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PlusCBD Reserve Peach Gummies Full Spectrum 30ct Review

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The quest for exceptional CBD products can be an arduous journey, but PlusCBD's Reserve Collection Hemp Extract Gummies make a compelling stop along the way. These gummies elegantly combine 2.5mg of THC with 25mg of CBD, delivering a well-rounded full-spectrum effect that seeks to promote a host of wellness advantages. In the flourishing domain of cannabinoid-enhanced offerings, PlusCBD distinguishes itself with unwavering commitment to standards, presenting a jar housing 30 gummies—meticulously compliant with the threshold of 0.3% THC by weight.

Exemplifying their allegiance to purity and safety, PlusCBD utilizes a meticulous CO2 extraction method that champions environmentally friendly practices. By steering clear of pesticides and holding fast to non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan benchmarks, they demonstrate their ethos of responsibility and care. Each gummy, steeped in natural peach essence, invites consumers to experience serene days and tranquil nights, all encased in a delightfully natural flavor profile.

Hands-on Experience

The moment the PlusCBD Reserve Gummies arrive in your hands, the packaging communicates professionalism and transparency. Standout labeling provides thorough product insights, instilling confidence in its premium status. Priced at approximately $1.37 per piece, the value proposition is appreciable, given the full-spectrum benefits it conveys. The jar's design combines aesthetic simplicity with practical durability, ensuring the gummies are protected yet within easy reach whenever needed.

The initial encounter with the gummies is marked by the savory taste of peach—refreshing and genuine, devoid of synthetic aftertastes. Crafted with precision, the gummies boast a tooth-friendly texture that eschews the annoyance of stickiness, a common pitfall among inferior confections. Sweetened naturally with a blend including organic turbinado sugar and tapioca syrup, the sweetness is calibrated to please without overwhelming your taste buds.

The onset of the gummies' effects is graceful and gradual. The standard serving of a single gummy appears well-judged, though personal experiences may differ. What emerges in relief is a dual sense of relaxation coupled with a gentle uptick in spirits—a synergy likely owed to the well-considered CBD to THC ratio.

What We Like About This Product

  • Quality Assurance: The emphasis PlusCBD places on premium standards, including non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan attributes, augments the appeal of these gummies and is a significant highlight in an industry where such dedication is not ubiquitous.
  • Natural Ingredients: By incorporating wholesome sugars and natural thickeners, along with fruit-based flavors and colors, PlusCBD crafts a product that's both enjoyable and free from artificial guilt.
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract: Capitalizing on the full spectrum's entourage effect potentially magnifies therapeutic benefits, rendering the gummies more potent and beneficial for consumers.
  • Third-Party Testing: Independent lab verification of the gummies' quality and potency provides invaluable assurance, cementing trust in the product's fidelity to its label claims.


The PlusCBD Reserve Gummies come with accolades, but some aspects may give pause. The inclusion of THC, albeit in lawful amounts, could raise concerns for those wary of drug tests. Also, while the pricing is fair for the market, it might stretch the budget of those seeking a cost-effective daily wellness complement.


Among the many virtues of the PlusCBD Reserve Gummies, these facets shine brightly:

  • Rigorous full spectrum composition
  • Environmentally conscious CO2 extraction technique
  • Unyielding quality control and independent laboratory validation
  • Authentic peach flavor derived from natural sources
  • Adherence to legal standards for THC content


  • Supports improved sleep, aiding in achieving more restorative slumber
  • Facilitates faster recuperation, which may be especially beneficial following physical exertions or muscle discomfort
  • Promotes deeper relaxation, a boon for those grappling with daily pressures
  • Contributes to a more positive mood which, with consistent use, could lead to improved mental wellbeing
  • Keep in mind, individual reactions to cannabinoids can vary considerably

Final Verdict

PlusCBD's Reserve Collection Hemp Extract Gummies are a commendable choice for those curious about the combined benefits of CBD and THC in their wellness routines. The painstaking cannabinoid blend in these gummies, together with the brand's fidelity to superior ingredients, renders them a standout in a saturated market. While the pricing and the inclusion of THC may not resonate with everyone's preferences, the overarching experience suggests a product that fulfills its wellness promises with integrity.

For those who seek an agreeable method to incorporate CBD and THC into their health regimen, the PlusCBD Reserve Gummies merit attention. Thanks to their comprehensive formulation, clean ingredients, and rigorous testing, these gummies offer a robust option for consumers who prioritize both quality and effectiveness in their CBD selections.

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