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Medterra CBG + CBD Citrus Tincture 1000mg Review

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In the ever-evolving landscape of cannabinoid-based wellness, Medterra has made a noteworthy impact with its avant-garde concoction: the CBG + CBD Tincture. At the heart of this concoction, there is a masterful fusion of 500mg of CBD with an equal measure of CBG, crafting an experience that transcends the singular effects of CBD. Relish in the zesty twist of citrus as you partake in this broad-spectrum blend, artfully tailored to be taken under the tongue, thus ensuring swift assimilation and potency. The tincture's allegiance to the highest standards of purity is unmistakable, and it stands as a symbol of Medterra's dedication, being devoid of THC and substantiated by meticulous third-party scrutiny. This aligns it with the stringent agronomic requisites set forth by the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.

Hands-on Experience

The moment the Medterra CBG + CBD Tincture arrives, its packaging immediately communicates a sense of meticulous care. Encased in a stalwart 1oz bottle adorned with lucid instructions, every detail is finely tuned, including a dropper that comes etched with measurement indicators for accurate dispensation. Economically priced, the tincture finds itself nestled comfortably within a reachable bracket when weighed against its contemporaries, especially when one considers the added advantages brought forth by CBG.

The citrus taste, nuanced and invigorating, cleverly veils the intrinsic hemp notes, striking a balance that neither dominates the palate nor recedes too quietly. Kudos to Medterra for their allegiance to organic taste enhancers, which promises a congenial tasting encounter. The efficacy of the tincture does not disappoint; there is an evident harmony and alleviation that takes hold, lasting through a busy day if taken with the sunrise or promoting tranquility into the night.

Medterra's prowess in extracting technologies is reflected in the tincture's uniformity and impeccable cleanliness. Their pledge to superiority is further entrenched by adherence to the stringent expectations of the U.S. Hemp Authority’s certification protocols, reinforcing user confidence in the product's provenance and creation.

What We Like About This Product

  • Synergistic Blend: A balanced concoction of CBD and CBG works in unison to amplify the therapeutic effects.
  • Flavor: The touch of citrus integrates seamlessly into the daily regimen, offering a pleasant respite for the senses.
  • Quality Assurance: The independent testing and stringent U.S. Hemp Authority adherence herald the tincture’s untarnished purity.
  • Precision Dosing: An intuitive dropper empowers users to measure out exact dosages, fostering dependable results.
  • Accessibility: Legally shippable to all corners of the US and beyond, this product is readily available for a wide audience.


  • Price: While the tincture holds its own in the marketplace, the investment could be deemed sizeable by some wallets.
  • Limited Flavor Options: Those whose taste buds yearn for variety may find the singular citrus option a tad restrictive.


Medterra's CBG + CBD Tincture carves out a distinct niche with its pioneering marriage of cannabinoids, premium constituents, and an intuitive consumption format. This THC-free, broad-spectrum concoction lays out a tapestry of wellness possibilities, sans the mind-altering effects associated with THC. The brand's dedication to excellence shines brightly, with stringent testing and compliance with recognized industry benchmarks buttressing the product’s stature and dependability.


  • Relief: Furnishes a soothing reprieve from the tensions and discomforts that intersperse our days.
  • Balanced Well-being: An equilibrium of mood and a deepened sense of wellness are common testaments from users.
  • Sleep Support: A nocturnal dose may pave the way for a serene and restorative slumber.
  • Focus and Clarity: When imbibed during daylight hours, it is known to sharpen mental acuity and concentration.

Final Verdict

A foray into the Medterra CBG + CBD Tincture unveils a pivotal moment in the realm of CBD offerings. It’s not merely the symphony of CBD and CBG, nor just the zestful citrus harmony, or the meticulousness of dosing that distinguishes it. Rather, it’s the ensemble of these attributes that propels this tincture into the limelight for those eager to unearth the full spectrum of cannabinoid benefits. Though the price point requires consideration, the product's impressive caliber and tangible results speak volumes about its merit. It stands as a premier selection for individuals in pursuit of solace, equilibrium, and an uplifted state of health. The tincture comes highly suggested for anyone venturing into the synergistic territory of CBD and CBG, courtesy of a brand synonymous with reliability and integrity.

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