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Bluebird Botanicals Complete CBD + CBDA Oil Softgels 30ct Full Spectrum Review

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In the bustling world of health and wellness, Bluebird Botanicals emerges as a beacon of integrity with its thoughtfully crafted Complete CBD + CBDA Oil Softgels. This offering is a full-spectrum treasure, boasting a perfectly measured concoction of cannabinoids. Each capsule delivers a harmonious 15 mg combination of CBD and CBDA, adding up to a 450 mg symphony in every bottle. Bluebird Botanicals doesn't just talk the talk; their B Corp Certification and commitment to Good Manufacturing Practices show they walk the walk. Their capsules, a product of Canadian industrial hemp, are an embodiment of purity and mindfulness with their cruelty-free, glyphosate-free, and unequivocally vegan ingredients. Tucked into a daily regimen, these softgels are poised to be stalwart allies in bolstering immune health and establishing a sense of equilibrium.

Hands-on Experience

Embracing the Complete CBD + CBDA Oil Softgels from Bluebird Botanicals left me with a sense of admiration for their straightforward approach. Encased in unassuming yet informative packaging, the capsules invite with clarity and simplicity. Their economical cost of $0.87 per serving is a mark of accessibility, marrying performance with accessibility.

The softgels are a standout with their embrace of both unadulterated and activated forms of cannabinoids, delivering the richness of CBDA along with the steadfast benefits of CBD. The whisper of steam-distilled hemp terpenes in the mix calls upon the entourage effect, nurturing the potential for more profound relief. The use of organic extra virgin olive oil is no mere afterthought; this healthful carrier oil is revered for its own virtues and underpins the bioavailability of the cannabinoids.

The capsule’s gelatin-based composition makes for a smooth glide down the gullet, leaving behind no unwelcome flavors—a clear boon for anyone venturing into the CBD landscape or those favoring pragmatism over the ritual of oils or tinctures. The two-year freshness guarantee and a no-fridge-needed policy underscore the product's longevity and practicality.

What We Like About This Product

The Bluebird Botanicals Complete CBD + CBDA Oil Softgels are deserving of applause. They cater to a burgeoning audience in search of a robust cannabinoid tapestry. The brand's ethical backbone shines through in their cruelty-free and glyphosate-free practices. The full-spectrum essence imparts a versatile arsenal of cannabis constituents, poised to amplify wellness.


However lauded, a discerning eye may find areas of critique. The softgels, while vegan in proclamation, include gelatin, a detail that may misalign with some user’s dietary ethos. Moreover, a whisper of THC below the 0.3% threshold, though legal and non-psychotropic, could stir hesitation in those with stringent THC avoidance policies, be it for job screenings or personal preference.


  • Harmonious ratio of CBDA and CBD, summing up to 450 mg per bottle
  • The practicality of softgels facilitates a no-fuss daily ingestion
  • A tapestry of full-spectrum hemp extract intertwined with steam-distilled terpenes
  • A foundation of organic extra virgin olive oil to enhance uptake
  • Proudly standing as a B Corp Certified entity with sterling manufacturing standards
  • Adherence to cruelty-free principles, devoid of glyphosate, and sourced from the verdant soils of Canadian hemp


  • Positive Effects: The convergence of cannabinoids and terpenes fosters a wellness brigade poised for immune enhancement
  • Convenience: The foolproof softgel form is a testament to ease and simplicity in a daily wellness journey
  • Digestibility: The design of the gelatin capsules provides a palatable alternative for those who eschew oils or tinctures
  • Shortcomings: While the gelatin's purpose is clear, it may not meet the mark for all dietary preferences; attention to THC content, albeit minimal, may deter some

Final Verdict

For those navigating the vast seas of hemp-based supplements, the Bluebird Botanicals Complete CBD + CBDA Oil Softgels stand as a lighthouse guiding the way towards a user-friendly, efficacious, and moral choice. The impeccable fusion of a full-spectrum formula with a transparent, quality-driven company ethos positions these softgels as a formidable presence in the arena. While mindful of the individual dietary inclinations and THC sensitivities that may affect consumer choices, the undeniable value and purported efficacy of these softgels position them as a commendable ally for novices and veteran CBD enthusiasts seeking to reinforce their immune fortitude and foster balance in their daily lives.

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