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Chong's Choice CBD Pain Relief Cream Broad Spectrum 1oz 250mg Review

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Imagine a harmonious concoction of nature's finest ingredients, expertly combined with premium broad-spectrum CBD. Chong's Choice CBD Cream for Pain Relief is precisely that - a masterful blend designed to alleviate the discomfort that often plagues sore muscles and weary joints. This gem hails from Tommy Chong’s esteemed collection of CBD products, a line celebrated for its reliable and effective hemp-derived offerings. Its snug size is the epitome of convenience, perfect for those seeking solace from pain even when on the go. Meticulously sourced from American industrial hemp and processed with the supercritical CO2 extraction method, this cream not only boasts purity and strength but also remains free of THC. To top it off, it meets kosher standards and infuses natural flavoring, solidifying its allure to those who prioritize a health-centric lifestyle.

Hands-on Experience

The unboxing of Chong’s Choice CBD Pain Relief Cream was a lesson in the brand's philosophy – function over frills. With its price marked down modestly to $23.99 from $24.99, it emerges as an accessible alternative for those leaning toward CBD for comfort, averaging a practical $0.80 per application. The cream greets you with a light, unassuming texture and a delicately mild fragrance, owing to its botanical roster that includes the likes of aloe vera, tea tree oil, and vitamin E, all renowned for their nurturing touch on the skin. When applied, a refreshing cool washes over the area, likely the doing of menthol and camphor in the mix, famed for their pain-relieving prowess. It sinks into the skin with remarkable speed and leaves behind no trace of stickiness, a huge plus for anyone who prefers their skincare weightless. A daily ritual over a week brought forth a noticeable ease in tension. It’s not a magic bullet, but the cream does deliver a tangible sense of relief that's both significant and gratifying.

What We Like About This Product

  • The high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD guarantees a product without THC traces.
  • The use of domestically grown hemp ensures adherence to rigorous production norms.
  • The sophisticated CO2 extraction technique is synonymous with a clean and potent CBD yield.
  • The compact 1 oz bottle is a godsend for those who value mobility and ease.
  • The kosher certification underscores the brand's sensitivity to diverse dietary preferences.


  • Individuals with severe pain may find the CBD concentration less accommodating.
  • The cream contains parabens, which might raise concerns for those eschewing synthetic additives.
  • It’s a topical agent and may fall short in addressing the root causes of pain that are systemic in nature.


Exult in the THC-free bliss and embrace the entourage effect with Chong's Choice CBD Cream. This formula's broad-spectrum prowess allows you to reap cannabis's benefits without any psychoactive encounters. Its choice of ingredients doesn't just target discomfort; they also promote skin vitality, thanks to the dual-purpose inclusion of nourishing compounds like vitamins and aloe vera. The cream's natural essence and kosher badge of honor reflect a considered approach to wellness, with open arms for all.


  • Targets pain locally, proving its merit for muscle and joint relief.
  • Impresses with a formula that dives into the skin without leaving behind an oily residue.
  • Endows the skin with hydration and nurtures its health, drawing on the benefits of aloe vera and vitamin E.
  • A cool sensation from menthol and camphor works to alleviate discomfort with a soothing embrace.
  • For pains of a more severe nature, this cream may need to be part of a broader pain management strategy.

Final Verdict

For the individual in pursuit of a natural path to remedy daily aggravations and minor pains, Chong’s Choice CBD Cream for Pain Relief stands as a promising ally. The fusion of its high-caliber ingredients and the exacting extraction process it undergoes reflects in its effectiveness and reinforces the brand's dedication to creating a trustworthy CBD concoction. Although it may not replace the need for advanced pain treatments, it shines as an adjunct, particularly for mild to moderate pain. Affordable, user-friendly, and formulated with care, this CBD cream earns its place in the pantheon of wellness essentials.

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