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CBDistillery CBD Relief Stick Isolate 500mg Review

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Venturing into the bustling realm of cannabidiol (CBD) offerings, the CBDistillery CBD Relief Stick emerges as a beacon of targeted comfort. Esteemed for its dedication to premium quality, CBDistillery harnesses its prowess in the hemp-derived landscape to present this unique isolate product that is completely devoid of THC. This Relief Stick contains a potent 500mg concentration of CBD, crafted for individuals who seek a hassle-free method to apply CBD topically while steering clear of any THC content.

The Relief Stick is thoughtfully constructed for peak user-friendliness, encased in an effortlessly operable applicator that keeps things tidy and mobile. It stands out as the ideal companion for those with dynamic lifestyles, enabling precise application to specific areas craving solace. Upheld by CBDistillery’s staunch commitment to extensive testing and esteemed certifications—ISO 9001:2015 and the US Hemp Authority Certification—consumers can rest assured about the product’s integrity and pedigree. The generous infusion of 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD ensures a robust dosage with each use, granting the freedom to experience its advantages whenever the need arises.

Hands-on Experience

My initial encounter with the CBDistillery CBD Relief Stick was marked by an appreciation for its refined, yet practical packaging which hinted at the meticulous attention the brand invests in their presentations. The stick itself nestles comfortably in the palm, its dimensions (2 x 2 x 4.1 inches) perfect for slipping into a pocket or bag, hence becoming a regular feature in my day-to-day essentials.

When considering value, the $0.40 per serving price tag is notably reasonable, particularly in light of the premium, natural constituents and the rigorous certifications the product can claim. The user experience is further enhanced by the twist-up delivery system, offering seamless, non-greasy application that integrates perfectly with any routine, especially for those who prefer to sidestep the muss and fuss associated with conventional creams or oils.

The cool embrace from the menthol is instant and invigorating, augmented by the crisp undertones of peppermint oil, along with the relief that CBD is revered for. I discovered that this blend is particularly comforting after engaging in vigorous activities. The Relief Stick is not just about temporary comfort; it also pays homage to dermatological care with ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E, underscoring CBDistillery's holistic approach to well-being.

What We Like About This Product

  • The no-fuss application promises both convenience and cleanliness, perfect for active users.
  • With 500mg of Broad Spectrum CBD, the stick offers a robust, THC-free application.
  • The cooling effect from menthol not only refreshes but also aids in recovery.
  • A curated selection of skin-friendly ingredients including shea butter and vitamin E.
  • Reliance on trustworthy, rigorous certifications that affirm the product's impeccable quality.
  • Commitment to ethical sourcing with USA-grown, GMO-Free hemp.
  • Heartening customer reactions with a 9/10 satisfaction score reflect its commendable performance.


While the CBDistillery Relief Stick boasts an impressive suite of features, it might not be the perfect match for everyone’s preferences or circumstances. The pronounced cooling sensation, courtesy of menthol, could be overwhelming for certain users. Additionally, the upfront expenditure might warrant consideration for budget-conscious individuals. It's also prudent for those with specific sensitivities, such as to soybean oil, to approach with mindfulness due to potential allergenic ingredients.


Ease of Use: This product's practical design facilitates a hassle-free and clean application journey.
Quality Assurance: Featuring ISO 9001:2015 and US Hemp Authority Certification, you're guaranteed a product of the highest caliber.
Natural Ingredients: Carefully selected oils and extracts are blended to support skin wellness along with pain relief.
THC-Free: Broad Spectrum CBD provides an option for users with THC sensitivities or preferences.
Homegrown Hemp: The conscientious consumer will appreciate the domestically sourced, non-GMO hemp.


  • Relief: The synergistic effect of CBD and menthol zeroes in on areas demanding relief effectively.
  • Skin Health: Beneficial components like shea butter and vitamin E contribute to skin nourishment.
  • Recovery: The stick serves as an excellent post-activity application to facilitate muscle recuperation.
  • Cooling Sensation: Menthol delivers a soothing chill that refreshes upon contact.
  • No THC: A fitting choice for frequent CBD users with THC avoidances.

Final Verdict

Navigating the constellation of CBD topicals, the CBDistillery CBD Relief Stick distinguishes itself as a compelling option for those in search of a high-caliber, easily-administered solution. Its blend of portability, therapeutic prowess, and quality ingredients raises the bar in its field. The product's simplicity and strong credentials render it a reliable fixture for habitual users. Although a few drawbacks exist, such as the pronounced cooling sensation and the initial investment, the overarching benefits largely eclipse these concerns for the majority of the audience. Reflecting upon both the hands-on experiences and the array of product characteristics, this CBD Relief Stick comes highly recommended for those in pursuit of focused alleviation in a THC-free format.

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