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Joy Organics Summer Lemon CBD Tincture Broad Spectrum 1oz 1350mg Review

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Scanning the ever-expanding horizon of CBD offerings, it's like a breath of fresh air to discover a beacon of authenticity and excellence. Enter the Summer Lemon Organic CBD Tincture by Joy Organics—a standout in the realm of broad-spectrum CBD oils. This gem provides a robust wellness boost, all the while keeping THC off the guest list. Each 1 oz bottle is infused with a considerable 1350 mg of CBD, catering to both novices and aficionados of CBD products alike. American craftsmanship ensures a high-caliber concoction, proud of its USDA Certified Organic stamp. Delightful organic MCT oil, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract, and zestful lemon essential oil unite to forge this invigorating, potentially beneficial dietary adjunct. The lemon essence not only tempts the taste buds but does so without artificial interventions—this formula is vegan, shuns alcohol, and rejects any synthetic flavors or dyes.

Hands-on Experience

Welcoming the Joy Organics Summer Lemon Organic CBD Tincture into your daily wellness routing can be a sensory pleasure. My initial impression was one of admiration for the chic, eco-friendly packaging that speaks volumes about the brand's pursuit of excellence and consumer satisfaction. The lemon flavor is a gentle whisper of summer, at once invigorating and understated, transforming each dose from a mundane task to an enjoyable moment of self-care.

The pricing, while a touch above average at $0.05 per mg of CBD, reflects the product's adherence to organic practices and use of premium components—a reasonable trade-off for the discerning buyer. The bottle's design is consumer-friendly, featuring a dropper that promises precision in dosing. With a month's supply enclosed, the tincture's flexibility shines through, fitting seamlessly into varied lifestyles and occasions. Its form is just right, facilitating effortless sublingual application.

My ethical and health-conscious side was comforted by Joy Organics' transparency regarding its ingredients and production methodology. The absence of alcohol and artificial additives adds a layer of reassurance, while the product's American roots bolster my confidence in its quality assurance.

What We Like About This Product

The Joy Organics Summer Lemon Organic CBD Tincture embodies several commendable qualities:

  • Organic Ingredients: The meticulous selection of organic elements, including the MCT and lemon essential oils, will resonate with those attentive to their health and the environment.
  • Broad Spectrum Formula: Users can experience the synergy of cannabinoids and terpenes, all while steering clear of THC.
  • Flavor: The natural lemon essence adds a delightful touch to the tincture, elevating the consumption experience.
  • Certifications: Possessing the USDA Certified Organic seal provides powerful testimony to the product’s stringent quality standards.
  • Vegan: This tincture extends its appeal across dietary boundaries, ensuring vegans can embrace it with enthusiasm.


Despite its illustrious advantages, a few drawbacks of the Joy Organics Summer Lemon Organic CBD Tincture warrant consideration:

  • Its premium price point might stretch the wallets of those keeping a strict eye on expenditures, potentially placing it just beyond reach for some.
  • While the 1350 mg potency is impressive, it remains the sole option in this flavor, possibly nudging those desiring different strengths to explore elsewhere.
  • The lemon taste, although widely appealing, may not match the preferences of individuals inclined toward a more inconspicuous flavor.


Diving into the specifics reveals the product's hallmark features:

  • A robust 1350 mg of broad-spectrum CBD ensures a THC-free experience.
  • Each ingredient respects both organic and vegan standards, eliminating alcohol from the mix.
  • The taste of summer lemon is not just tempting but a refreshing departure from typical flavors.
  • Equipped for a full month's usage, the 1 oz bottle is a convenient ally for daily wellness.
  • With creation and cultivation on US soil, this tincture upholds its promise of quality.
  • The USDA Certified Organic designation further cements its reputation for purity.


  • It aims to bolster both physical and mental health, fitting snugly into regular health routines.
  • Guaranteed to be non-intoxicating, its 0% THC composition ensures clarity and peace of mind.
  • Aim to be an advantageous player in daily wellness strategies.
  • Its non-drowsy nature makes it an adaptable companion for any point in your day.

Final Verdict

The Joy Organics Summer Lemon Organic CBD Tincture emerges as an elite, conscientious player in the CBD arena. The entire product echoes the brand's pledge to pure ingredients, meticulous production, and a superior customer journey. Although the price tag may surpass that of some rivals, the investment pays dividends in quality. The broad-spectrum, THC-free formulation is an asset for those dodging even minute levels of THC, while the delightful lemon twist transforms daily supplementation into a delectable routine. Considering its vegan-friendly nature and USDA endorsement, this tincture earns its stripes as a laudable addition to any CBD intake plan.

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