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CBDfx CBD Bath Bomb Hydrating Mango Shea Butter 200mg Review

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Step into a world of indulgent relaxation with CBDfx's CBD Bath Bomb, a hydrating blend of mango and shea butter that promises an upgraded bathing ritual. This product harnesses the soothing potential of high-purity CBD isolate, ensuring you can unwind without worry. Adhering to the highest standards of wellness, CBDfx has gone the extra mile to provide a product that is vegan-friend, crafted from organic, non-GMO hemp, and free from THC. Each sphere of serenity contains a bountiful 200mg of CBD, offering you an affordable slice of tranquility at a price that ticks all the right boxes for cost-conscious connoisseurs.

Hands-on Experience

The unveiling of CBDfx's CBD Bath Bomb is an experience in itself, with an enticing mango aroma hinting at the lavish journey ahead. The packaging is unfussy yet effective, ensuring the bath bomb's pristine arrival at your doorstep or on your shelf. The cost reflects the top-tier ingredients, making the ample amount of CBD isolate a budget-friendly luxury.

As the bath bomb meets the warm embrace of the bathwater, it fizzes into action, weaving a tapestry of hydrating mango and shea butter oils through the water. Essential oils such as lavender and Hawaiian Black Salt add to the symphony, while the notes of eucalyptus and spearmint fill the air, transforming your bathroom into a sanctuary of revival. This meticulously engineered blend doesn't just charm the olfactory senses; it is also a balm for the weary, melting away the day's discomforts.

The absence of abrasive dyes considers both bathtub aesthetics and the well-being of your skin. Immersing oneself in the resulting elixir is like receiving a bespoke spa treatment without leaving home—every ingredient working in unison to purify, soften, and quench your skin, all the while easing you into a state of blissful repose.

What We Like About This Product

  • High-Quality CBD Isolate: Each bath bomb is infused with 99% pure CBD isolate, offering peace of mind to those wanting to enjoy CBD without THC.
  • Moisturizing Marvels: The sumptuous duo of mango and shea butter swathes your skin in moisture, leaving it velvety to the touch.
  • Therapeutic Essential Oils: An array of essential oils contributes to a holistic experience that may even impart wellness benefits.
  • Eco-Friendly Ethos: CBDfx's dedication to vegan, non-GMO, and organic ingredients highlights its commitment to the planet.
  • Considerate Composition: This bath bomb is carefully crafted without the common skin aggressors found in dyes, ensuring a soothing soak every time.


Despite the many positives, it's worth noting that the CBD-infused luxury of CBDfx's Bath Bomb might deliver varying degrees of relief, as individual experiences with CBD can differ. Furthermore, while bath bombs offer a decadent one-off indulgence, other forms of CBD might be seen as offering more bang for your buck due to their reusable nature.


  • 200mg of top-notch CBD Isolate come in each bath bomb, making for a potent, pleasurable experience.
  • The nurturing blend of mango and shea butter, paired with restorative essential oils, creates an immersive bathing ritual.
  • A formula you can feel good about: organic, vegan, and devoid of harsh chemicals and dyes.
  • Accessible opulence with an attractive price point, offering maximum benefit for your investment.
  • Inclusivity at its core: with no detectable THC, it's a product designed for everyone, from the young to the young at heart.


  • Relaxation: Ideally suited to soothe and decompress, this bath bomb is a boon for those seeking serenity and improved sleep.
  • Skin Benefits: The bath bomb is a hydrating hero, providing deep moisture and leaving the skin rejuvenated and fresh.
  • Detoxification: Elements like Hawaiian Black Salt are blended in to gently detox the skin.
  • Muscle and Joint Relief: The presence of eucalyptus and spearmint oils is a nod to their utility in soothing aches and pains.
  • Sensorial Experience: The tropical allure of mango coupled with the invigorating essence of essential oils creates a bath time experience like no other.

Final Verdict

CBDfx's CBD Bath Bomb is a beacon for those seeking the restorative properties of CBD during their downtime. The careful curation of ingredients and premium quality assert the product as a sound investment for both body and mind. While individual effects may vary, the consensus is one of approval, accrediting this bath bomb as a savvy addition for anyone aiming to enhance their daily unwind or elevate their self-care routine.

This product comes with a glowing commendation for anyone considering a foray into CBD-infused bath products. It's a fine choice across the board, fitting for diverse groups including those with discerning skin needs. CBDfx's Bath Bomb stands as a shining example of the brand's allegiance to excellence, sustainability, and the welfare of its customers, presenting a worthy and delightful indulgence for your personal care arsenal.

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