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Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Citrus Medley Gummies 30ct Review

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In the burgeoning realm of CBD infused offerings, the Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Citrus Medley Gummies shine brightly as beacons of gastronomic delight and functional advantage. Emerging from the highly regarded Martha Stewart CBD collection, these gummies offer a polished and effortless means of indulging in the world of CBD, making them particularly appealing to novices and the older generation. Within each elegantly designed bottle lies a trove of 30 gummies, each infused with 10mg of pristine CBD isolate to ensure a wholly THC-void indulgence. Proudly crafted in the US, these gummies consist of natural hemp of the highest order and aim to buoy wellness by instilling tranquility, fostering serenity, and maintaining equilibrium in mood.

Hands-on Experience

Unveiling the Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Gummies, one is immediately greeted by the sophisticated packaging that exudes Martha Stewart's hallmark elegance. The bottle's 6.3 oz stature, measuring 2.8 × 2.8 × 3.1 inches, boasts a design that is not only eye-catching but also remarkably convenient for both stowing and transporting. Each gummy is a testament to well-being, encapsulated in a zesty bite, and bursting with the refined flavors of Meyer lemon, kumquat, and blood orange—flavors that are a refreshing deviation from the typical hemp-derived product. These gummies are priced at a point that balances accessibility with their premium brand stature, at roughly $0.09 per 1 mg of CBD. They recommend a daily intake of 2–3 gummies, a dosage that is both easy to incorporate into one's routine and well-suited for those just beginning their CBD journey or older adults in pursuit of a straightforward health supplement. The gummies dazzle the palate, infusing lively, natural flavors that refresh without leaving behind the hemp aftertaste that plagues many other CBD products. These gummies are especially fitting for individuals intent on embracing the pure effects of CBD without the influence of other cannabinoids or THC.

What We Like About This Product

  • The indulgent, chef-inspired flavors are a genuine treat, masterminded by Martha Stewart herself.
  • Each gummy is meticulously crafted using top-tier, naturally cultivated hemp from the United States.
  • The nuanced packaging design is both visually appealing and functionally practical, complemented by an approachable price.
  • The absence of THC dispels any concerns over psychoactive effects, presenting a serene wellness journey.
  • Heartening testimonials from customers reinforce the product’s efficacy in cultivating tranquility and overall well-being.


Despite the many laudable features of these wellness gummies, it is fair to contemplate some potential limitations. For starters, the gummies consist exclusively of CBD isolate and not full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD, which some believe could deny users the full synergistic advantage often dubbed the "entourage effect." Moreover, individuals who require more robust doses of CBD might find the 10mg per gummy somewhat modest, especially seasoned users. Lastly, individual reactions to CBD can vary greatly, so results can fluctuate from person to person.


  • Savor the certainty of 10mg of pure CBD isolate per gummy, sans any traces of THC.
  • Relish in the gourmet citrus flavors that elevate the tasting experience magnificently.
  • These gummies are thoughtfully curated with the needs of CBD newcomers and seniors in mind.
  • The reputation of the Martha Stewart brand is mirrored in the quality packaging and presentation.
  • An overwhelming wave of positive customer feedback underscores the popularity and perceived benefits of the gummies.


  • Relaxation: Numerous users recount a heightened sense of relaxation following their enjoyment of the gummies.
  • Calm: These gummies are reputed to assist in ushering in a sense of calm, offering a valuable tool for stress relief.
  • Balanced Mood: Customers have reported the experiencing of more stable moods, a cornerstone of holistic well-being.
  • Management of Tension: The gummies have been recognized by many as an ally in counteracting everyday stress and tension.
  • Taste: A significant majority of users find the distinctive gourmet taste to be highly pleasing, which not only enriches the overall experience but also promotes consistent usage.

Final Verdict

The Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Citrus Medley Gummies offer an exquisite pathway for integrating CBD into a daily wellness routine. They adeptly combine the purity of THC-free CBD isolate with gourmet flavor profiles, portraying them as a prime choice, particularly for the mature and CBD-curious individuals. The thoughtful packaging, delightful taste, and the trusted Martha Stewart brand converge to deliver an exceptional experience. While the product may not cater to those desiring full-spectrum CBD benefits or higher potencies, the glowing customer endorsements and the thoughtful conception of these gummies are testament to their potential impact. Consider the Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Citrus Medley Gummies as an elegant and sophisticated foray into the world of CBD wellness.

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