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Pure Ratios Hemp Extract Lip Balm Review

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Delving into the dynamic world of CBD-infused products, a gem of innovation and nature presents itself in the form of Pure Ratios' Hemp Extract Lip Balm. Infused with scrupulously selected natural botanicals and the enriching power of full-spectrum hemp extract, this lip care item goes beyond mere moisturization. It's a balm that not only battles against the harshness of dry, cracked lips but also brings to bear the potential holistic benefits of its hemp content. Each ingredient is organically sourced, blending the restorative qualities of rosebuds and calendula, and offering a harmonious convergence of nature and science. For enthusiasts of CBD and botanical wellness, this lip balm slides effortlessly into any daily self-care regimen, promising subtle yet efficacious engagement with the wonders of CBD.

Hands-on Experience

Approaching the Pure Ratios Hemp Extract Lip Balm, my initial thoughts were a mix of eagerness and practicality. My lips, often parched and peeling, were in dire need of succor, and the prospect of finding it in a CBD-infused balm was intriguing. As I picked up the product, the first thing I noticed was its aesthetic simplicity—an unassuming elegance that spoke volumes about the brand's commitment to unadorned, natural beauty. The balm itself was a delight to apply, with a consistency that was neither sticky nor greasy. It provided a comforting coat of hydration that seemed to seal in moisture effectively.

Its composition boasted a trinity of moisturizing agents: organic coconut oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax—each bringing a wealth of hydration without necessitating frequent applications. Priced to reflect its specialty nature, the lip balm nestles comfortably in the range of affordable luxury. The subtle scent suggested a garden in bloom, with undercurrents of elderflower, rose petals, and calendula that made each application a small, sensual ritual. The 20 mg dose of hemp extract seemed integrated seamlessly, enhancing the soothing experience, though the individual contribution of the extract remained enigmatic amidst the blend of top-tier ingredients.

What We Like About This Product

Upon reflection, Pure Ratios' Hemp Extract Lip Balm boasts several laudable characteristics:

  • The melange of superior, organic elements not only ensures the purity of the user's encounter but also aligns with green-conscious standards.
  • Its full-spectrum hemp extract may envelop the lips in the complete embrace of the hemp plant's innate potential, not just the isolated effects of CBD.
  • Perfect for the user on the move, the compact design means one never has to forgo soft, supple lips, regardless of their bustling schedule.
  • Commitment to ethical practices is evident through non-GMO ingredients and environmentally considerate CO2 extraction processes, resonating with the eco-aware shopper.
  • The addition of carefully chosen botanicals, renowned for their comforting and healing qualities, lends the product an edge in the saturated wellness market.


Nonetheless, a few potential drawbacks are noteworthy:

  • With beeswax as a key ingredient, vegan users might find the product lacking in alignment with their strict animal-free product criteria.
  • Despite its quality and potent CBD composition, the premium price tag may be steep when pitted against conventional lip balms, possibly deterring those who are more price-sensitive.
  • The subtleties of the hemp extract's effects are not universally perceptible and may leave some users pondering its contribution to their lip care experience.


Several aspects of the Pure Ratios Hemp Extract Lip Balm are particularly praiseworthy:

  • A Generous Amount of Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract: At 20 mg, it promises a rich experience of possible whole-plant benefits.
  • A Harmonious Compilation of Naturals: The balm is rich with a selection of organic oils and carefully picked botanicals.
  • Smart, Practical Packaging: Its sleek, small stature ensures that lip care is always within reach, no matter where life takes you.
  • Unwavering Brand Integrity: A robust testament to Pure Ratios' dedication to fostering natural health and well-being.


  • Moisturization: Exceptional hydration that endures, sparing users from constant reapplication.
  • Soothing Qualities: It offers a comforting caress to lips in distress, potentially easing the discomfort of dryness.
  • Understated Aroma: The fragrance is a mild, calming whisper of nature's own scents.
  • Staying Power: It boasts impressive longevity, safeguarding lips against the elements with fewer touch-ups.
  • Smooth Application: A silky, non-sticky texture that's indulgent upon each use.

Final Verdict

For those seeking an upscale, CBD-laced lip care solution, Pure Ratios' Hemp Extract Lip Balm emerges as a standout selection. It merges a medley of organic components with the alluring potential of hemp extract to offer not just a product, but an experience. While the cost may require contemplation, the balance of quality and ethical manufacturing justifies its place as a top-tier option for anyone who values plant-powered health products. In the final assessment, this lip balm earns its spot as a highly recommended addition to daily routines, particularly for those bracing against the elements or for whom dry lips are a chronic concern. Pure Ratios serves up a product that not only upholds its brand's philosophy but also fulfills the expectations of a discerning clientele in pursuit of botanical-based wellness solutions.

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