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Lazarus Naturals Unscented CBD Massage Oil 4000mg Review

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Discover the subtle art of relaxation with Lazarus Naturals' Unscented CBD Massage Oil. This concoction is a masterful blend of indulgence and therapeutic care, cleverly housed in a generous 16.8 fl oz vessel. Brimming with a formidable 4000mg of CBD, it's crafted to offer a soothing touch to your wellness routine. Lazarus Naturals stands tall in the CBD cosmos, revered for merging affordability with unparalleled quality, and this massage oil is a luminous example from their applauded topical collection.

At the heart of Lazarus Naturals' philosophy lies a commitment to an earth-friendly approach. Every drop of their full-spectrum CBD oil is a testament to purity, retaining the hemp plant's original spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids for a richer experience. The result? A vegan, GMO-free potion free from the grip of artificial preservatives and flavorings. When it comes to value, this product hits the sweet spot—a mere $0.02 per milligram of CBD, offering generous savings to both seasoned CBD devotees and those stepping into its embrace for the first time.

Hands-on Experience

Embracing the Unscented CBD Massage Oil by Lazarus Naturals feels like an initiation into a world of understated elegance. Its simple packaging belies the wealth of wellness held within, a nod to the brand's ethos of essential, unadorned quality. Cradling the bottle, its heft is reassuring—a tangible promise of many sessions of self-care.

Its true essence lies in the harmonious melding of texture and benefit. The oil's unscented character is a considerate nod to fragrance-sensitive individuals, while its blend with organic jojoba and sweet almond oils whispers opulence upon every touch. As it glides over the skin, it absorbs with grace, eschewing any oily aftermath. Delve deeper with each stroke, and you’ll find that the contained 50mg of CBD per teaspoon is a bounty in itself. Lazarus Naturals manifests their vision of accessible well-being, not only through the product's refined quality but also in its dedication to affordability.

Patient souls will find solace in this oil. The full effects unfurl leisurely, often within a couple of hours, inviting a moment of tranquility and anticipation. This carefully calibrated blend contains less than 0.3% THC, adhering to regulations, yet maintains the entourage effect for a nuanced sense of well-being.

What We Like About This Product

  • The lavish 4000mg CBD content per bottle is a noteworthy feature.
  • Exceptional value, priced at a mere two cents per milligram of CBD.
  • Organic carrier oils are incorporated to heighten the sense of luxury.
  • The full spectrum CBD extract ensures a rich cannabinoid experience.
  • A formulation devoid of preservatives or artificial additives supports a pure lifestyle.
  • Its vegan and GMO-free characteristics welcome a broad spectrum of personal health choices.


  • For those enchanted by aromatic treatments, its unscented nature may miss the mark.
  • There is a crucial note for individuals with nut allergies due to the inclusion of almond and coconut oils.
  • The wait for effects to materialize may test the patience of those seeking more immediate relief.
  • Consultation with healthcare practitioners is recommended, particularly for consumers with sensitivities to grapefruit.


Standing apart from its peers, the Lazarus Naturals CBD Massage Oil shines with a potent CBD concentration and a commitment to only the finest natural ingredients. Ethanol extraction from Lazarus Farms' own hemp plants safeguards the essence and integrity of the cannabinoids. The product’s excellence is further assured by stringent third-party testing, instilling profound trust in its consistency, safety, and robust potency.


  • It invites comfort and relaxation into every session.
  • Post-exercise, it may aid in muscle recuperation.
  • Its formula is designed to elevate skincare practices without greasiness.
  • The onset of its full potential can span up to two hours, setting the stage for a calm interlude.
  • Those with particular allergies might need to exercise caution due to ingredient sensitivities.

Final Verdict

In the final tapestry of opinions, Lazarus Naturals' Unscented CBD Massage Oil emerges as a distinguished member of the CBD topical family. Its formula is a testament to meticulous crafting, selecting only the purest of ingredients, and delivering CBD in its most potent form. While it may present certain constraints, such as its unscented nature or the caution required for those with allergies, its worth is unmistakable for seekers of CBD's soothing properties.

Whether you're an athlete seeking solace for weary muscles, a senior embracing the golden years, or a CBD enthusiast searching for a product to complement beauty care without psychoactive interferences, this massage oil stands ready to serve. Through this product, Lazarus Naturals continues to honor their well-earned reputation for providing high-caliber CBD options that are both accessible and effective.

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