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Lazarus Naturals Bulk CBD Isolate 500g Review

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Step into the vast world of CBD with Lazarus Naturals' flagship Bulk CBD Isolate, presented in an ample 500g container. A giant in its own right, it boasts a staggering 500,000 mg of CBD, positioning itself as a heavyweight product tailored for enthusiasts and small enterprises seeking quality and quantity. Free from THC, this isolate shines in its highly concentrated form, offering a blank canvas for a variety of creative and therapeutic applications, from bespoke blends to culinary adventures in the comfort of your kitchen.

A brainchild of Lazarus Naturals, this offering emanates the brand's core philosophy: to marry excellence with affordability in the realm of CBD. Intrinsic in its production is an in-house extraction process, followed by a meticulous regime of third-party tests aimed at ruling out any contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals, ensuring a consistent, pure grade of CBD isolate. Ideal for those inclined towards a THC-absent experience, its professional-grade quality makes it not just a product but a herald of versatility and purity within the CBD marketplace.

Hands-on Experience

The arrival of the Lazarus Naturals Bulk CBD Isolate was a moment to behold: A robust quantity encased in unassuming, yet sophisticated packaging that speaks volumes about the product’s integrity. Upon inspection, the fine, white crystalline substance reflects Lazarus Naturals' commitment to refinement and purity. The packaging commands respect for what lies within: a culmination of meticulous extraction and purification protocols.

When it comes to value, this product offers more than meets the eye. Its versatility is immediately apparent, a chameleon of sorts, easily adaptable in a diverse array of handmade products, from therapeutic topicals to delectable edibles. Non-water-soluble by nature, it integrates flawlessly with a plethora of carriers, an essential trait for personal crafting or commercial ventures.

The absence of THC is noteworthy, catering to the preferences of those who avoid psychoactive compounds or are subject to mandatory drug screenings. Moreover, Lazarus Naturals doesn't shy away from educating the user, offering ample guidance on interactions and safety to advocate informed and conscientious use of their CBD isolate.

What We Like About This Product

  • Unsurpassed in its purity and potency, each batch faces stringent third-party scrutiny.
  • Generous quantity, presenting an abundant reserve of CBD for copious applications.
  • An exceptional bargain, the bulk size amplifies the cost-effectiveness of this wellness investment.
  • A boon for custom concoctions, it inspires the creation of unique, personalized CBD products.
  • Quality is a non-negotiable aspect, with the entire product journey from extraction to final form controlled in-house.
  • In-depth customer education on handling and best practices underscores the brand's responsible ethos.


Despite the many positives, some aspects may need consideration. For certain formulaic aspirations that necessitate water solubility, this product might not be a perfect fit. For the allergy-conscious, take note that the manufacturing premises handle tree nuts, signaling the importance of diligence for those with sensitivities. Finally, consulting a healthcare provider before embarking on a CBD journey—a step recommended by Lazarus Naturals—could potentially deter some interested parties, particularly those on specific medication regimens.


Key highlights that distinguish the Lazarus Naturals Bulk CBD Isolate include:

  • High Concentration: Each 500g jar is infused with a remarkable 500,000 mg of pure CBD, offering a massive supply for all your needs.
  • THC-Free: Perfect for those looking for a pure CBD experience without the effects of THC, or for individuals who undergo regular drug tests.
  • Versatile Use: A dream for the DIY enthusiast, it pairs well with a host of carrier oils for various homemade wellness products.
  • Quality Assured: Extensive third-party testing ensures the isolate is devoid of unwanted substances and verifies its high potency.
  • Facility Standards: Manufactured in a facility that is conscious of tree nut handling, although it may be a concern for those with allergies.


  • Offers the essence of CBD without the psychoactive effects, ideal for those seeking the pure benefits of this compound.
  • Facilitates the crafting of tailor-made CBD applications that are aligned with personal preferences and wellness goals.
  • Opens up possibilities for integrating CBD into comprehensive health practices, an alluring prospect given its broad health potential.
  • Engages users in a more hands-on approach to dilution and application, which could be deemed as both a learning opportunity and an added step in the utilization process.

Final Verdict

Lazarus Naturals' Bulk CBD Isolate is a formidable contender in the marketplace, fulfilling its promise of delivering top-notch, versatile CBD in a hefty package that benefits both individual consumers and visionary producers. Its remarkable value, backed by diligent testing and quality assurance, renders it an attractive option for those seeking a trustworthy, THC-free CBD source.

Be it a newcomer to the expansive CBD cosmos or a seasoned aficionado looking to stock up, Lazarus Naturals’ Bulk CBD Isolate lays down a strong foundation for a myriad of inventive and wellness-oriented applications. With its concentration and adaptability, this product secures a staunch endorsement, especially for those with an entrepreneurial spirit or a penchant for personalized CBD experiences.

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