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CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Softgels 30ct 900mg Review

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As the health and wellness industry evolves, there's been a rising tide of interest in CBD-infused products. In this ever-expanding market, CBDistillery has carved out a niche with its Full Spectrum CBD Softgels, reaching out to those who yearn for the benefits of CBD without any hassle. The concept is brilliantly simple: accurate dosing in a portable, easy-to-swallow softgel casing. With 30 softgels in each bottle and 30 mg of CBD in every capsule, users find exactly 900 mg of CBD in each package. It's evident that CBDistillery places a premium on quality and safety, as demonstrated by their ISO 9001:2015 certification. In addition, a commitment to sustainable farming practices assures consumers of the product's integrity. Accommodating a broad spectrum of customers, these softgels are free from gluten and are crafted to meet kosher and vegan standards. Harvested from industrial hemp cultivated under rigorous US guidelines, this product promises a full spectrum CBD experience and maintains a THC content that sits comfortably under the legal threshold of 0.3%.

Hands-on Experience

Upon sampling the CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Softgels, the experience was refreshingly straightforward. Priced at a reasonable $2.00 per capsule, these softgels deliver a fair balance between cost and quality. The packaging itself is a testament to professionalism, presenting all essential information with clarity — complete with ingredient specifics, dosage guidance, and the mentioned certifications.

In terms of use, these softgels remove any guesswork from the equation. Say goodbye to the hassle of droplets and complex measurements — a simple softgel with a sip of water is all it takes to meet your CBD needs. As for the capsules, their appearance is understated, akin to any standard supplement, which can be an advantage for those favoring privacy. A closer look reveals the careful selection of cannabinoids designed to trigger the entourage effect, aimed at boosting the efficacy of the product. The accommodation of various dietary needs is also noteworthy; it opens the door to a wider audience. The stringent certification process provides an added layer of assurance about the product's steadfast adherence to quality benchmarks.

What We Like About This Product

  • The ultimate in dosing convenience, without the need for any additional measuring tools or accessories.
  • The assurance of certified quality and adherence to high safety standards.
  • A commitment to natural, eco-friendly farming practices and the exclusion of GMOs and chemicals.
  • A formulation that respects diverse dietary restrictions and preferences, tailored for a wide customer base.
  • A sourcing philosophy that prioritizes domestically grown hemp, ensuring strict American quality control.
  • Maintains a non-psychoactive stance by adhering to legal THC limits, thus catering to those cautious about psychoactive substances.


Yet, like all products, this one isn't without its caveats. For newcomers to CBD, the industry often suggests starting with a modest dose of about 5-10 mg. However, these softgels come with a considerably higher baseline of 30 mg each, which may present an obstacle for novices. Additionally, while the touted entourage effect is a striking feature, its results can be subjective and may not resonate equally with all individuals, introducing a level of unpredictability in terms of effectiveness.


The standout features of CBDistillery’s Full Spectrum CBD Softgels include their user-friendly design, the commendable quality certifications, and their all-encompassing formulation. Further amplified by their suitability for a multitude of dietary needs and their reliance on non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp sourced within the USA, these attributes together forge a compelling proposition for those integrating CBD into their health regimen.


  • A straightforward solution for incorporating CBD into your daily life with minimal effort.
  • May serve as an agent for tranquility and balance, owing to the elaborate full spectrum blend.
  • Designed to offer the collective advantage of the entourage effect, potentially maximizing the impact of CBD.
  • However, the non-negotiable 30 mg serving size may require newcomers to CBD to navigate dosage considerations carefully.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, after an in-depth analysis and personal testing of CBDistillery's Full Spectrum CBD Softgels, they have demonstrated their worth as a practical choice for those looking to streamline their CBD regimen. The softgels strike an excellent balance between ease of use and comprehensive quality, backed by transparent and reliable certifications. Nevertheless, the higher initial dose will require those new to CBD to gauge their tolerance and adjust accordingly. In summary, these softgels are a commendable option for both seasoned CBD aficionados and those new to the CBD scene who are eager for an accessible and well-regulated experience.

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