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Social CBD Peppermint Isolate CBD Oil Drops 2000mg Review

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In a world brimming with wellness products, Social CBD has carved out a niche with their Peppermint Isolate CBD Oil Drops. Each cleverly crafted 30ml bottle boasts a robust 2000mg of CBD, seamlessly integrating potency with purity. Originating from the well-respected brand formerly known as Select CBD, these drops are more than a simple supplement; they're a therapeutic excursion. Targeted at those who desire a pure CBD experience without THC's influence, the oil's blend of isolated CBD, rejuvenating ashwagandha, rhodiola, and a burst of natural peppermint flavor converge to foster a state of well-being.

Hands-on Experience

The moment this product arrives, you're greeted by the meticulous packaging that signifies Social CBD's dedication to excellence. The bottle's design is not only stylish but practical; its precision dropper grants you the power to control your dose down to the last drop. Priced reasonably at $57.59, the oil's cost efficiency is impressive at merely $0.03 per milligram of CBD, placing it as a cost-effective player in the CBD arena.

Upon tasting, the peppermint flavor delightfully dances across the palate, efficiently disguising the natural hemp flavor that some might not fancy. It's evident Social CBD has honed their flavor-fusion skills to ensure each drop is as pleasing to the taste buds as it is to the body and mind. The MCT oil carrier isn't just a support act; it's crucial for optimal CBD absorption. Ashwagandha and rhodiola are not mere inclusions; they're purposeful allies in the quest for equilibrium and mental clarity.

My personal journey with the oil was nothing short of uplifting. Each serving kept me anchored, providing the focus needed to navigate a busy day with ease. It didn't shout its presence, but rather whispered its benefits, perfectly aligning with its mission to offer a subtle boost. I appreciated its multipurpose nature, allowing me to enjoy it straight, blended into a morning coffee, or drizzled over a light snack.

What We Like About This Product

  • Zero THC for a pure CBD encounter
  • Market-leading pricing that's kind to your wallet
  • A zesty natural peppermint twist that delights
  • The bonus wellness perks of ashwagandha and rhodiola
  • The dropper's precision – a small but mighty tool for dosing
  • Design that’s both eye-catching and travel-friendly
  • A brand that prides itself on clarity and ethical sourcing


Every rose has its thorns, and while this product is enriched with many virtues, there are a few caveats. Some aficionados might miss the symphony of cannabinoids found in full-spectrum alternatives that deliver the entourage effect. Moreover, the refreshing peppermint flavor, as delightful as it is, might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially for purists who prefer a more neutral profile. A word of caution for those with coconut sensitivities: the MCT oil is derived from coconuts and is an important consideration before use.


The Social CBD Peppermint Isolate CBD Oil Drops shine with their formidable CBD strength, an invigorating peppermint zest, and the harmonious addition of ashwagandha and rhodiola. The thoughtful formulation manifests the brand's allegiance to transparency and premium quality, making it more than just another product on the shelf – it's a beacon of trustworthiness.


  • Uplifting: The duo of peppermint and isolated CBD serves as an energizing force.
  • Mood Stabilizing: The herbal powerhouses ashwagandha and rhodiola work to fine-tune your well-being.
  • Convenient: The dropper stands out for its ease of use, offering precision in dosage and a range of applications.
  • THC-Free: A big plus for those seeking the benefits of CBD without the presence of THC.
  • Cost-Effective: The product's pricing is as attractive as its effectiveness.

Final Verdict

Imbued with refreshing flavor and substantial therapeutic value, Social CBD's Peppermint Isolate CBD Oil Drops are a compelling proposition for those looking to incorporate CBD into their wellness regimen. The thoughtfully calibrated dosage, combined with mood-enhancing botanicals, culminates in a superior quality product. While it sidesteps the complexities of full-spectrum CBD, it firmly establishes itself as an excellent choice for those in pursuit of an isolate form or a THC-free alternative. Highly recommendable, it is adept at delivering a serene and composed state, neatly bottled in an elegantly designed package that speaks volumes of the brand's integrity and dedication to its customers.

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