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Endoca CBD Natural Deodorant Full Spectrum Review

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With the wellness community buzzing about the potential of cannabidiol (CBD), Endoca steps up to the plate with their compelling CBD Natural Deodorant. This product seamlessly infuses the essence of CBD into a daily hygiene staple. As a beacon of natural skincare, it offers a generous 100mg of full-spectrum CBD, neatly packed into a dainty 10ml (.33oz) vessel. This deodorant is not just a nod to the wonders of CBD but a testament to a chemical-conscious lifestyle, proudly eschewing aluminium, parabens, sulphates, and other abrasive substances often found lurking in the aisles of common toiletries.

Endoca harnesses the full potential of hemp with less than 0.3% THC to deliver the celebrated 'entourage effect' without flouting legal thresholds. Its petite size is deceptively practical, effortlessly fitting into a purse or gym bag, and yet, its effects are broad and lasting. The tag attached to this natural marvel reflects Endoca's ethos perfectly: affordability entwined with uncompromised quality. At $0.17 per milligram of CBD, it's a small price to pay for a large step towards mindful self-care.

Hands-on Experience

Upon unveiling the Endoca CBD Natural Deodorant, one's attention is immediately drawn to its thoughtful packaging, accentuating simplicity and respect for the environment. Grasping the small jar is a breeze, and using the product is just as effortless—a gentle application with the fingertips is all it takes. Considering the price, one might be pleasantly surprised by the premium and potent CBD nestled within. Its texture is a delight, thanks to organic shea butter and coconut oil, ensuring a quick absorption sans any oily aftermath. Plus, the inclusion of natural odor-busters like arrowroot and baking soda sends a clear message: freshness is at the forefront.

Performance-wise, the deodorant was put through its paces for numerous days. Its prowess in maintaining a sense of cleanliness and freshness was unwavering, independent of the day's trials and tribulations or bursts of physical exertion. The deodorant's natural lime scent provides an understated, crisp essence, steering clear from the synthetic aroma overload of its counterparts. The skin's response over time was nothing short of comforting, likely owing to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD coupled with the deodorant's rich vitamin E content.

In practice, the deodorant held its ground with a twice-daily regimen, morning and night, without any sign of irritation. Heeding the advice to exfoliate regularly did indeed boost the deodorant's effectiveness, and it was liberating to realize that clogged pores would not be a concern—a stark contrast to many conventional antiperspirants.

What We Like About This Product

Endoca's CBD Natural Deodorant truly shines with its fusion of high-caliber, natural ingredients and the strategic execution of integrating full-spectrum CBD. The absence of aluminum and the deliberate omission of contentious chemicals are significant positives. The smoothness with which one can apply this deodorant, paired with its proficiency in neutralizing odor, earns it high marks, as do the added skin-soothing benefits.


Even though the product's merits are numerous, there is room for preference-based critiques. Some individuals may not favor the finger application method, yearning instead for the familiar twist-up stick form. Moreover, the price, albeit justified by the quality, might seem steep against the backdrop of more budget-friendly, albeit chemical-ridden, alternatives.


  • Infused with a robust 100mg of full-spectrum CBD
  • Crafted without aluminum and free from a slew of deleterious chemicals
  • Boasts nourishing organic shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E
  • Exudes a gentle, natural lime scent for a discreet, clean feel
  • Designed with portability and convenience in mind


  • Odor Control: Natural ingredients come together for a formidable defense against body odor.
  • Skin Soothing: The blend of CBD and vitamin E works harmoniously to calm irritated skin and promote smoothness.
  • Non-Irritating: Free from common irritants like aluminum, parabens, and sulphates, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.
  • Moisturizing: Enriched with the hydrating properties of shea butter and coconut oil to keep skin soft and supple.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Committed to an eco-conscious ethos with naturally derived, organic ingredients and absent harsh chemicals.

Final Verdict

Endoca's CBD Natural Deodorant emerges as a well-thought-out addition to the arena of natural body care, achieving a harmonious blend of odor management and skin health. Those eager to incorporate the therapeutic attributes of CBD into their daily routine needn't look further. While the mode of application and price may give some pause, the returns in terms of product integrity and the embrace of wellness are likely to tip the scales in its favor for many. It receives our endorsement as a genuine, nature-friendly option for those seeking to fortify their personal care ritual with a touch of plant-based goodness.

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