to the table, with its reliable potency and commitment to offering natural ingredients, is praiseworthy.

It's a fitting pick for those who appreciate a potent, THC-free CBD oil with a touch of enjoyable flavor and are ready to lean into a higher tier for their wellness routine. Touting easy dosing, vegan credentials, and a natural sweetness, this tincture stamps itself as a standout selection for one's consistent CBD regimen.

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