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Bluebird Botanicals Classic CBD Oil Natural Flavor 2oz Full Spectrum Review

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In the bustling realm of natural health solutions, Bluebird Botanicals emerges as a herald of holistic care. Their coveted Classic CBD Oil is a testament to their dedication to wellness. It boasts a rich, full-spectrum formula that skillfully captures the synergistic bounty of cannabinoids and terpenes, lovingly extracted from industrial hemp. Ensconced within a practical 2-ounce vessel, the oil holds a considerable 1200mg of CBD essence. This equates to roughly 20mg per 1ml serving; a thoughtful measure designed to simplify your journey towards balance and well-being without straying from the nurturing embrace of the entourage effect.

Bluebird Botanicals' ethos radiates purity and conservation, a promise upheld by the oil's non-GMO badge of honor and its allegiance to vegan components. The essence of hemp is celebrated in its unadulterated form, with no artificial flavors or sweeteners to veil its authentic character. This oil stands as a testament to the company's philosophy: wellness should be accessible, not a luxury. Thus, it carries a price that reflects this belief, at $0.03 per 1mg of CBD, making it a friendly companion for both those new to CBD and the experienced who seek the embrace of nature's touch.

Hands-on Experience

Embracing the Classic CBD Oil by Bluebird Botanicals is like receiving a token of simplicity. The packaging resonates with the company's straightforward approach—a robust 2oz bottle adorned with a label that cuts through the clutter, presenting vital information with clarity. The dropper, thoughtfully marked, becomes an ally in your quest for precision, ensuring that each dosage lands with consistent grace.

The oil’s texture is a smooth affair, typical of an MCT oil carrier, inviting consumption either as a solitary drop or as a subtle addition to meals and drinks. A dance of natural hemp on the palate can surprise the uninitiated, a bold note in an otherwise serene composition. Yet, it is a flavor that does not overwhelm; rather, it's a nod to the oil's natural formulation.

When we speak of affordability, Bluebird Botanicals strikes a harmonious chord. The price point, poised at a comfortable $0.03 per milligram of CBD, echoes the brand's commitment to delivering premium full-spectrum extracts without demanding a king's ransom. This, paired with the brand's esteem, brings forth an offering that sings of value.

It wasn't until the oil greeted my senses that I fully grasped its allure. The MCT oil lends it an unctuous smoothness, underpinning the efficient delivery of CBD. There's a genuine sense here that the crafters at Bluebird Botanicals have woven their passion for wellness into the very fabric of this product. For me, the absence of synthetic additives feels like an affirmation of a shared preference for purity and natural beneficence.

What We Like About This Product

  • The full-spectrum CBD embodies the entourage effect, an ensemble of nature's finest.
  • An MCT oil base stands as a pillar for better absorption, fostering a union between oil and body.
  • There’s a resolute absence of artificial flavors or sweeteners, a nod to nature's palette.
  • Guidelines for dosage are clearly scribed, a beacon for those navigating the waters of CBD use.
  • With competitive pricing, this oil extends a hand to all who seek its enriching embrace.
  • The eco-conscious practices and GMP certification shine as hallmarks of responsible manufacturing.


  • The earnest hemp taste, while genuine, may not court favor with all who taste it.
  • Those searching for a cavalcade of flavors may find the selection wanting.
  • For souls required to steer clear of THC, the full-spectrum nature of this oil might not align with such needs.


The spotlight on the Classic CBD Oil from Bluebird Botanicals intensifies as one contemplates its full-spectrum composition. With a mighty ensemble of over 110 cannabinoids alongside a chorus of beneficial terpenes, it's a blend that sings of holistic intent. The organic MCT oil, aside from enriching the texture and bioavailability, serves as a testament to the brand's allegiance to quality and wellness. Embracing the entourage effect, this product bears the standard of Bluebird Botanicals' commitment to excellence.


  • Fosters robustness within the body's immune defense.
  • Engages with the endocannabinoid system, orchestrating the symphony of homeostasis.
  • Serves as a companion in the daily dance with stress, perhaps leading the steps towards tranquility.
  • The potential to enhance the nocturnal journey into sleep, paving the way for restorative slumber.
  • May serve as a balm for the weary, aiding in the recovery from the fires of inflammation.

Final Verdict

A discerning gaze and firsthand experience conclude that Bluebird Botanicals' Classic CBD Oil is indeed a product worthy of accolade. Its full-spectrum composition, married with top-tier ingredients like organic MCT oil, offers a holistic approach to well-being, untainted by unnecessary additives. The natural hemp melody may not cater to every palate; however, it encapsulates the product's dedication to naturalism.

For those poised at the threshold of the CBD domain, or for the seasoned explorers seeking a pure extract, this oil is a solid ally. Its favorable cost, transparency, and the brand's laudable certifications pave a trustworthy path for anyone's wellness journey. While it may not align with every individual's taste preferences or THC sensitivities, the Classic CBD Oil by Bluebird Botanicals stands as a beacon of the healthful promise CBD offers. With mindful application and guidance from a health expert, it can positively influence the tapestry of one's day-to-day health.

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