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Chronic Candy Tangie CBD Lollipops 25mg Broad Spectrum 60ct Review

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If you're venturing into the world of cannabidiol-infused treats, you'll likely be charmed by Chronic Candy’s CBD Lollipops. Their delicious confections combine the simple pleasures of a sugary snack with the wellness perks of CBD. Encompassing a generous 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD per lollipop, these delights are crafted without a trace of THC, offering peace of mind alongside palatable pleasure.

These treats are borne from the revered Chronic Candy line, upholding a legacy of quality. Organic in essence and painstaking in their creation, the lollipops promise an indulgent yet conscientious snacking option. With their Tangie flavor, they pay homage to the beloved cannabis variety, delivering a zestful citrus burst that enlivens the palate. Their broad-spectrum composition allows you to bask in the full array of hemp’s offerings, all while steering clear of any intoxicating effects.>

Hands-on Experience

Further ado, the eye-catching design of Chronic Candy’s packaging is a vivid invitation to what lies within. Flaunting a price that equates to just $0.05 per milligram of CBD, these treats strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and high-end formulation.

The tasting adventure proves extraordinary. Each lick of the Tangie-flavored lollipop reveals a bright splash of citrus that lingers with sophistication. Unlike other CBD offerings that may leave a herbal aftertaste, these candies ensure a seamless transition from tang to sweetness. Rich in a tapestry of 25 all-natural terpenes, the recipe not only tantalizes the taste buds but appears to bolster the CBD’s holistic impact.

A note of caution, however, as there’s been a hint of confusion regarding the potency. Some information suggests each piece has 10mg of CBD, while other details state 25mg. This inconsistency merits attention, for accurate dosing is key. Moreover, folks with specific nutritional needs should consider the artificial additives included in the mix.

What We Like About This Product

  • Its broad-spectrum CBD composition encapsulates the entourage effect minus THC.
  • The sophisticated flavor brought forth by the incorporation of natural terpenes.
  • An assortment of flavors designed to delight various preferences.
  • The competitive price tag is a nod to accessibility.
  • Every batch undergoes rigorous lab testing to assert purity and strength.


  • The possibility of a mix-up in the stated CBD concentration per lollipop.
  • The presence of synthetic flavors and pigments.
  • May pose a concern for consumers with certain dietary restrictions.


Chronic Candy’s CBD Lollipops are a refreshing new take on CBD consumption, merging the enjoyment of candy with the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids. Each lollipop is a sweet invitation to a world where wellness meets indulgence, enriched with a glorious terpene blend.>


  • The traditional joy of a lollipop, now complete with CBD benefits.
  • A carefully crafted terpene profile may contribute to therapeutic outcomes.
  • The vibrant citrus flavor adeptly conceals any natural hemp notes.
  • Designed for ease of use and discretion when you're out and about.
  • A broad-spectrum formula offers a harmonious entourage effect, minus the THC.

Final Verdict

Indeed, Chronic Candy’s CBD Lollipops are a winning bet in the CBD space. A thoughtful blend of high-quality components, effective broad-spectrum CBD, and an alluring Tangie taste amounts to an enticing offer. Sensibly priced and augmented by the presence of earthy terpenes, these lollipops stand out from the crowd.

Notwithstanding the need for clarity on CBD dosage per piece, assuming the higher measure of 25mg is correct, these lollipops present a robust choice for those seeking CBD delights. While the artificial ingredients may give some pause, for those in pursuit of a pleasant and hassle-free CBD inclusion in their daily life, these lollipops are a tempting proposition.

In summary, my recommendation leans towards those curious about CBD or aficionados alike who are eager to indulge in a little fun with their wellness regime. As long as the dosage particulars are ironed out and suit your personal health needs, these lollipops could very well be your next CBD favorite.

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