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CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Softgels 60ct 1800mg Review

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It seems like there's no end to the options when it comes to sourcing your CBD needs. In such a thriving market, CBDistillery's Full Spectrum CBD Softgels make a statement with their blend of convenience and high standards. Picture this: a bottle filled with 60 softgels, each one packed with a substantial 30 mg dose of the finest full-spectrum CBD. What you get is a generous 1800 mg of CBD in each bottle, an amount that’s bound to keep the regular CBD enthusiasts well-supplied. This esteemed brand doesn't skimp on quality either, boasting an ISO 9001:2015 certification and an unwavering dedication to natural, sustainable farming techniques. And let's not forget about inclusivity! Whether you adhere to a gluten-free, kosher, or vegan lifestyle, these softgels are crafted to fit seamlessly into your health regime. It's CBD made simple, made effective, and made for the discerning consumer.

Hands-on Experience

When the Full Spectrum CBD Softgels from CBDistillery landed in my hands, the professional yet user-friendly packaging immediately caught my eye. No need to worry about clunky bottles or maze-like instructions; this product is designed to be as straightforward as it is smart, perfect for on-the-go or discreet storage. Now, let's talk cost-effectiveness: priced at a competitive $1.92 per serving, these softgels offer a remarkable value given their superior full-spectrum CBD content.

From the first day, incorporating these softgels into my daily regime was a breeze—no pun intended. Forget about fiddling with droppers or calculating dosages; one softgel and you've got your precise 30 mg of CBD locked down. They glide down with a sip of water without leaving behind that dreaded aftertaste, a common pitfall with other CBD formulations. Over a few weeks, I found these softgels to be a flawless fit in my pursuit of wellness.

What really cements the deal is the consistency these softgels offer: each one is a promise of both exact dosing and uncompromised ingredient quality. And with full-spectrum CBD, you're not just getting pure CBD, but also an entourage of other cannabinoids and terpenes that work in harmony to amplify the benefits, making the most of the entourage effect.

What We Like About This Product

  • The no-fuss, just-right dosage of each softgel
  • A commitment to excellence backed by certified standards
  • Inclusion of various dietary needs, making it everyone's CBD
  • A full-spectrum mix that believes in strength in numbers
  • Home-grown hemp that's free from GMOs and pesticides


  • Vegans and vegetarians, take note: the gelatin in these capsules comes from animals.
  • With full-spectrum CBD, some users might find it hard to predict the effect due to the presence of various cannabinoids.
  • While the price reflects the quality, those watching their budgets might pause at the premium compared to isolate options.


Each softgel from the CBDistillery Full Spectrum collection is a testament to the thoughtful craftsmanship that caters to the selective CBD user. They eliminate the guesswork with pre-measured doses, offer peace of mind with stringent quality checks, and extend a warm welcome to users with diverse dietary considerations. Not to be overlooked is the upstanding source of the hemp, domestically grown with a commitment to purity, that resonates with those who put health first.


  • Aimed at fostering a tranquil and serene state of mind
  • Streamlines the maintenance of a regular CBD regimen
  • Designed to harness the collective potential of the entourage effect
  • Keeps the psychoactive impact low thanks to minimal THC levels
  • An ideal pick for both newcomers and seasoned CBD users

Final Verdict

In conclusion, CBDistillery's Full Spectrum CBD Softgels shine as a beacon for those who yearn for a convenient yet effective foray into the world of CBD. The meticulous attention to quality and safety, coupled with a formula that seeks to maximize benefits through the entourage effect, sets these softgels apart in the bustling CBD market. They may not fit every budget or dietary preference, but for those who do align with its qualities, the rewards are profound. For anyone in search of a reliable, effortless, and premium full-spectrum CBD experience, these softgels are a wise choice worth contemplating.

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