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Koi CBD Full Spectrum Tincture Natural Hemp 5000mg Review

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Immerse yourself in the nourishing embrace of nature with the Koi CBD Complete Full Spectrum CBD Tincture. This gem is meticulously crafted to bolster your wellness routine, ideal for those who are not shy about embracing the robust essence of the hemp plant in all its glory. With a generous measure of 5000mg of CBD per 30ml bottle, this potent concoction is not for the faint-hearted. It delivers a resounding dose of CBD along with a legal trace of Delta-9 THC, drawing on the collective power of the plant’s compounds.

Behind the scenes, Koi Naturals has become synonymous with unwavering quality and an unbridled commitment to purity, attributes that shine through in each drop of this tincture. This product is crafted to appeal to your senses with a flavor profile that masterfully balances tartness with a hint of sweetness. Sourced from organically certified hemp, free from the presence of unwelcome allergens, it seeks to amplify the entourage effect through the synergistic interplay of natural terpenes and a diverse cannabinoid profile. Additionally, the competitive pricing underscores its place as an attractive proposition in the competitive world of CBD wellness.

Hands-on Experience

Upon the arrival of the Koi CBD Full Spectrum Tincture, the first impression was one of understated elegance and professionalism. The premium packaging hinted at the quality within, offering clarity with comprehensive labeling that included potency details and usage suggestions, especially invaluable for newcomers to CBD. The inclusion of a graduated dropper was a commendable touch, simplifying the process of accurate dosing and serving as a testament to the brand’s consideration for user convenience.

The moment I tasted the tincture, I was greeted by a pure hemp flavor that was earthy and rich in character, a nod to those with a preference for an untainted hemp essence. While the distinctive taste might take some getting used to, it certainly doesn’t overwhelm, thanks to the natural softening agent – stevia extract. In my personal trial, the tincture’s impact was unmistakable. I felt a sense of tranquility and heightened concentration unfurling gently, a sustained state that lingered reassuringly.

While initially, the investment might seem sizeable, the sheer potency on offer (5000mg of CBD) and the intricate full spectrum formulation justify the outlay for those in pursuit of a formidable and efficacious CBD experience. The deliberate inclusion of Delta-9 THC, while complying with legal limits, thoughtfully caters to those not restricted by drug screenings yet seeking the utmost in therapeutic benefits from the hemp plant.

What We Like About This Product

Delving into the vibrant kaleidoscope of the Koi CBD Full Spectrum Tincture, several facets stand out:

  • A full spectrum composition that beckons the entourage effect, augmented by the infusion of Delta-9 THC for a full-bodied experience.
  • An impressive CBD strength of 5000mg per bottle, catering to those in need of a potent touch.
  • The use of organically sourced hemp as a foundation for a pure, unblemished product.
  • A symphony of natural terpenes and various cannabinoids, each contributing to the therapeutic chorus.
  • The precision of a graduated dropper, ensuring dosing accuracy for a tailored experience.
  • Natural flavoring that delicately caresses the taste buds without overwhelming them.


Yet, even stars have their flaws. While the Koi CBD tincture shines in many areas, there are a few aspects where it may dim for some users:

  • The authentic hemp flavor, while pure and unrefined, may not resonate with those who favor more conventional flavors.
  • The inclusion of THC, although within permissible limits, might pose a dilemma for those subject to drug screening.
  • Its premium price tag, while reflective of its quality and potency, could stretch beyond the reach of some wallets.


Amidst the vast sea of CBD options, the Koi CBD tincture emerges as a beacon of quality:

  • A reputable brand that has forged a solid path in the realm of CBD excellence.
  • Each serving delivers a substantial 166.67 mg of CBD, designed to align with higher dosage needs.
  • The thoughtful inclusion of MCT oil paves the way for enhanced bioavailability and absorption.
  • Recommended for up to three servings a day, ideally with food, for optimal integration into daily routines.
  • An array of flavor choices available to suit a variety of palates and preferences.


  • Offers a tranquil anchor and improved focus that manifests subtly and endures.
  • Designed to elevate the natural advantages inherent to the entourage effect.
  • Delivers a commanding potency ideal for users with elevated dosage requirements.
  • While the presence of THC might bolster the product’s overall efficacy, it necessitates consideration for those with drug testing concerns.

Final Verdict

When the curtain falls, the Koi CBD Complete Full Spectrum CBD Tincture stands tall as a superb concoction that promises a genuine and potent hemp experience. It carves a niche for itself with its robust CBD content, the integrative prowess of its full spectrum formula, and its commitment to organic components. The marked dropper and the thoughtful price per milligram manifest as beacons of value for the discerning CBD aficionado. Although its distinctive flavor and investment might not appeal universally, for those in pursuit of a steadfast, full-spectrum CBD ally, Koi’s offering is a contender worthy of earnest contemplation.

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