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Wyld CBD Pear Gummies Broad Spectrum 40ct 400mg CBG 800mg CBD Review

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Wyld CBD has carved a niche for itself in the dynamic world of CBD with their staunch commitment to excellence and purity. Their Pear Gummies are a shining example of this dedication, delightfully combining Broad Spectrum CBD with CBG to create an appetizing edible option. Each jar is home to 40 succulent gummies, with a robust offering of 20mg of CBD and 10mg of CBG in each gummy. This dosage ensures that a hearty helping of hemp-derived cannabinoids is enjoyed with every morsel. A key highlight for many is that these gummies are entirely devoid of THC, catering to those who wish to relish the benefits of CBD sans any intoxicating effects. Wyld CBD prides itself on delivering more than a mere treat; it presents a premium health supplement cloaked in the guise of a delightful snack.

Hands-on Experience

The moment the Wyld CBD Pear Gummies arrive, the presentation catches the eye—sleek, yet abundant with useful information. The compact container proves convenient for storage and handling. As the lid pops open, a delicate, alluring scent of pear wafts out, suggesting the natural fruit flavors infused within. Texturally, the gummies are pliable and chewy, striking a satisfying balance between natural sweetness and a refreshing zesty tang. They do not leave any synthetic aftertaste to mar the palate.

Their price point, at an inviting $0.06 per mg of CBD, places them as a competitive contender in the market, particularly considering the added luxury of CBG. This cannabinoid isn't as prevalent in hemp, typically classifying it as a more exclusive component. Given the inclusion of genuine pear juice concentrate and an array of natural ingredients, the cost seems quite fitting, reflecting the high-caliber product you're indulging in.

Wyld CBD Pear Gummies are imbued with the wholesome goodness of real fruit. This feature does more than just elevate the taste—it resonates with the ethos of health-minded individuals who prefer their treats free from processed components. Trust in the product is bolstered by thorough labeling and the assurance of rigorous lab testing, reinforcing its reputation for safety and effectiveness.

What We Like About This Product

  • The authentic taste derived from real fruit flavors makes for a delightful consumption experience.
  • The synergy of Broad Spectrum CBD and CBG without the presence of THC caters to a diverse audience.
  • Quality and potency are guaranteed through comprehensive lab testing.
  • User confidence is heightened by the transparent and informative packaging.
  • THC sensitivity or preference is taken into account, making the product accessible to a wider customer base.


However, as with most things, the Wyld CBD Pear Gummies have a few disadvantages. Noteworthy is the presence of coconut, which could be problematic for those with allergies to this particular ingredient. For the health-conscious looking to cut down on sugar, it's worth noting these gummies do contain added sugars. Price-wise, they may err on the side of a premium product, potentially stretching the budget of price-sensitive consumers.


  • Each jar combines a potent mix of 800mg CBD and 400mg CBG, delivering a substantial cannabinoid experience.
  • The use of real pear juice concentrate infuses the gummies with an unmistakable and genuine flavor.
  • The THC-Free Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract ensures inclusivity for those avoiding THC.
  • Pricing is competitive, especially when considering the premium nature of the cannabinoids involved.
  • The product's safety and consistency are confirmed through stringent lab testing.


  • The gummies are crafted to impart relief and promote equilibrium within the body and mind.
  • They are known to foster a sense of tranquility and general well-being.
  • Taking these gummies may aid in managing everyday stress.
  • The absence of psychoactive properties ensures consumers can enjoy them without concern for the high associated with THC.

Final Verdict

Wyld CBD's Pear Gummies emerge as a stellar selection for those exploring the soothing virtues of CBD and CBG, minus the psychoactive traits of THC. The fusion of natural constituents, consistency guaranteed by lab confirmation, and the harmonious effects of cannabinoids, positions this offering prominently in a saturated market. The palatability is top-notch, the presentation is sleek, and consumers have likened the experience to a "bubble bath for your brain". It's a treat that doubles as a potentially efficacious element in one's wellness regimen.

Although the price point may veer towards the higher end and the added sugars are a consideration, the excellence and care invested in this product provide ample justification. Starting off with a single gummy to monitor your body's response is sensible. And for those who appreciate the nuanced effects and flavors, the Wyld CBD Pear Gummies could very well become a staple in their health toolkit. Of course, a conversation with a healthcare provider for tailored advice on dosage is always prudent.

On the whole, if you're scouting for a THC-free, flavorsome, and effective CBD gummy, Wyld CBD's offering deserves your attention and is certainly worth a taste.

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