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CBDistillery Raw Synergy CBDA + CBD 1:1 Tincture Full Spectrum 1000mg Review

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Dive into the world of holistic health with CBDistillery’s innovative Raw Synergy CBDA + CBD 1:1 Tincture, a product that champions the intrinsic power of hemp. This 30ml elixir marries 500mg of CBDA with 500mg of CBD, striking a harmonious balance that's poised to optimize your cannabinoid routine. The full-spectrum extract doesn't stop there—it brings a rich tapestry of secondary cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, and CBC into the blend. Terpenes and flavonoids dance alongside in this complex formula, enveloping you in what feels like hemp’s full-bodied embrace, all while ensuring the THC levels are compliant with federal standards at under 0.3%. The robust raw hemp taste is your clue to the purity of the extract; it speaks volumes about CBDistillery's allegiance to both quality and transparency, hallmark traits that bolster this tincture as an ally for your immune system and a pillar for overall health.

Hands-on Experience

My encounter with the Raw Synergy Tincture began with its sleek and informative presentation. It’s a refreshing sight when you can peer at the packaging and instantly grasp the value and intention behind the contents. At a cost that aligns with the mid-range market, it assures affordability without compromising the rich, full-spectrum formula on offer. The tincture's inclusion of a dropper is a thoughtful touch, easing the journey towards nailing down the preferred dosage. The raw, unfiltered essence of hemp may be an acquired taste, but for aficionados of plant-based wellness, it's a pure delight. For those just dipping their toes into the CBD and CBDA waters, the guidance detailed on the carton is akin to a wise friend, helping you to calibrate your experience. Regarding the tincture's impact, it's a testament to its formulation. CBDA's collaboration with CBD seems to weave a potent tapestry of benefits, amplified by their individual strengths. The MCT oil is a shrewd carrier, working to maximize the bioavailability of the cannabinoids, so you feel the results you seek.

What We Like About This Product

  • A perfectly poised 1:1 ratio of CBDA to CBD crafts a balanced wellness narrative
  • The spectrum of hemp's bounty is celebrated with a variety of helpful cannabinoids and terpenes
  • The dropper is marked for precision, instilling confidence in self-dosing
  • Value meets quality, an equilibrium that's pleasing to both wallet and wellbeing
  • Rich in product intelligence, the packaging educates as much as it safeguards the contents


  • Earthy tones of raw hemp might not suit all palates
  • Some trial and personalization may be necessary to find the perfect dose
  • A limited variety for those who yearn for a splash of flavor in their tinctures


Among its many accolades, the Raw Synergy Tincture stands tall with its equal measure of CBDA and CBD, full-spectrum integrity, and the meticulous cultivation of its quality and user experience. The packaging is not just practical; it's an informative gateway to a more enriched consumption experience.


  • Calmness: It's often shared by users that a veil of serenity and mental precision descends with each use
  • Sleep Quality: The tincture has garnered praise for fostering improved sleep rhythms and deeper rest
  • Physical Relief: Anecdotes abound of its soothing touch on post-activity aches
  • Immune Support: The blend may serve as a cornerstone for bolstering immune defenses

Final Verdict

CBDistillery's Raw Synergy CBDA + CBD Tincture emerges as a shining example of thoughtful, full-spectrum formulation. For those hungry for a dual-action approach to cannabinoid therapy, this offering is compelling. The marriage of cannabinoids with the natural tapestry of terpenes presents a holistic option for those looking to invigorate their wellness practices. While the rawness of the hemp's essence is a beacon of minimal processing, it's a flavor profile that might need growing into for newcomers. Should your wellness journey be calling for a full-spectrum CBD/CBDA tincture that doesn't stray from delivering quality and user satisfaction, consider this your sign to give the Raw Synergy Tincture a try. Its fusion of efficacy, value, and lauded quality underpins a positive reception from those who've embraced it. Despite the potential need for an acclimation period regarding taste and dosage, this tincture's promise for mental and physical well-being is an opportunity ripe for the taking.

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