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Lazarus Naturals Sleep + Melatonin Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Capsules 40ct Review

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In the bustling world of wellness, the exploration of natural remedies such as the cherished CBD has become a cultural cornerstone. Amidst this herbal renaissance, Lazarus Naturals has meticulously crafted their Sleep + Melatonin Cannabinoid Capsules to pacify the ever-elusive pursuit of tranquil rest. This concoction is more than just a testament to the brand's integrity; it's a harmony of nature's very own sleep aides. By weaving together a tapestry of CBD with its kin cannabinoids, CBG and CBN, the capsules not only grace us with the entourage effect but envelop users in the warmth of Mother Nature's embrace. Standing out in a crowded marketplace, Lazarus Naturals harmonizes the purity of organic hemp-derived substances with affordability—a duo not easily found. The capsules are thoughtfully blended with 30mg of CBD, alongside 10mg each of CBG and CBN, and are further embellished with nature’s soporifics—melatonin complemented by the serene whispers of lemon balm and the soothing caress of passion flower. For those wishing for nights cradled in restorative slumber, this product whispers a lullaby of botanicals.

Hands-on Experience

Unveiling this gem, one can't help but feel ensconced in an aura of professionalism as the 40-count vessel presents itself with unassuming sophistication. Its unobtrusive size grants ease in storage and makes it a silent companion on trips afar. Clarity reigns supreme with well-defined dosage guidelines and a comprehensive disclosure of ingredients, supporting users with informed choices and safety. Bearing a price tag that defies expectations, the product offers a cornucopia of cannabinoids and the gentle nudge of melatonin at a cost that respects your wallet.

Encased within the sanctuary of a veggie capsule, these wonders tenderly beckon to the diverse palates of the health-conscious. Upon adopting the ritual of one to two capsules as night’s curtain falls, I discerned a seamless drift into dreamland, unmarred by the typical haziness that often shadows sleep aids. It's as if the organic essences of lemon balm and passion flower infuse the evening air with a hush, enriching the prelude to sleep’s embrace. The value proposition shines through as well, with affordability joining forces with efficacy—each milligram of CBD delivers its promise for mere pennies, solidifying its role as a staple for the cost-aware seeker of nocturnal bliss.

What We Like About This Product

  • The broad canvas of cannabinoids synergizes for an entourage effect that feels like nature's choreographed dance.
  • Cost-effective without compromising the treasury of health within.
  • Woven with additional natural sedatives—melatonin, lemon balm, and passion flower—it is a tapestry of tranquility.
  • Crafted into veggie capsules that court a wide array of dietary choices with open arms.
  • Transparent in its narrative, the labeling furnishes peace of mind with clear usage instructions.


  • The product's dance with grapefruit's biochemical pathways calls for a cautious pas de deux, suggesting a dialogue with one's healthcare maestro is in order.
  • For souls tender to the embrace of tree nuts, the whisper of coconut within may ask them to step away from this botanical ballad.


Positioned elegantly within the realm of sleep supplements, these CBD capsules are a beacon for those navigating the seas of restlessness. They chart a course that blends a rich spectrum of cannabinoids with melatonin's lullaby and the understated potency of herbal extracts. An ode to transparency, a commitment to affordability, and the brand's virtuous pursuit of well-crafted formulations elevate Lazarus Naturals' contribution above the common fray of wellness offerings.


  • Improved Sleep Quality: At the heart of the capsules lies a quartet—CBD, CBG, CBN, and melatonin—each member playing its part in the orchestra of serene slumber.
  • Stress Relief: The blend’s botanical constituents cast a spell of calm, diminishing the shadows of stress as twilight deepens.
  • Convenience: The pre-measured capsules bestow upon users the gift of simplicity, seamlessly integrating into the nighttime ritual.

Final Verdict

The assurance of sleep’s sweet sanctuary comes embraced in Lazarus Naturals' Sleep + Melatonin Cannabinoid Capsules. It is a sophisticated concoction, where the full-spectrum formula interlaces with melatonin and whispers of herbal elements, creating a potent yet gentle envoy to the land of dreams. Embodying the brand's core values of exceptional quality and commendable affordability, this product emerges as a distinguished choice for the consumer yearning for enhanced repose that comes not with a toll but a token. It earns glowing accolades, though it beckons a word of caution for the discerning—with dietary reservations or medicinal companions—to seek guidance from their healthcare provider prior to indulging in this nocturnal nectar.

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