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Koi CBD Strawberry Broad Spectrum Oil Tincture 1000mg Review

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Imagine savoring the rich, succulent taste of ripe strawberries while nurturing your well-being. That's the experience Koi CBD's Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture in Strawberry flavor promises. This delightful concoction marries 1000mg of top-tier CBD with a symphony of natural ingredients, all housed in a 30ml bottle. It represents Koi Naturals' unyielding pledge to enrich lives with premium wellness products tailored for the most discerning of palates. Painstakingly crafted with their patented Koi PRIZM hemp extract, this tincture boasts a full array of cannabinoids, exempt of the mind-altering THC. The Strawberry essence introduces a touch of whimsy to the tincture's profile, appealing to a wide range of enthusiasts from CBD novices to aficionados. The product's vegan certification and reliance on purely natural flavorings are a nod to those prioritizing health and the natural world.

Hands-on Experience

My encounter with Koi CBD Oil Tincture began with a sense of anticipation as I admired its visually striking packaging. The vegan-friendly and THC-free credentials stand out, a testament to the brand's transparency. Clarity continues with the labeling, which thoughtfully outlines essential information like potency and usage guidelines. The bottle fits comfortably in the hand, its compact form concealing a powerful wellness ally. The dropper is a boon for precise dosing, ensuring consistency in every drop. The standout for me was undeniably the flavor. The strawberry notes are a breath of fresh air, artfully veiling the inherent earthy undertones of hemp, yet not overwhelming the senses. Harmonizing effortlessly with the MCT coconut oil, the tincture promises expedited absorption and efficacy. In terms of value, the tincture hits the mark with its cost per serving. It's an economical choice, especially when you consider the superior grade of broad-spectrum CBD you're receiving. A robust 33.33 mg of CBD per serving addresses the needs of those desiring a strong, reliable source of CBD relief. Koi Naturals' commitment to safety and enlightened consumer use shines through with their meticulous packaging instructions and cautions.

What We Like About This Product

- Pleasant Flavor: The Strawberry flair is crafted with care, serving as a delightful twist to the usually earthy-toned hemp. - Quality Hemp Extract: The specialty Koi PRIZM broad-spectrum extract delivers a potent and diversified cannabinoid ensemble. - Accurate Dosing: You'll appreciate the dropper's precision, making it easy to measure out the 1ml servings. - Transparent Labeling: Information is delivered with clarity, fostering trust and assurance for consumers. - Vegan Certified: The tincture complies with vegan standards, expanding its reach to those with particular dietary preferences.


- Flavor Limitations: If your palate leans towards the unflavored or other flavor profiles, you may find this Strawberry variant too specific. - Price: The quality commands a price that may surpass some of the alternatives available, though many will find the investment worthwhile.


- Housing a generous 1000mg of CBD. - A taste that's all about Strawberry indulgence. - Formulated without THC for peace of mind. - Vegan Certified, embracing a wider audience. - Sourced from domestic, industrially-farmed hemp. - Rigorously tested to be free from pesticides and solvents.


  • May usher in calm to your bustling day or soothe frazzled nerves.
  • Could be your ally in the battle against discomfort and swelling.
  • Potential to turn restless nights into bastions of tranquil slumber.
  • May bolster your journey to overall health, minus the psychotropic fallout.
  • Could be the supportive friend for muscles recovering post-exercise.

Final Verdict

Koi CBD's strawberry-flavored tincture is an exceptional product that skillfully intertwines palatable pleasure with the therapeutic prowess of broad-spectrum CBD. Its delectable Strawberry note makes it not just a routine but a treat to look forward to. With its no-fuss dosing, vegan-friendly composition, and the reassuring absence of THC, it appeals to a broad spectrum of CBD enthusiasts, even those with specific dietary needs or subject to substance screenings. While its price tag may nudge above some of its peers, the outstanding quality and beneficial impact it confers make it a sound choice. Those in pursuit of a credible, appetizing, and potent CBD source will find the Koi CBD Oil Tincture to be a standout selection. Should your checklist for the ideal CBD product include purity, palatability, and dependability, this tincture is deserving of your attention.

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