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NuLeaf Naturals Hemp CBD:CBN 3:1 Goji Berry Gummies Full Spectrum 90ct Review

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In the bustling realm of wellness products, NuLeaf Naturals emerges with a sterling reputation, most notably for its unwavering dedication to crafting high-caliber CBD offerings. The Hemp CBD:CBN 3:1 Gummies imbued with the taste of Goji Berry embody this high level of dedication. These treats are more than mere confections; they are a full-spectrum cannabinoid concoction, meticulously formulated to facilitate serene slumber and tranquility. Encased within a 90-count vessel, each gummy bears a potent concoction of 15mg of CBD and 5mg of CBN, amalgamating to totals of 1350mg and 450mg respectively. This formidable fusion taps into the celebrated entourage effect, maximizing the restorative impact. With its thoughtful two-gummy serving size, it presents as both effortless and efficacious for patrons to modulate their dosage and cultivate a regimen with unwavering regularity.

Hands-on Experience

My firsthand interaction with the NuLeaf Naturals Hemp CBD:CBN Goji Berry Gummies was striking; the product radiates an aura of superior craftsmanship reflective of its premium pricing. Each serving, priced at $1.68, is encased in robust packaging, with lucid labeling that offers immediate insight into the product's particulars. The cost-efficiency becomes noteworthy when considering the full-spectrum nature of the offering—$0.06 per milligram of CBD—and its roots in organic cultivation.

The gummies themselves boast a rich, alluring hue that whispers of their organic fruit and vegetable juice origins. The Goji Berry flavor is a delightful treat, delicately sweet and a marked departure from the often overly saccharine supplements flooding the market. As for consistency, they strike a gratifying balance, providing a substantial chew without the annoyance of stickiness, a nod to a superior pectin foundation.

With the consumption of the advised duo of gummies, I noticed an onset of calm that unfurled with ease, and the benefits persisted notably over time, suggesting a commendable efficacy for sleep enhancement. The absence of synthetic hues or flavorings, paired with the immaculate extraction technique, imparts a sense of confidence in the product's unblemished purity.

What We Like About This Product

There are multiple facets of the NuLeaf Naturals CBD Gummies that capture our admiration. The selection of full-spectrum CBD is astute, fostering a synergistic interaction among cannabinoids that enriches the salutary effects. The pledge to pure, organic ingredients is laudable—encompassing everything from the sweetening agents like cane sugar to the natural fruit infusions—resonating with consumers who prioritize wholesome consumption. Furthermore, the CO2 extraction process is esteemed for its efficacy, ensuring a product free from residual solvents, providing an added layer of reassurance.


Although there is much to champion, there are considerations that might give some pause. The cost per serving may present a hurdle for those accustomed to more economical CBD options. Also worth noting is the inclusion of THC—though within legal limits at less than 0.3%—which could prompt hesitance in individuals cautious about THC for personal sensitivity reasons or due to professional drug testing protocols.


The spotlight shines bright on the distinct attributes of the NuLeaf Naturals Hemp CBD:CBN Gummies:

  • An adept Full Spectrum formula for an enriched cannabinoid tapestry
  • An uncompromising selection of Organic, non-GMO components for consummate natural consumption
  • A CO2 extraction process that ensures a pure and vigorous final product
  • Rigorous lab assessments affirm consistent purity and precise dosage
  • Guaranteed non-intoxicating effects for a therapeutic journey free of the 'high'
  • Proudly crafted in the USA, bolstering local agriculture and craftsmanship


  • Promotes Sleep: The symbiotic dance of CBD and CBN heralds improved slumber quality.
  • Supports Relaxation: Skillfully formulated to assist users in finding their own oasis of calm.
  • Full Spectrum Benefits: Capitalizes on the entourage effect for augmented well-being.
  • Convenience: Offering simplicity with predetermined dosage per gummy.
  • Non-psychoactive: Reap the rewards without the concern of psychoactive repercussions.

Final Verdict

The NuLeaf Naturals Hemp CBD:CBN Gummies excel in their mission to support relaxation and enhance sleep. The stringent protocols for selecting ingredients, crafting, and testing shine through in the user experience. While the price point may give some potential buyers pause, the quality of the product justifies the expense. For those in pursuit of a natural and efficacious way to incorporate CBD into their wellness regimen, this product stands out as a formidable candidate. As with all health supplements, it's prudent to seek advice from a medical professional before embarking on a new health routine, particularly for those with concerns about even trace amounts of THC.

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