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PlusCBD Reserve Sour Watermelon Gummies Full Spectrum 30ct Review

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Embark on a journey of taste and tranquility with the PlusCBD Reserve Collection Hemp Extract Gummies. This sophisticated concoction is more than a mere curiosity in the ever-expanding realm of CBD offerings. With a finely tuned 10:1 composition of CBD to THC, these gummies are the go-to choice for those who desire the full symphony of cannabinoid harmony. A single pack is laden with 30 delicacies, each bestowing upon the consumer a generous 25mg dose of CBD paired seamlessly with 2.5mg of THC. This ensemble results in a bountiful harvest of 750mg CBD and 75mg THC for the entire pack.

Standing tall in the reputation stakes, PlusCBD is renowned for its unwavering dedication to excellence. The brand harnesses the virtues of the CO2 extraction technique, a testament to their quest for a product that is both potent and unadulterated. These particular gummies sing a siren song of sour watermelon, an invitation to indulge in a sensorial treat that melds therapeutic potential with a delightful gustatory sensation. These gems boast a 9/10 rating and come with a price tag that conveys value – at $41.24 per pack, the cost per treat is a modest $1.37, situating it as a wallet-friendly contender in the premium spectrum.

Hands-on Experience

The arrival of the PlusCBD Reserve gummies was met with anticipation. What first caught the eye was the packaging – an unassuming yet sophisticated showcase of the brand's philosophy, highlighting the purity of the product within. The moment of truth came upon tasting: the sour watermelon flavor was a masterstroke, a flavor profile that artfully concealed the earth-bound hints of hemp.

In terms of value, these gummies hit the sweet spot. Priced to be accessible, yet uncompromising in quality, the full-spectrum hemp extract justifies the cost. At $1.37 per sumptuous serving, it's a price that balances the scales, offering the combined benefits of CBD with THC's amplified effects, competitively positioned in a market brimming with like-minded premium offerings.

This product's natural ingredient roster, including organic Turbinado sugar and citrus pectin, aligns with the ever-growing clean eating movement. PlusCBD's stride towards non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan inclusions – all without resorting to artificial flavorings or sweeteners – fortifies the product's allure for the health-conscious consumer.

What We Like About This Product

  • The high-caliber, full-spectrum hemp extract that embraces the revered entourage effect.
  • A finely crafted sour watermelon flavor that satisfies the palate with a zesty zing.
  • A brand built on transparency, opting for third-party testing to assure the consumer of product integrity.
  • A thoughtful ingredient list that caters to various dietary needs and preferences.
  • Value-centric pricing, reflecting the product’s premium attributes without the premium expense.


Even with its numerous merits, PlusCBD Reserve gummies come with caveats that deserve contemplation. The inclusion of THC, albeit in modest measure, might not resonate with everyone's wellness plan. Furthermore, the proverbial 'your mileage may vary' applies here, as individual reactions to cannabinoids are as diverse as fingerprints. Some might not find the 10:1 CBD to THC balance to their liking. Additionally, variabilities like body composition, metabolic rate, and substance tolerance mean that one must be open to a period of dosing exploration to hit upon the sweet spot that fits.


PlusCBD Reserve gummies represent a beacon of integrity and excellence in the crowded CBD space. Standout hallmarks include their commitment to full-spectrum hemp excellence, the enticing sour watermelon taste, and the meticulous adherence to dietary-friendly and wholesome ingredients. The golden standard of CO2 extraction purifies and protects, while the independent lab testing stamps a seal of approval on product safety and efficacy.


  • Enhanced Relaxation: Imbibe in relaxation and find solace in the gummies' potential to mitigate stress and induce a sense of calm.
  • Improved Sleep: The harmonious interplay of CBD and THC may foster improved sleep patterns and lessen episodes of insomnia.
  • Quicker Recovery: The cannabinoids’ anti-inflammatory characteristics could hasten recovery post-exercise or physical exertion.
  • Brighter Mood: A buoyant mood could be a welcome byproduct of the synergistic effects between CBD and THC.
  • Potential Shortcomings: Effects are subjective, and the inclusion of THC may not align with every individual's preference or circumstance.

Final Verdict

The PlusCBD Reserve 2.5mg THC + 25mg CBD Gummies strike an impressive chord, creating a melody of effectiveness and indulgence. The sour watermelon variant delivers sheer delight, while the selection of wholesome, pure ingredients reflects a deep commitment to sustainability and quality. Priced sensibly and formulated with care, these gummies shine as an exemplary choice for those seeking to weave the benefits of CBD and THC into their tapestry of well-being. While the THC component warrants consideration, for those in tune with its inclusion, the PlusCBD Reserve gummies are poised to offer a harmonious blend of quality and satisfaction.

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