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Medterra Keep Calm CBD+ Gummies Strawberry Lemonade 25mg 30ct Review

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Serenity now comes in a sweet, chewable form with Medterra's Keep Calm CBD+ Gummies. These delights have been thoughtfully created to bring about a serene, tranquil state of mind without nudging you into sleepiness, thus they're perfect for daytime use or for those moments when you need a quick breather from life's hustle. Each gummy is packed with 25mg of Broad Spectrum CBD, adding up to a generous 750mg of CBD in every container. These treats are devoid of THC, ensuring they won't cause any psychoactive reactions, a key point for those who want to maintain a clear head. The strawberry lemonade flavor is a tangy treat that effectively conceals hemp's natural flavor, delivering a zesty twist to your taste buds. Medterra is known for its focus on product purity and strength, and they bolster this reputation with strict third-party testing, affirming their promise of a THC-free experience, for a product that's not only effective but also crosses the threshold into many legal landscapes with ease.

Hands-on Experience

Unveiling the Medterra Keep Calm CBD+ Gummies, I was immediately taken by their presentation. The packaging, with its crisp white and serene green tones, suggests a product steeped in professionalism and health-focused values. It's also designed to be inconspicuous and portable, ideal for wellness on the go. Pricewise, they are positioned well within the market at $0.06 per 1mg of CBD, considering the caliber and the bonus features that aim to enhance your well-being even further.

The user-friendly nature of the product shines through from the first interaction; a lid that's secure but opens with ease and gummies that are independent of each other—no pesky sticking together. Enjoying the gummies is a delight. The strawberry lemonade flavor harmonizes sweet and sour notes to perfection, and the chew has just the right consistency—not too sticky, not too smooth. Medterra's single-gummy daily recommendation removes any guesswork, integrating seamlessly into your daily routine like a breeze.

Diving deeper into the ingredients, each gummy houses L-Theanine and Turmeric—agents of calm and combatants of inflammation, respectively. L-Theanine, a component often found in teas, pairs wonderfully with CBD for its stress-reducing qualities, while Turmeric offers its renowned anti-inflammatory prowess. This triumvirate of ingredients working in concert sets the stage for a full-body serenade, cushioning both mind and spirit.

What We Like About This Product

Let's highlight the Medterra Keep Calm CBD+ Gummies' most endearing features:

  • Pure, high-quality Broad Spectrum CBD that promises zero THC, securing the absence of any intoxicating effects.
  • The harmonious inclusion of L-Theanine and Turmeric, raising the bar on the soothing and anti-inflammation fronts.
  • An offering that stands as a testament to affordability, not skimping on quality or potency.
  • The appealing Strawberry Lemonade flavor, a delightful reprieve from the standard hemp taste.
  • The design of the packaging, which is as attractive as it is practical, enhancing the overall user experience.


While the Medterra Keep Calm CBD+ Gummies bring about several positive aspects, it's worth noting a few areas that may fall short for some:

  • Those with specific dietary preferences or allergies might need to look closely, as the gummies don't advertise being vegan or free from common allergens.
  • As individual responses to CBD vary, some might find they need a higher dose to achieve the effects they're after, which could dent the cost-effectiveness for these users.
  • For CBD purists, the additional ingredients, despite their benefits, might not be in line with a minimalist approach to CBD consumption.


Key features of the Medterra Keep Calm CBD+ Gummies shine through:

  • They boast Broad Spectrum CBD, offering a wide array of cannabinoid benefits without the THC element.
  • Each gummy serves up a significant 25mg dose of CBD, ensuring a potent hit with each treat.
  • The Strawberry Lemonade flavor is a refreshing departure from the norm, offering an enjoyable taste.
  • Inclusion of L-Theanine and Turmeric, ingredients that enhance the calming and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD.
  • A packaging design that caters to ease of use and mobility, fitting unobtrusively into daily life.


  • Promotes Relaxation: The mix of CBD and L-Theanine is like a gentle whisper to the nervous system, promoting a peaceful state.
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties: Turmeric steps up to the plate, bolstering the gummies' inflammation-fighting abilities.
  • Non-Drowsy: Crafted with an eye on alertness, these gummies are great for those who wish to remain energetic and attentive.
  • Taste: A savory option for those who prefer something more palatable than earthy CBD oils and capsules.
  • THC-Free: Designed to keep you on the level, ensuring you stay clear of psychoactive effects and compliant with drug testing.

Final Verdict

Wrapping up, Medterra's Keep Calm CBD+ Gummies stand tall as an inviting port in the storm for those sailing through stressful seas, seeking a natural refuge. This blend of CBD with L-Theanine and Turmeric crafts an all-round wellness experience that satisfies the taste buds and soothes the soul. Medterra's commitment to premium quality, delicious flavors, and assurance of purity makes these gummies a sound choice for anyone curious about the calming seas of CBD. Even though it's a complex formula, these gummies distinguish themselves as a top-tier product for anyone looking to elevate their CBD journey beyond the ordinary.

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