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Hemp Bombs High Potency CBD Pain Freeze Rub 1000mg Review

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Those who routinely brave the rigors of an active existence or grapple with the persisting challenge of chronic pain understand the vital importance of finding dependable relief. Amidst this quest, Hemp Bombs presents its High Potency CBD Pain Freeze Rub—a formidable adversary to discomfort. This THC-free, broad-spectrum topical concoction unites a generous infusion of CBD with the brisk chill of menthol to combat your pain. Each 4 oz jar is generously filled with 1000mg of CBD, a deliberate choice for potency and ultimate relief. The people behind Hemp Bombs are no strangers to wellness; their reputation for crafting quality products is echoed in their vigilant independent lab testing, ensuring that what you receive is both pure and potent.

Hands-on Experience

The moment the Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze Rub arrived, its professional presentation caught my eye. The 4oz jar's compact nature belies its substantial contents, making it a cinch to find a spot for it in any cupboard. The inclusion of dosage guidance and a QR code, standing testament to the product's compliance, fosters a sense of trust and assurance. Now, to the pricing—$0.66 per serving is a steal considering the rich CBD content each jar contains. The experience of using the gel was equally impressive. Its texture was indulgent, allowing for swift absorption without any greasy aftermath. As for the menthol, it delivered prompt, cool relief to my tired calf muscles following a demanding run. The instructions suggesting a deep massage were apt; this technique seemed to amplify the CBD's beneficial effects. Moreover, the gel's high potency signaled that even with consistent use, this product would be a long-lasting companion on my wellness journey. Even when it comes to value for money, this rub speaks volumes. At $0.08 for every 1 mg of CBD, it stands strong against competing products. While the upfront cost may raise eyebrows, the true value manifests in the product's enduring nature and its potent effects.

What We Like About This Product

  • The THC-free, broad-spectrum CBD formula guarantees robust potency for those keen to avoid THC.
  • Menthol's cooling properties kick in swiftly, delivering rapid relief.
  • Adherence to quality is confirmed with independent laboratory testing.
  • It's fully compliant with federal regulations, complete with meticulous labeling.
  • The absence of harmful substances like formaldehyde, parabens, or sulfates is especially appealing for those who are mindful of their health.


Nevertheless, Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze Rub, despite its advantages, might not align with certain preferences. The menthol aroma, while refreshing to some, could overwhelm others. Additionally, for those wrestling with minor aches, the high-potency formula could be more than necessary, prompting them to consider more affordable, lower-strength alternatives. Lastly, aficionados of full-spectrum CBD may find the absence of THC detracts from the synergistic 'entourage effect' they favor.


Key distinctions of the Hemp Bombs High Potency CBD Pain Freeze Rub lie in its: - A muscular 1000mg of broad-spectrum CBD, all within a handy 4 oz container. - 4% menthol content, proffering a therapeutic and cooling touch. - A formula conscientious of sensitive skin, steering clear of harsh chemical additives. - Proudly made in the USA, which not only supports local enterprise but also instills a sense of trust in product quality.


  • Relief from pain: Delivers targeted relief for both sporadic and ongoing pain.
  • Muscle recovery: An ideal choice for post-exercise use, it helps muscles recuperate more swiftly.
  • Cooling sensation: The brisk tingle of menthol offers immediate comfort, especially following physical exertion.
  • High Potency: A more concentrated dose of CBD could mean more pronounced pain relief.
  • Considerations: It lacks the full spectrum of cannabinoids to create the entourage effect. Additionally, the potency of menthol might not be everyone's cup of tea.

Final Verdict

Hemp Bombs' High Potency CBD Pain Freeze Rub emerges as a distinguished choice within the topical pain relief arena. It's remarkably suited for those in search of significant muscle and joint pain relief, bolstered by a hefty concentration of CBD and the rejuvenating sensation of menthol. Considering its meticulous testing for purity, the exclusion of unkind ingredients, and its sensible cost, it earns a resounding endorsement for both dedicated athletes and those pursuing a mighty, THC-free CBD topical. For those contemplating a purchase, it's worth noting the pronounced scent of menthol is a minor compromise for the substantial relief it affords. In sum, Hemp Bombs delivers a solution that's not only efficacious but also anchored in a firm dedication to quality and consumer health.

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