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Martha Stewart CBD Super Strength Cream 7500mg Review

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In the dynamic landscape of health and wellness products, Martha Stewart CBD Super Strength Cream shines as a beacon of natural relief and recovery. Enriched with a robust 7500mg of CBD packed into its 5.1oz vessel, this broad-spectrum, THC-Free topical cream is a game-changer. Athletes and seniors, often at the mercy of muscle discomfort and rigidity, will find a valuable ally in this product. Its focused intent is to smooth and soothe aching muscles while evaporating stiffness, allowing for a return to comfort and mobility.

The essence of this cream lies in its prestigious pedigree—a fusion of Martha Stewart's unwavering commitment to quality and Canopy Growth's deep roots in cannabis science. This synergetic creation aims to offer swift, plant-derived CBD relief, bolstered by an ensemble of nature's own bounties. More than just a potent formula, this cream is also a nod to ethical consumption, flaunting its cruelty-free, vegan, and predominantly natural composition for those who hold such values in high esteem.

Hands-on Experience

The arrival of Martha Stewart CBD Super Strength Cream brings with it an air of refined luxury, a hallmark of the Martha Stewart brand. The sleek tube it's housed in measures 1.8 × 1.8 × 7.6 inches, striking the perfect balance between elegance and practicality. Despite its generous contents, the tube's 6.4 oz weight ensures it is easy to take along wherever you go, for relief on demand.

Affordability meets indulgence in this product's pricing strategy. At merely one cent per milligram of CBD, it presents as an accessible indulgence—a rare find in today’s market, especially considering its substantial 7500mg CBD content. This friendly price, coupled with the ample amount provided, speaks directly to those who use such creams routinely, signaling a product that's not just high-quality but also economically sensible.

Opening the tube releases a refreshing and restorative scent, a signature blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, and ginger root extract that enlivens the senses. Its texture is a delight to the skin, ensuring the cream spreads uniformly and absorbs with ease. The responsible user will appreciate that due to the high CBD potency, each application requires only a modest amount, thus prolonging the cream's lifespan and adding to its value.

What We Like About This Product

The Martha Stewart CBD Super Strength Cream has several standout features worth highlighting:

  • High CBD Concentration: At 7500mg of CBD, this cream comes armed with potency, a boon for those dealing with intense muscle strife or looking for substantial therapeutic effects.
  • Quality of Ingredients: The cream's formula is a treasure trove of natural goodness. With ingredients like ginger to calm, almond oil to nourish, and jojoba seed oil to hydrate, it’s a veritable feast for the skin.
  • Aroma-technology: The infusion of essential oils doesn’t just treat the skin; it captivates the senses too, playing a crucial part in the user’s journey to relaxation and relief.
  • User-Friendly Design: Thoughtful design ensures this product is as enjoyable to apply as it is effective, with a container that's easy to handle and dispense from.
  • Brand Reputation: Trust in the product is naturally bolstered by the credibility of Martha Stewart and Canopy Growth, two giants who pledge nothing less than exceptional quality.


While the advantages are plentiful, there are a few considerations that might give pause:

  • Its premium pricing, although reasonable for its concentration, might stretch the budgets of those who are more price-sensitive.
  • For some, the curated selection of essential oils and extracts could cause sensitivity issues, a point to heed for those with a predisposition to skin reactions.
  • Its distinctive aroma, though mostly pleasant and therapeutic, may prove a little intense for users with a preference for more subdued scents.


The Martha Stewart CBD Super Strength Cream distinguishes itself with these noteworthy features:

  • A hefty 7500mg of broad-spectrum CBD for comprehensive relief.
  • A THC-Free recipe, welcoming those who are cautious about psychoactive compounds.
  • An expertly chosen medley of botanicals and essential oils to complement the healing CBD.
  • A product that is as kind to animals as it is to humans, being cruelty-free and strictly vegan.
  • A formulation tailored to the requirements of muscle recuperation, aiding in recovery post-exertion.


  • Soothing Muscles: The majority of users, 86%, reported a distinct soothing effect on their muscles after use.
  • Reduced Muscle Discomfort: A significant 85% noted that their muscle discomfort had notably diminished.
  • Reduced Muscle Stiffness: Moreover, 83% observed their muscle stiffness had lessened, enhancing their overall mobility.

Final Verdict

Martha Stewart CBD Super Strength Cream is a stellar contender in the world of CBD topicals. Its potent blend of CBD and natural elements stands up to scrutiny, with user testimonials backing its claims of relief and recovery. Though it's priced on the higher end and is accompanied by a noticeable fragrance, the caliber and performance of this cream are undeniably persuasive arguments in its favor. For those willing to invest in a top-tier, efficacious topical CBD remedy, this cream is sure to be a treasured addition to their wellness toolkit.

Ultimately, our endorsement goes to Martha Stewart CBD Super Strength Cream for individuals seeking a dependable and high-grade CBD product that harmonizes with modern wellness practices. Especially for active individuals and older adults seeking efficient muscle relief, this cream promises to be a reliable companion in their health and wellness endeavors.

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