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Social CBD Lavender Isolate CBD Oil Drops 2000mg Review

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Within the dynamic and ever-expanding realm of wellness products, Social CBD—otherwise known as Select CBD—unleashes a product that truly shines. Their Lavender Isolate CBD Oil Drops are a testament to the brand's prowess in creating premium, THC-free offerings that beckon the health-conscious individuals among us. Those in pursuit of natural ways to alleviate stress and invoke tranquility will find solace in this elixir.

Each bottle brings forth an exquisite concoction of highly refined CBD extract coupled with the soothing essence of lavender. This creation is a sanctuary in a bottle for those needing to unwind after a taxing day. Crafted with the demands of vegans in mind and steering clear of allergens like soy and sugar, this oil is a welcoming beacon for those with varying dietary inclinations.

When it comes to value, Social CBD's Lavender Oil Drops stand tall with affordable accessibility, setting a benchmark at $0.03 for each milligram of CBD. Beyond its enticing price point, the product exudes a commitment to purity and safety, hallmarks that Social CBD proudly parades through their scrupulous packaging and testing processes.

Hands-on Experience

Upon its arrival, the Social CBD Lavender Isolate CBD Oil Drops immediately impress with their minimalist and modern packaging aesthetic. The inclusion of a dropper facilitates precise dosage administration, while the label explicates essential details in short order.

In terms of value, the 2000mg bottle is a financially savvy choice, considering the robust potency it delivers. The cost per milligram makes it a strong contender in today's market, particularly for those on the quest for more concentrated CBD solutions.

Unsealing the bottle, one is greeted by the aromatic embrace of lavender, a prelude to the serenity that awaits. The liquid's clarity and consistency are testaments to the isolated purity. The flavor is a harmonious blend, combining the herbal whispers of chamomile and passionflower with a touch of sweetness from stevia, culminating in a taste profile that cleverly conceals the hemp's native earthiness. MCT oil is the chosen carrier, enhancing the body's assimilation of CBD for maximum effect.

Engaging with this product couldn't be more simple. A gentle shake of the bottle, a measurement of 1mL with the dropper, and you're set to partake. Its adaptability shines, seamlessly integrating into food or drinks for those looking to incorporate CBD into their everyday health rituals.

What We Like About This Product

  • The uncompromising quality of THC-free CBD isolate guarantees an experience free from psychoactive effects
  • Lavender infusion offers a natural route to unwinding and easing stress
  • Rigorous, transparent lab tests affirm the product's purity and safety
  • Adheres to a broad spectrum of dietary needs: vegan, soy-free, and sugar-free
  • Provides a pocket-friendly option for those seeking potent CBD products


The Social CBD Lavender Isolate CBD Oil Drops indeed have a glowing list of attributes, yet there are a few considerations one might ponder:

  • For enthusiasts of full or broad-spectrum CBD, the isolate version may fall short in delivering the synergistic 'entourage effect'
  • Although the flavor is carefully crafted, it may not cater to the palate of those favoring an unflavored variety
  • As with all CBD offerings, there's an element of personal response at play; some individuals may need to tinker with the dosing to land on their ideal therapeutic threshold


  • A generous 2000mg of immaculate CBD isolate fills each 30ml vessel
  • The essence of lavender not only delights the senses but also aids in soothing the soul
  • The thoughtfully designed dropper bottle takes the guesswork out of dosing
  • Meticulously tested to ensure both potency and safety stand up to scrutiny


  • Promises to be a harbinger of relaxation, offering an oasis from the stresses of life
  • Champion of restful sleep, leveraging the calming prowess of lavender and chamomile
  • Curates a wellness journey free from intoxication, maintaining a 0% THC composition
  • May bolster an overall sense of wellness, particularly as part of a consistent self-care practice
  • Fast-acting, thanks to MCT oil, paving the way for a swift and effective CBD experience

Final Verdict

Wrapping up, the Social CBD Lavender Isolate CBD Oil Drops present an exquisite option for those desiring a high-caliber CBD product. The thoughtful fusion of unadulterated CBD isolate with tranquil herbal ingredients positions it as a top-tier choice for managing stress and fostering relaxation. Its appealing price point, aligned with stringent quality and safety checks, cements its reputation as a reliable contender in the CBD landscape.

The product’s user-friendliness, delightful flavor profile, and versatile application contribute to its charm. While it may not satisfy every preference, particularly among those who favor whole-plant concoctions, it undeniably caters to the needs of users yearning for potent, THC-free CBD. In summary, Social CBD’s Lavender Isolate CBD Oil Drops come highly recommended for anyone aspiring to infuse their self-care regimen with the therapeutic goodness of CBD.

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