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Elixinol Sports CBD Gel 1000mg Review

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For those who champion the active life, finding the right aids for wellness and recovery can be a game-changer. Enter Elixinol's Sports CBD Gel—a fusion of the natural world with scientific innovation tailored for the athletic soul. The gel is housed in a 3.4oz package, brimming with a generous 1000mg of broad-spectrum CBD, promising ample applications for those who constantly push their limits.

Elixinol, a brand that prizes quality and clarity in their products, has harnessed the supercritical CO2 extraction technique. This advanced method is their secret to the potent and immaculate CBD found within each application. Unlike its kin in the CBD realm, this product eschews THC entirely, sidelining any chance of psychoactive episodes while delivering the coveted entourage effect. What sets it apart further is the addition of powerhouse ingredients like arnica and capsaicin, alongside a symphony of essential oils, to create a formula that's not only effective but a sensory delight too.

Hands-on Experience

Unboxing the Sports CBD Gel, it was clear that Elixinol appreciates both presentation and preservation. The packaging was a testament to their attention to detail and commitment to user safety. Use yielded a smooth, controlled release, thereby avoiding unnecessary spillage and offering spot-on application. A standout feature is the non-greasy nature of the gel, a refreshing departure from some alternatives, allowing quick absorption without the trailing evidence of use.

The pricing of the gel showcases Elixinol's understanding of the market—just $0.05 per 1mg of CBD. This positions the gel as a product that doesn't cut corners on quality but remains accessible to athletes conscientious of their spending. Following a strenuous workout, the gel's cooling caress was a welcome relief, with eucalyptus and peppermint notes providing an aroma that was refreshing yet not too intense. Beyond the delightful natural fragrance, it's crafted from 100% plant-based substances, free from the unpleasantries of parabens, petrochemicals, not to mention synthetic dyes or fragrances. Add to this their commitment to cruelty-free and non-GMO principles, and it's evident Elixinol is playing on the pitch of conscience.

What We Like About This Product

  • The top-tier, broad-spectrum CBD formulation devoid of THC
  • A roster of natural ingredients famed for their therapeutic qualities
  • The swift-to-absorb, non-greasy formula that respects your skin
  • Eco-conscious sourcing and production with a nod to ethical practices
  • The pleasing amalgamation of botanical fragrances that elevate the product experience
  • Competitive and considerate pricing within the broader CBD market


It's essential to approach every product with a critical eye, and Elixinol's Sports CBD Gel doesn't escape this scrutiny. For some, the cooling sensation may fall short of expectations, particularly for those seasoned with high-strength, menthol-laden analgesics. Additionally, while the THC-free formula is a highlight for many, others who subscribe to the idea that THC enhances the overall impact of cannabis-related products might feel something is amiss.


  • A robust 1000mg of CBD awaits within each 3.4oz container
  • Employing supercritical CO2 extraction for a pure broad-spectrum hemp extract
  • Harboring natural powerhouses such as arnica, capsaicin, camphor, and a medley of essential oils
  • Steering clear of synthetic additives and undesirable harsh chemicals
  • Tailored with precision for athletes and active individuals


  • Delivers a harmonizing coolness upon use
  • Designed to lessen the discomfort that can accompany muscle and joint effort
  • Diffuses an inviting natural scent, enhancing the overall application
  • Forms a key part of a comprehensive athletic care routine, aiding in recovery
  • Maintains skin integrity by leaving no oily aftermath

Final Verdict

Demonstrating its mettle in the world of sport, Elixinol's Sports CBD Gel steps forward as a formidable compatriot for the wellness-minded athlete. Its union of choice ingredients, alongside a formula that melts swiftly into the skin, presents itself as a splendid choice for those seeking a natural and effective enhancement to their recovery rituals. While it may not usurp more traditional pain relief methods for some users, its credentials as a robust and health-conscious alternative are undeniably persuasive.

Blending affordability with environmentally aware production and a discerning curation of natural ingredients, this gel earns its place as the go-to for athletes who respect their bodies enough to provide only the finest in care. From my own experience and diligent assessment, Elixinol's Sports CBD Gel earns a hearty endorsement for anyone looking to fortify their wellness regimen with a dependable, high-performing CBD-enriched topical aid.

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