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Lazarus Naturals Lemon Mango Sleep Gummies Full Spectrum 40ct Review

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Step into the ever-evolving world of holistic wellness where Lazarus Naturals shines as a beacon with its Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Sleep Gummies. A citrusy delight in every bite, these Lemon Mango flavored gummies are more than just a treat for your taste buds; they're a meticulously crafted sleep aid designed to guide you gently into the arms of Morpheus. By harnessing the collective powers of CBD, CBG, and CBN, the formula carves a niche in the bustling CBD market, promising to support those who chase a peaceful night's slumber.

Imagine unwinding with a nightly ritual featuring these gummies, each one a petite powerhouse with 25 mg of cannabinoids. Carefully calibrated, they offer a harmonious blend of 15 mg of CBD’s calming embrace, 5 mg of CBG’s subtle magic, and 5 mg of CBN’s sedating whispers. Economically priced to welcome all explorers of tranquility, Lazarus Naturals presents these sleep aids at a refreshing $0.03 per mg of CBD. Their dedication to candid communication with consumers is exemplified by the provision of intricate production details and comprehensive third-party lab results, ensuring that the product's THC levels stay comfortably below the 0.3% threshold mandated by law, offering peace of mind for the cautious and curious alike.

Hands-on Experience

A marvel of design, the packaging of Lazarus Naturals Cannabinoid Sleep Gummies caught my eye instantly. The bottle is not just robust, protecting the precious contents within, but it also strikes a visual chord of minimalistic appeal. It's a tasteful showcase of their branding, which finds that sweet spot between polished professionalism and welcoming warmth.

The moment the cap is twisted open, a gentle Lemon Mango scent hints at the tropical experience to come – subtle yet inviting. The gummies themselves bespeak quality, each chew providing just the right amount of resistance, a testament to their thoughtful creation. They steer clear of superfluous sugar coatings, nodding to the brand's wellness-centric values.

Experience tells me that the true test of any product lies in its performance. Abiding by the suggested dose of two gummies, I observed their effects unfurl. Roughly an hour later, a profound tranquility began to seep in, easing the transition from day's end to nighttime repose. The subsequent sleep felt deeper and uninterrupted, a testament to the product's potency.

The enticing price point only enhances the allure, standing as an accessible invitation to those hesitant to try oils or capsules with their often divisive tastes and textures. Furthermore, the thoughtful weaving of additional natural ingredients known for sleep enhancement—such as Passion Flower, Lemon Balm, and Chamomile—adds layers of value and intention to the blend.

What We Like About This Product

- The interplay of cannabinoids could potentially amplify the wellness impact through their synchronicity.

- The lively Lemon Mango twist makes the act of taking supplements a genuinely enjoyable moment.

- The meticulously curated selection of natural sleep enhancers, each chosen for their known benefits, shows a commitment to formulating a superior product.

- Lazarus Naturals' staunch openness about their product's purity, with thorough contamination screenings by impartial laboratories.

- An attractive price point liberates the product from exclusivity, making it a savvy choice for those wishing to integrate CBD into their nocturnal habits without financial strain.


Despite the many laurels this product can rest on, it can't be all things to all people. A discerning eye may notice the presence of Sucrose, which could deter those monitoring their sugar consumption meticulously. Additionally, the mysterious and individual nature of CBD effects means that some might not achieve their desired outcome with the standard serving.


- Each bottle is a reservoir of 1000 mg of diverse cannabinoids

- The gummies draw their essence from a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

- They boast an infusion of established natural sleep aids

- The extraction process utilizes a clean, ethanol-based method practiced at Lazarus Farms

- The rigorous and expansive third-party testing ensures a product that's been scrutinized for excellence


  • Potential to enhance sleep quality, ushering you into restorative slumber.
  • May aid in the graceful transition from wakefulness to relaxation, setting the stage for a restful night.
  • The potential entourage effect of full spectrum cannabinoids could magnify wellness benefits.
  • Sweetened thoughtfully with organic sugars and fruit concentrates for those who savor a touch of sweetness.

Final Verdict

The Lazarus Naturals Cannabinoid Sleep Gummies are more than a mere addition to your nightly routine; they stand as an innovator in the realm of cannabinoid-based sleep support. With the union of a full spectrum blend and synergistic herbal extracts, they provide a comprehensive approach to encouraging slumber.

Setting a high bar in transparency, purity, and value for money, this product beckons those in search of a natural sleep aid fortified with the wellness properties of CBD, CBG, and CBN. Prospective users are, however, reminded to consult with healthcare professionals before embarking on their journey with cannabinoids, particularly if there are pre-existing medical conditions or current medications to consider.

After thorough consideration of all facets, it’s clear that Lazarus Naturals delivers on their promise, presenting a credible and compelling option for anyone keen on improving their sleep through CBD and its kin.

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